House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 13 June 1626

Page 870

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 870

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Martis, 13 Junii

Unity in the Church, &c.

L. 1a. AN Act for the better Continuing of Peace and Unity in the Church and Commonwealth.

Privileges of Parliament.

L. 2a. An Act concerning divers Privileges of Parliament: - Committed to Mr. Glanvyle, Sir P. Hayman, Mr. Littleton, Sir Jo. Stradling, Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Francis Finch, Sir Ro. Crane, Mr. Pymme, Mr. Herberte, Sir Ro. Bell, Sir Wm. Spencer, Sir H. Whyteheade, Sir J. Bagg, Sir Tho. Hobby, Sir H. Poole, Mr. Wandesford: And all, that will come, to have Voice: - This Afternoon, Exchequer Court.

Collection for Officers of the House.

Upon Question, a Collection to be made, of all the Knights and Burgesses, for Reward of Officers, &c.

Upon Question, this Collection to be of 10s. a Knight, and 5 s. a Burgess.

Sir Francis Barrington, Mr. Bateman, Sir Nath. Rich, Sir Geor. More, Sir B. Hickes, Mr. Kirton, appointed Collectors.

All Men peremptorily to pay before Thursday next.

Declaration to the King.

Upon Question, the Clause to stand, concerning the Removal of Officers.

" And Scotland," to be left out.

" Only" stricken out, and " chiefly" put in.

Upon Question, the several Interlinings; " as we conceive" " and, as we have just Cause to believe;" " annexed to the Dissolution at Oxford; making Sheriffs; the Adjournment to Oxford; the sending Mr. Glanvyle" to stand as in the Declaration.

Upon Question, the Petition, for Removal of the Duke from the King's Presence, to stand.

Upon Question, the Word " Enemy" to stand.

Upon Question, the Word " assured" put out, and " do fear" inserted.

Upon Question, the Declaration to stand in the Mis-employment of the Supplies.

Upon Question, the Declaration, in that Point, which concerneth, " but no sooner," &c. not to be re-committed.

And upon Question, that Clause to stand, without Alteration.

Divers other Amendments made.

Upon Question, this allowed, and ordered to be ingrossed.

Duke of Buckingham.

The Committee, for the Replication to the Duke's Charge, to meet-at * Clock this Afternoon in the Star-chamber.

Sir J. Savyle's Letter.

The Business concerning Sir Jo. Savyles Letter, to be heard To-morrow Morning, after the Declaration, to be ingrossed, be finished.

Upon Question, whether Sir Jo. Savyle's Cause should be heard To-morrow; the House divided: The Yea went out:

Tellers for the Yea, Sir Jo. Strangwayes, Sir Jo. Hotham :

For the Noe, Sir Francis Barrington, Mr. Rich. Spencer.

With the Yea, 188.

With the Noe, 121.