House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 23 May 1572

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 23 May 1572', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629, (London, 1802) pp. 97. British History Online [accessed 4 March 2024]


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Veneris, vicesimo tertio Maii, 1572


2. The Bill for the City of Woorcester. - The second Reading; and ordered to be ingrossed.

Ld. Latymer, &c.

1. The Bill for the Lord Latymer and Sir Robte. Wingfeld Knight. - The first Reading.

Queen of Scotts, and Duke of Norfolk.

Mr. Comptroller, in the Name of all the Committees, in the great Cause, declareth, from her Majesty, her very good and thankful Acceptation of the great Care of this House for her Majesty's Safety; and that, moved partly in Conscience, and partly in Honour, minding to defer, not to reject, the Determination of this House, to proceed in the Choice of a Bill against the Scottish Queen, in the highest Degree of Treason, both in Life and Title; liketh better, with all convenient Speed, to proceed in a second Bill, to the other Part of the said former Choice; which, her Majesty's Pleasure was, should be signified unto this House, by those of her Privy Council, being of this House ; and so likewise to the Lords, by some others of her Privy Council, being also of that House.

Upon a Motion made by Mr. Speaker, it is agreed, by the House, that the former Committees shall signify, unto the Lords of the Higher House, that, after Declaration made unto this House from her Majesty, of her Disposition to have the second Part of the former Choice proceeded in with Expedition; and to defer, not reject the first Part of the same; this House nevertheless, with one whole Voice and Consent, do still rely upon the said first Part, as most necessary, without any Liking or Allowance of the second: And further, to make a Request unto the Lords, to understand, whether, upon the like Report of her Majesty's like Pleasure, declared unto their Lordships, they, of that House, do think good, nevertheless, to continue the Proceeding, with the former Choice, like as this House doth ; And, if yea, then to confer further with their Lordships, for their good Advices, and joining therein accordingly; and also to signify unto their Lordships, that the whole Opinion of this House is that her Majesty's Safety cannot stand without Execution of the Duke this present Session: And that it might please their Lordships, in Petition thereof unto her Highness, to join with this House.


2. The Bill for explanation of the statute of Chauntries, in Anno primo E. VIti - The second Reading ; and rejected.


2. The Bill for Westham - The second Reading; and ordered to be ingrossed.


1. The Bill for Plumsted Marsh. - The first Reading.

Weights and Measures.

2. The Bill for Weights and Measures. - The second Reading; and committed to Sir Nichas. Arnolde, Sir Owen Hopton, Sir Rowland Hayward, Mr. Recorder of London, Mr. Thoms. Browne, Mr. Stanhopp, Mr. Skynner, Mr. Estcourte, Mr. Arthur Bassett, Mr. Appley, Mr. Honywood, Mr. Fenner, Mr. St. John, Mr. Atkyns, Mr. Pell, Mr. Warnecombe, Mr. Price, Mr. Beamond, Mr. Shute, and Mr. Owen ; to meet To-morrow, in the Afternoon, at the Temple Church.

Queen's Message about Bills pending.

Mr. Treasurer reporteth to the House, the Delivery of the Two Bills of Rites and Ceremonies, to her Majesty; together with the humble Request of this House; most humbly to beseech her Highness not to receive ill Opinion of this House, if it so were, that her Majesty should not like well of the said Bills, or of the Parties, that preferred them.: And declared further, that her Majesty seemed utterly to mislike of the first Bill, and of him that brought the same into the House ; and that her Highness's express Will and Pleasure was, that no Preacher or Minister should be impeached or indicted, or otherwise molested or troubled, as the Preamble of the said Bill did purport; adding these comfortable Words further, that her Majesty, as Defender of the Faith, will aid and maintain all good Protestants, to the Discouraging of all Papists.

Tunbridge School.

1. The Bill for the Free Grammar-school of Tunbridge. - The first Reading; and committed unto my Lord President of the Marches of Wales, Mr. Recorder of London, Mr. Colbie, Mr. Norton, and Mr. Matthew Dale; to meet upon Monday next, at Afternoon, at the Yeldhall.


1. The Bill touching Grants by Corporations. - The first Reading.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Attorney and Mr. Solicitor brought from the Lords Word, that, touching the Petitions lastly made unto them, this present Day, by this House, their Lordships will, To-morrow, at Eight of the Clock in the Forenoon, have Conference together therein; and so then make Answer of them unto this House.