House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 28 June 1604

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 28o Junii, 1604


L. 2. Nova B.

CONCERNING Tanners, Curriers, Shoemakers, and others, occupying Cutting of Leather; - Committed to the Committees in a former Bill of that Nature, with others added; viz. Sir Tho. Freak, Sir Tho. Ridgeway, Mr. Winch, Mr. Hyde, Sir Henry Billingsley, Mr. Hungerford, Sir Wm. Strode, Sir Edmund Ludlowe, Sir Rich. Molineux, Mr. Recorder of London, Mr. Yelverton, Mr. Hedley, Mr. Holt, Mr. Parkinson, Mr. Hawes, Mr. Hoskins, Mr. Jones, the Burgesses of Southwark, the Burgesses of Coventrie, Sir Wm. Fleetwood, Sir Jerome Horsey, Mr. Bryers: - To meet this Afternoon, in the Exchequer Chamber. The Shoemakers to be warned to attend.

Jesuits, &c.

LL. B. Against Jesuits, Seminaries, &c. reported from the Committee by Mr. Winch, with many Questions, and Exceptions, which the Committee had referred to the Consideration of the House.

Moved, and agreed, to send to pray Conference with the Lords upon that Bill.

Visiting the King, on hurting his foot.

Sir Edward Hobby informeth the House, that his Majesty had received a Hurt in his Foot, by the Stroke of a Horse, and kept his Bed : Moveth, that some Five or Six selected Members of the House might be sent, in the Name of the House, to visit him,

King's Letter, refusing Subsidy.

Sir Lewys Lewknor interposeth a Speech, that he was induced by some late Conference he had with a foreign

Ambassador, to put the House in mind of some Answer to be made to the King's late Letter, touching Subsidy.

Answ. by another, that there was no Precedent for that Speech to be used, before another Motion made, had his Answer and End; but wished nevertheless, that an Answer of Thanks to his Majesty were framed and recorded, for the View and Satisfaction of all Strangers.

Visiting the King.

Mr. Vice-chamberlain named, and sent by the House to visit his Majesty; to be accompanied by Sir Edw. Stafford, Sir Tho. Ridgeway, Sir Geo. Carewe, Sir Tho. Holcroft, Sir Herbert Crofts, Mr. Carleton.

Precedents of the like Visitation, in the late Queen's Time, E. III. and H. VIII's Time, vouched [a].


L. 3. An Act for the better Discovery and Suppressing of Simony, and other corrupt Procuring of ecclesiastical Dignities, Titles, Jurisdictions, Places, Offices, or Promotions [b]: - Thirdly read, and, upon the Question, passed.

Moved, that this Act might be specially recommended to the Lords, for Expedition, and Favour, in Passage.

Parsons, &c.

L. 3. An Act for the Increase of the Livings of Parsons and Vicars, &c. - Thirdly read, and, upon the Question, after some Dispute, dashed.

Brydewell Hospital.

L. 3. An Act for the Confirmation of the Charter of the Hospital of Brydewell. - Disputed, and, upon the Question, dashed.

House to sit.

To sit this Afternoon (because the Lords do sit) for the Speeding of the Business of the House.

Eodem Die, post meridiem.

Bills sent to Lords.

BILLS sent up :

1. An Act for the better Discovery and Suppressing of Simony.

2. An Act to take away the Benefit of Clergy for some Kind of Manslaughter, &c.

3. An Act to retain the King's Subjects in their due Obedience. - Against Recusants, &c.

4. An Act for the Naturalizing of Sir John Kennedy Knight.

5. An Act for the Naturalizing of John Gordon, Dean of Sarum.

6. An Act for Reformation of certain Abuses in Buying and Selling of Pilchards, Herrings, &c. - Upon the third Reading, passed, and sent up with the rest.

King's Answer to Message, on hurting his Foot.

Mr. Vice-chamberlain reporteth from his Majesty, that his Hurt was a Swelling in the Instep of his Foot, by a Stroke of the Queen's Horse, while he was hunting; that he was forced to keep his Bed for it: That he received the Message from the House very graciously; and returned Thanks; saying, he would ever be as careful of any Sore or Grievance that should come to this House, as they were of his Hurt.

Sir John Crook and Mr. D. Hone bring from the Lords Two Bills, and a Message.

The Bills:

Lovell's Relief.

1. An Act for the Relief of Tho. Lovell Esquire.

Newton's Nat.

2. An Act for the Naturalizing of Adam Newton Esquire.


The Message:

That they have entered into Consideration of the Bill of Continuance of Statutes, &c. They find many Things in it of Importance, fit to be considered ; for which they desire a Conference; and have, for that Purpose, appointed thirty to meet with some Number of this House on Saturday, in the Painted Chamber.


Intimated from the Lords by the same Messengers, that the Matter of the Convocation-house, of the Bishop's Submission and Recognition, might likewise be treated by the same Committees, at the same Time.

Sir Francis Hastings sent immediately from the House with Message, that they would give a Meeting for the Matters moved by them; and desire further, that the Committees of that House might come with Authority to confer touching the Bill against Jesuits, Seminaries, &c. which came from their Lordships.

Members being made Judges, &c.

Moved by Sir Edw. Hobby, as a Doubt to be resolved, whether, if a Member of this House be called to the Place of a Judge, or other Attendance above, during the Time of Parliament, he ought to have Place in the Higher House, or sit here during the same Parliament.

No Resolution or further Speech in it at that Time.