House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 13 May 1606

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 13o Maii, 1606

Murrey's Nat.

1. Reading: - BILL for the Naturalizing of Sir David Murrey Knight, Gentleman of the Prince's Bedchamber, and Tho. Murrey Esquire, Schoolmaster to the Duke of York.


1. Reading: - B. For explaining 34 H. VIII. concerning Wales: - Brought in by Sir Herbert Crofts.


The Amendments in the Bill between Cottrell and Grys, read ; and ordered to be added.


Mr. Wentworth bringeth in the Bill for the better Satisfying of due Debts ; with Opinion from the Committee, that it is fit to sleep.

Bills from Lords.

Mr. D. Hone and Sir Geo. Coppin bring from the Lords Two Bills: One, against such as go beyond the Seas. Another, for the Relief of John Holdech, Gentleman, &c,


Sir Fr. Bacon to read the Grievances to the King.

Mr. Fuller moveth, that the Matter of deprived Ministers should be verbally presented to the King. -

Delivereth many Particulars of the Dealing of them ; together with their Opinion of the Book of Common Prayer, in some Particulars. -

Moved, that Mr. Speaker, at the Time of delivering the Grievances * * * for the Executing of the Laws against Jesuits and Seminaries.

Ecclesiastical causes.

Mr. Martin moveth that some may make Report of the Conference touching ecclesiastical Causes.

My Lord Chancellor - an Answer: - His Speech short and rough. -

Great Learning, Eloquence, and Gravity, in the Conferences former.

Chief Effect Obedience. -

If Obedience had been, no Complaint needed. -

Concerns his Majesty in his Power; therefore not a Petition of both Houses, which is of the whole Realm.

2. Consideration would be had of them : - Leave to them to whom it belonged.

3. Quorum nomina helped by a Canon. - Oath ex officio. - Citations. - Used long no Petition.

4. Excommunication: - Not fit to be promulged for small Matters: - And that Redress should be had.

A desire to hear the King's Counsel and the Judges. -

Not reported, because out of Commission of the House. -

Petitions heretofore delivered by the Privy Council: - 28 et 43 Eliz.

Last Session, by Mr. Hare, a private Member. -

Now resolved, by Sir Francis Bacon.

Access to the King;

Mr. Secretary Herbert to understand his Majesty's Pleasure, for Mr. Speaker's Access. -

To deliver his Message verbally. -

Petition of Grievances.

And for Sir Fr. Bacon, and others, to deliver the Petition of Grievances.

Certain Gentlemen to frame the Heads of such ecclesiastical Matter, as Mr. Speaker should deliver.

Bills sent to Lords.

Bill of Attainder :

Bill of Oryell College: - Amendments :

Throckmorton's Bill:

Sent up by Sir Fr. Bacon.

Thames Navigation.

Mr. Wentworth bringeth in the Bill for clearing the Passage from London to Oxford, with Amendments agreed to be inserted.

Petition to the King.

Mr. Speaker maketh known to Sir Fr. Bacon the Charge of the House, touching delivering the Petition to the King.

To-morrow, Ten of the Clock, to attend the King.

Sir Edwyn Sandys, Sir Herbert Crofts, Mr. Yelverton, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Fr. Hastings, Sir Antho. Cope, Mr. Martin, Sir Gam. Capell, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Geo. St. Poll, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir Fr. Bacon, Sir James Perrott, Mr. Fuller, Sir Rich. Spencer, Sir Roland Litton, Sir Fr. Goodwin, * * * Mr. Attorney of the Wards, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Recorder: - These to attend Mr. Speaker in the Afternoon, for considering and setting down what shall be said touching Ministers and other ecclesiastical Grievances, to the King, Tomorrow.