House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 24 February 1610

Pages 399-400

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Saturni, 24 Februarii, 1609

Shop Books.

SHOP Books : - Wednesday, Court of Wards.


L. 1a. - Hawkers, Petty Chapmen: - Rejected, upon a double Question, at the first Reading.

Forcible Entries.

L. 2a. - Entry with Force : - Sir H. Poole, Sir Rob. Oxenbridge, Sir Jo. Dodridge, Mr. Fuller, Sir Edw. Hext, Mr. Percyvall, Mr. Serjeant Shirley, Mr. Serjeant Barker, Mr. Law. Hyde, Mr. Crewe, Mr. Hetley, Mr. Whytlock, Sir Jo. Hungerford, Sir Rob. Hitcham, Sir Sam. Sandys, Mr. Irby, Sir Barnard Whytston, Mr. Oldsworth, Sir Jo. Bennett, Sir Geo. Moore, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Yelverton: - Monday Sennight, Chequer Chamber.

Payne's Petition.

A Petition from Mr. Payne, suspended: - Preferreth a Petition. - Referred to the Committee for Privileges to consider.


L. 1a. - Mrs. Jane Dromond.


Sir Wm. Morrice moveth, to consider what is fit to be done in the great Business this Afternoon.

Mr. Speaker : - What Persons to employ; what Warrant to give them.

Sir Geo. Moore: - To be informed, but not to be directed, what to offer in Point of Retribution. -

Retribution. - Tenures; if propounded, then our End; if not, we to propound it.

The Privy Council, and the other Six Reporters. -

Mr. Crewe and Fuller to be added.


Sir Edwyn Sandys: - Matters incidental: - Matter of Desire; - of Report. -

Two Grievances personal; Sir Stephen Proctor, and his Deputies. -

Under Pretence of a Commission for executing of penal Laws, grieve the Subject. -

Old Stone. -

Pretence of a Commission in Nature of a Purveyor for Wood and Coal. -

They took a View of Commissions. -

The Commissions to be brought in - by Letter from Mr. Speaker. -

Articles, the first Session, found all to be true by the Council. -

A Proclamation. -

Notwithstanding, the Grievance. - A Copy of the Articles from the Clerk.

Touching Mr. Cowell's, Interpreter: - The Committee read the Book. -

A Book very unadvised, and undiscreet; tending to the Disreputation of the Honour and Power of the Common Laws. -

Hard to censure upon a Book, or Sentence in a Book, without the Contexture ; therefore a Sub-Committee.

Mr. Martin, from the Sub-committee for Cowell. -

Examine certain Heads, wherein rashly, dangerously, perniciously. -

The Paper. - Proctors or the Clergy. -

Not to call our own Rights in Question, but to call him in Question, that rashly hath -

Blackwood - Concludes, we are all Slaves, by Reason of the Conquest.

Mr. Speaker: - Touching Purveyors. - One Clerk in the Star-chamber. -

Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Somersetshire. - Divers punished.

Sir Jo. Mallorie: - That Mr. Serjeant Hutton, having taken divers Examinations touching Abuses of Purveyors, may be brought in; or he to report,

Mr. Serjeant Hutton to be intreated by Mr. Speaker to come to the Committee, and inform.

Mr. Speaker : - That the Sub-committee might consider again, wherewith to Charge D. Cowell, being sent for.

Sir Wm Paddy: - That the Prerogative tender. -

God omnipotent, - Not omnipotent. -

Excuses. - A learned Silence.

Mr. Fuller: - That this, above all other, to be looked into -

That this Rashness to be examined, and he to be called.

Mr. Martin: - Because the Common Law vouched false ; - suppress our Liberties. - Consult with Civilians, - with the Council; - with the Judges. - Consider what is to be done.

Sir Fr. Bacon: - The Licence of the Pen; Disease of the Time. -

Civil Estates, outward Parts Spirits. -

Disease Spirit, more dangerous.

Poisoned Opinions, Disease in Spirits.

Theatralis, concionalis licentia. - Licentia Writing. -

The Offence manifold. - Extreme Indiscretion to put his Sickle into another Harvest. -

- The Nature, not Error; but Presumption; to be handled. -

Ancient, and fundamental Partitions : In silent Vale of Practice, not in Assertion. -

If any Man asserere, Presumption. -

What Course. -

Object. Proportion. -

Object, not this House alone, but the King, and the whole Body: - Induce Misunderstanding between the King and his People. -

To have Conjunction with the Lords, for the Punishment of this Man.

Mr. Hoskins: - Produceth many other Treatises containing as much as D. Cowell.

Mr. Speaker: - Whether the Presumption to be punished. -

The Sub-Committee consider, with what to charge the Offender; how to join with the Lords.

Sir Antho. Cope: - That there are Confederates : - Whether from beyond Sea, or here: - A Matter of great Consequence.

Mr. Attorney: - A Cause of great Consequence: -

If in thesi well: - But to reduce to a particular Difference between the King. - Concerns not any One Man:

- Concerns the Body of Parliament.

To prepare and consider by the Sub-committee : -

To meet this Morning.

Mr. Solicitor added to the Sub-committee.