House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 13 April 1614

Pages 463-464

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 13o Aprilis

Sheriff of Northumberland.

THE Sheriff of Northumberland to be sent for, after the Election of the new Knight; which to be the next County Day but One.

Receiving the Communion.

The Communion to be received at the Parish Church : Not at the Abbey, but at the Parish Church. -

That, in the Abbey, they administer not with common Bread, contrary * 20th Canon, and the Book of Common Prayer.

Question, Whether at the Parish Church : - Resolved, Yea.

Mr. Rolles and Mr. Heale to be added for Supervisors.

- Eight of the Clock. - Mr. Speaker to bespeak a Preacher. - Mr. Wentworth, Mr. Pittes. -


L. 1. An Act of Repeal of One Branch of the Statute 34 H. VIII. for Wales.

King's Tenants.

L.1. An Act for Relief of the King's Tenants in case of Forfeiture for Non-payment of Rent.


Mr. Fuller, - against Jesuits. - The Frogs, xvi Revelation. - Relateth the Danger of them. -

That the Papists more Cause to hate the Jesuits, than any other. - Moveth, the King would make a Proclamation that all Jesuits avoid before a Day. - This to be committed to the Committee for Petition; and the Motion of Sir Maw. Berkley, for ecclesiastical Courts. -

Swearing, &c.

Offereth, 1. Bill against Swearing. - Scandalum magnatum, for speaking against noble or great Men.


2. Against Subscription. - 13 Eliz. appointeth a Subscription.


L. 1. An Act against common and ordinary Swearing by the Name of God in vain,


Mr. Brooke tendereth a Bill against Apparel.

L. 1. A Bill concerning Apparel.

Introduceth his Bill with a Speech: - Women carry Manors, and thousands of Oak Trees, about their Necks.

- That God regardeth both the Substance and Fashion. - The Bill not penned after the old Stile; hath a Provision, that Knight Marshals Men, &c. have Power to seize Gold and Silver Lace, &c. - No Fear of Bloodshed ; for will be shortly as fearful to come into Serjeants,&c. Company, with Gold or Silver Lace on his Back, as now, in Debt, to come into their Presence, without Gold or Silver in their Purses. - A second Provision, that all such Wearers should be accounted a vain idle Fellow, &c. a Fool by Act of Parliament.

Sir D. Digges, - for Stay, till they hear what the Lords do in the Bill of the like Nature.

Sir ... Awdeley moveth, that the Lords may be also included ; for that his Ancestors, by that, as a principal Means, have, with the rest of the Nobility, fallen.

Mr. Speaker, - for the Dignity and Gravity of the House, that no Interruption, till the Speech of the Party speaking ended : And ruled.

Message to the King, &c.

Mr. Alford moveth, the King's learned Counsel may the King, be ordered to attend the Committee for Petitions; and for a Message to the King, for clearing the House ; and to have a Committee to consider of the Course for it.

Sir Roger Owen: - That divers Copies, long sithence abroad, of many of those Things, now offered from his Majesty : And so moveth for a Committee to consider of what Course fittest for a Message to the King, to intimate the Protestation of the House against Undertakers : and to let him know, whatsoever shall be done for him, shall be merely out of the Love of the whole House to him. - Resolved.

Mr. Attorney, Sir Roger Owen, Mr. Alford, Sir Jo. Sammes, Sir Rich. Weston, Sir Dudley Digges, Sir James Scydamore, Sir Morrice Berkeley, Sir Jerome Horsey, Sir Ro. Mansfeild, Mr. Crew, Mr. Brooke, Sir Ro. Rich. Sir Myles Sands, Sir Tho. Lucy, Sir James Perrott, Sir Edw. Mountague, Sir Ed. Sands, Sir H. Nevill, Mr. Hoskyns, Sir Raphe Connisbye, Sir Wm. Strowde, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Sir Herbert Croftes, Sir Francis Vane, Sir Francis Goodwyne, Sir Jo. Scott, Sir Jo. Strangewayes, Mr. Ashley, Mr. Duncombe, Sir Francis Popham, Mr. Hackwill, Sir Chr. Hatton, Sir Wm. Walter, Sir Wm. Herbert, Mr. Courtman, Sir Tho. Rowe, Sir Jo. Bennett, Sir Henry Vane, Sir Tho. Howard, Mr. Crane: To meet at Two of the Clock on Friday, in the Exchequer Chamber.

Nothing to pass without a Question.

Mr. Hackwill: - That nothing to pass, by Order of the House, without a Question; and that no Order without a Question Affirmative and Negative: And that ordered to be, upon the Question.

Elector Palatyne, &c.

Mr. Attorney : - That the King hath cast his Eye upon the Church; on his Family; on the State and Crown ; and upon his Subjects. -

Reporteth the Bill for the Palatyne: - That at the Committee most of the House. - A Doubt, lest, as penned, an Interpretation, that Issue Female of their Bodies, should take Place before Issue Male from the Lady Eliz. by another Husband: That thought fit to be amended. - Doubtful, whether by Omission, or Addition. - The Addition, " or by any other Husband :" Which best approved. - A Conference prayed with the Lords about this. - Moveth now for Direction for this Conference with the Lords To-morrow, sithence they now sit not.

Mr. Fuller, - against the Declaration of the Common Law, mentioned in the Act. This put in Moote Case, 28. sithence, in Grays Inn, whereat my Lord Treasurer present.

Mr. Hoskyns agreeth, a Conference, but offereth something against the Conference. - The Danger of adding, " by any other Husband." - Hopeth well, she will not match again, without Consent of King, or his Successors.

- Danger, in respect of the House of Austria, &c.

Mr. Moore, contra; both to that Mr. Fuller, and Mr. Hoskyns, hath moved

Mr. Finch : - That the Matter not yet ripe for a Conference. - Lewys de Bavaria ruled the Scepter of the Empire, when the Pope's Head first broken. - Hope now, this Prince may trip up his Heels ; for his Fall not now far off. - That this Bill from the Well-head, the King. - Doubtful, whether he pleased now to provide for the Count only, or for the Issue of her by any other. Sithence the Doubt ours (the Case in a Business of this Weight) no Cause to give the Lords the Honour to know the King's Pleasure.

Mr. Crew: - That that against the Order of the House, to prevent the Lords. - No Distance of Time, or Place, taketh our Right away.

Question, whether a Message for a Conference, or no : - Resolved, Yea. - But One Noe.

The Message to be by Mr. Secretary, To-morrow.