House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 06 March 1563

Pages 67-68

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Sabbati, 6' Martii


2. The Bill for Punishment of Perjury by false Witnesses. - Ingrossetur.

The Three last Bills passed sent up to the Lords by Mr. Secretary, with Twelve more.

Bills from Lords.

The Queen's Serjeant brought from the Lords the Bill of Subsidy of the Clergy, and a Restitution of E. Turnour.


2. The Bill for further Continuance of the Statute for Mending of Highways for Twenty Years, and further, to the End of the next Parliament. - Ingrossetur.

Post nonam.

Bills of Restitution.

L. 1. The Restitution in Blood for Edward Turnour.

L. 2. The Restitution in Blood for Sir Ra. Chamberleyn and John Hurleston.

L. 2. The Restitution of Thomas Dyggs and James Dyggs,

Ld. Hussey.

L. 2. The Restitution of the Heirs and Cousins of late Lord Hussey.

Spiritual Judges.

1. The Bill, that Spiritual Judges shall be of those that be graduate in Oxford or Cambrige.


1. The Bill for the Paving of a Part of Kentysh-street.

Wool Trade.

1. The Bill to Buy Wools in Lancastre, Yorke, and sell again in Fairs and Markets. - Reject'.


1. The Bill to repeal the Statute made against Manchester Cottons.


2. The Bill for Paying the Aulneagers Fee for Sealing Cloths in Lancastre. - Mr. Chester.

Cloth Trade.

1. The Bill to repeal a Branch of the Statute for Broad-cloths in Kent and Redyng.

1. The Bill touching the Sealingof Worceter Cloths.

1. The Bill against Buying of unwrought Cloths, to sell them again in that Kind.

Guldeford School.

1. The Bill touching Annuity of Six Pounds Thirteen Shillings Four-pence granted to a School-house at Guldeford.

Leave of Absence.

John Eyre, Esquire, One of the Knights for the County of Wilteshire, for his Affairs, is licensed to be absent.