House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 30 May 1628

Pages 906-907

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 30 Maii


BILL for Recusants Children. - To-morrow in the Afternoon, former Place.

Bromfield, &c.

Bromfield and Yale. L. 1a. An Act -


Report made from the Committee for Examination of Skynner. - Proof by Lovell Scott, that he said, sithence he was examined here, he said he cared not for the Matter : for as well able to spend 1d. as Sir Edw. Dennys 2 d. - Mr. Jenner heard him say, he had not abused the House in denying the Words charged upon him in the House ; for said it not to the Party, that charged him with it, but another; viz. " What, will Sir Edw. have Privilege for Scullion and Kitchen-maid ?"

Grievances - Mounson's Patent.

Sir Edw. Coke reporteth from the Committee for Grievances, the Case concerning Sir Tho. Mounson's Patent, concerning the sole Making of all Bills, and of all Process, called the King's Letters, before the King's Counsel at Yorke. This for Three *. -

The like Patent heretofore granted to Lepton, and adjudged, 18 Jac. by this House, that the Patent a Grievance, both in Creation and Execution. -

1. This a Thing settled in the Attorneys from 4o Eliz.

2. Deceit in the procuring it, by corrupting Ferne.

3. Framing Bills requireth Skill, which this Man hath not.

4. That a Trust by the Client in him, that draweth it, by shewing him his Evidences; and upon cross Bills, must see the Evidences of both Sides. -

In Lepton's Case, an Increase of new Fees ; here none; for as yet hath had no Profit at it. -

The Committee clear of Opinion, that the Grant, of Making of Bills, a Grievance in Creation : For the other, Diversity of Opinion, because the Secretary hath from Time to Time had the Grant of making the Process, yet never had any Fruit of it. -

That our Sentence here affirmed by the Lords of the Council -

That no Fee for making these Letters; for the Counsel have 4d. for signing, the Secretary 6d. for sealing, the Attorney 12 d. for the Bill; where all paid, for Bill, and Letter is but 22 d. -

The Statute of Monopolies maketh this void; for is within the Provision, and not within the Proviso; for not in Execution at the Time of the Statute. -

Hath raked up a damned Patent; therefore wished to attend the House de die in diem. -

12,000 Letters in One Year, for which now the Attorneys have nothing, so as if Sir Tho. Mounson make them, he must either make these for nothing, or charge the Country with them, to the Grievance thereof.

Upon Question, whether that, in this Case, concerning the Patent of Sir Tho. Mounson, One Question, or more, shall be made, the House divided : The Yea went out.

Tellers for the Yea, Sir Raphe Hopton, Sir Edm. Verney:

Tellers for the Noe, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Mr. Wandesford :

With the Yea, 129,

With the Noe, 169.

Difference, 40.

Upon Question,this Patent a Grievance in the Creation.

Ld. Mohun.

Sir Francis Annesley: - That the Lord Mohun chuseth to make his Defence with the Lords, and expecteth the Transmission thither; where will answer it with all Speed.