House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 30 January 1629

Pages 924-925

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 30 Januarii


THE Committee, for the Bill for enlarging the Liberty of the Hearing of the Word of God preached, to meet this Afternoon, in the former Place; and Sir Ro. Pye and Mr. Jordan are added to it.

Buying Places.

Committee, for the Bill against buying judicial Places, to meet To-morrow in the Afternoon, Two Clock, in the former Place.

Members' Wages.

Moved, that, where Mr. Jordan's Election, made by the Commons of Exceter, allowed by the House, and that, made by the Magistrates, rejected; the Magistrates do now refuse to pay Mr. Jordan any Wages, out of Lands, given the City to that Purpose, but pay the other Burgess.

The Consideration hereof referred to the Committee of Privileges ; to be the next Case after that of Flynt; and they to report their Opinions therein to the House, for further Proceedings therein.

Person sent for.

And, upon Question, Resolved, Mr. Lynn, the Mayor of the said City, to be sent for to the House, by a Letter from Mr. Speaker.

Entries in Journal.

Mr. Pymme, Sir Nath. Rich, Sir Wm. Bulstrode, Sir Tho. Hobby, Mr. Alford, Sir Robert Pye, Sir James Perrott, Mr. Selden, Mr. Rowse, Sir Jo. Ellyott, Mr. Hampden: This Committee is to view the Entries in the Clerk's Book, every Saturday in the Afternoon, in the Committee Chamber.

Prisoner discharged.

Strelly Bold, Sir Arnold Herberte his Man, upon his humble Petition, called in to the Bar; where acknowleging his Offence, in serving a Subpoena upon Serjeant Digges, and declaring himself sorrowful for it, the House pardoned him, paying his ordinary Fees.

Rolles Complaint.

The Committee appointed for Examination of Mr. Rolles' Business, to meet Two Clock this Afternoon, in the Court of Wards.

Persons sent for, &c.

Sir Jo. Wostenholme, Mr. Dawes, Mr. Carmarthen, Michael Measy, John Beawpell, and Bryan Rogers, to be sent for, to be here To-morrow Morning. For the Manner of their coming, respited till To-morrow Morning, and Precedents to be viewed in the Interim : And they to be sent for, to attend the Committee, appointed for Examination of Mr. Rolles' Business, in the Afternoon.

Sir Jo. Ellyott appointed to have the Chair in [the] Committee for Examination of Mr. Rolles' Business.

Entry of Petition of Right.

To the Committee, appointed to search the Entry of the Petition of Right, Mr. Rolles, Mr. Kirton, Mr. Hampden, Sir Jo. Hotham, Mr. Upton, Mr. Rowse, Mr. Long, Sir W. Earle, Sir Wm. Masham, Sir Edw. Gyles, Sir Peter Hayman, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Coriton, added :

To meet To-morrow in the Afternoon, in the former Place.

General Fast.

Mr. Secretary reporteth his Majesty's Answer to the Petition of both Houses, concerning a general Fast. - That the Preface made by the Archbishop of Yorke; who also tendered and read the Petition, and then delivered it to the King. That the King granted to it; and, for the Form, and Time, would advise with the Lords the Bishops, and then send Answer severally to both Houses.

Answer to the King.

The Draught of the Answer to his Majesty, Yesterday read, now read again by Parts, and in some Points amended; and then agreed upon, and ordered to be ingrossed.

Articles against Aleyne.

A Petition, from one John Pregion, against Henry Aleyne, with Articles against him, read.

Sir Raphe Freeman sent to fetch a Book, Petition, and Articles preferred to his Majesty by Aleyne.

None to go out without Leave.

Upon Question, none to go out of the House, without Leave of the House, upon Pain of the Censure of the House.

Person sent for.

Upon Question, the Serjeant, or his Deputy, to go presently with Mr. Pregion, who knoweth Aleyne, to fetch him to the House.

Warrant for Witnesses.

Resolved, A Warrant, to send for Witnesses, to justify their former Testimony, in the Charge against the Lord Mohun.

Persons sent for.

A Warrant, under Mr. Speaker's Hand, to fetch up ..... to answer their Contempt [a].

None to go out without Leave.

Ordered, upon Question, No Man to go out of the House, during the Sitting of the grand Committee, without Licence of the Committee, upon Pain or Censure of the House.

And when Aleyne cometh, the Speaker to resume his Chair.

Proceedings against Aleyne.

A Petition, from Aleyne to his Majesty, read, with Artides annexed, against the Lord Bishop of Lincolne.

Aleyne, called in to the Bar, and kneeling, asked by Mr. Speaker, first, whether the said Petition and Articles were preferred by him, answereth, upon Perusal thereof, Yea; and that they are of his own Hand-writing. That none either advised, or directed, him to exhibit them, nor was acquainted with them. That he delivered this to the King, and never exhibited but One more, which was to the Lords of the Council. That about a Week after he had exhibited this Petition, he acquainted Mr. Burden, of Layre in Leycestershyre, and Mr. Welden, of Stony Stratford (both which are Parsons) and one Mr. Blunt, a Vicar of... Leycester, therewith. -

That, as he remembereth, he first framed this Petition about the Beginning of the last Session of Parliament. -

That he thought the Four Bishops, whom he named to be Referees, the fittest, because he was towards the ecclesiastical Court. -

Denieth he ever said, that any of his Betters stood by at the Delivery of his Petition, who were acquainted with it. -

That he brought in Nine or Ten Witnesses to the Four Lords Referees. -

That he meaneth, by Puritans, Non-conformitants to the Ceremonies of the Church of England. -

He avoweth the Book to be his, and that some Part thereof is written with his own Hand, the rest by a Scrivener, dwelling about Three Houses from the Rame in Smithfeild. That he shewed it none, but to the Scrivener, before he delivered it to the King.

Mr. Prigeon, called in, offereth to justify the Five first of his Articles, by a Letter under his own Hand ; the Ninth, by another Letter ; others of them, by his Book, and Petition to the King; and the rest, by Witnesses.

Aleyne, called in again, and asked, first, who they were, which were by, when he delivered his Petition, answered, the Lord Chamberlain, Earl of Holland, and Bishop of Winchester : Remembereth no more particularly. -

That he intended the Petition exhibited at Oxford, -

That the Original of his Book is in his Chamber, within Temple Bar, at one Syrene's, a Chandler, next to St, Donston's Tavern.

Upon Question, Aleyne to remain in the Custody of the Serjeant, and none to be suffered to have Conference with him, without special Leave: This to be, during the Examination, and till the further Pleasure of the House known.

Upon Question, a select Committee, to examine this Matter ; with Power to send for any Persons or other Things, to inform them.

Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Hampden, Mr. Pymme, Mr. Selden, Sir Francis Seymor, Sir Ben. Rudyard, Sir Tho. Hobby, Sir D. Digges, Mr. Long, Sir W. Earle, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Mr. Littleton : - To meet this Afternoon, in the Inner Court of Wards ; and the Committee specially enjoined by the House to attend.

A Warrant to Mr. Prigeon, under Mr. Speaker's Hand, for his Witnesses. Mr. Selden to have the Papers.

The Scrivener to be sent for, whom Aleyne voucheth to have written the Book.