House of Commons Journal Volume 10: 4 May 1689

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 10, 1688-1693. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 121

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Sabbati, 4 die Maii; 1° Willielmi et Mariæ.


MAGNA Terence took the Oaths, in order to her Naturalization.

Fall of Rents.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to consider of the Reasons of the Fall of Rents, and to bring in a Bill or Bills for the Remedying thereof.

And it is referred unto Colonel Birch, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Sackville, Mr. Dolben, Mr. Bickerstaffe, Sir Rich. Hart, Mr. Celt, Sir Roger Twisden, Sir Rob. Nappier, Sir Wm. Honywood, Sir Tho. Dyke, Mr. Christy, Sir Ralph Dutton, Mr. Fuller, Sir Robert Clayton, Mr. Paul Foley, Mr. Gwyn, Mr. Tho. Foley, Mr. Burrard, Major Manley, Mr. Garway, Sir John Guise, Mr. Trenchard, Mr. Fenwick, Sir John Wynn, Sir Robert Rich, Sir Nevill Catlyn, Sir Tho. Barnadiston, Sir Christopher Musgrave, Sir Ph. Skippon, Mr. England, Sir Wm. Cooke, Sir Patience Ward, Lord Downe, Mr. Blake, Sir E. Askue, Mr. Hamden, Mr. Thorney, Mr. Holt: And all that come to have Voices: And they are to meet on Monday next, at Four of the Clock, in the Exchequer Chamber; and to make their Report with all convenient Speed.

Severne Fishery.

A Bill for taking away a Clause in the Statute of 30 Car. II. touching Fishing in the River Severne, was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read a Second time.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Mr. Alford have Leave to go into the Country, for Three Weeks.

Grants to Papists.

A Bill to annul, and make void, all Gifts and Grants made to Papists, or to any in Trust for them, was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read a Second time.

Supply Bill: Poll Tax.

Resolved, That the Bill for an additional Poll be read the Third time on Monday Morning next, at Ten of the Clock.

Orphans of London.

Resolved, That the Bill for Relief of the Orphans of London be read a Second time on Monday Morning next, at Ten of the Clock.

Corresponding with late King James.

An ingrossed Bill, sent down from the Lords, intituled, An Act making and declaring it to be Treason to keep any Intelligence, or maintain any Correspondence, with the late King James the Second, was read a Second time.

And a Debate arising thereupon;

The Question was put, That the Bill be committed:

And it passed in the Negative.

Resolved, That the Bill be rejected.

Construction of Treason.

Ordered, That Leave be given to bring in a Bill for regulating Constructions upon the Statutes for Treason, and Trials, and Proceedings, and Writs of Error, in Cases of Treason: And it is recommended to Mr. Sacheverell to take care of the Bill.

And then the House adjourned till Monday Morning, Nine of the Clock.