House of Commons Journal Volume 10: 12 July 1689

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 10, 1688-1693. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 12 die Julii; 1° Gulielmi et Mariæ.


Proceedings against Sir W. Williams for Matters done by Order of the House; Voted illegal.

THE Record of the Judgment of the Court of King's Bench, upon the Information against William Williams Esquire, now Sir William Williams, Knight and Baronet, in the Name of Sir Robert Sawyer, then Attorney General in 2° Jacobi IIdi, was read.

Resolved, That the Judgment given in the Court of King's Bench in Easter Term, 2° Jac' IIdi, against Wm. Williams, Esquire, Speaker of the House of Commons, in the Parliament held at Westminster, 25 Octobris, 32° Car. IIdi, for Matters done by Order of the House of Commons, and as Speaker thereof, is an illegal Judgment, and against the Freedom of Parliament.

Then an Act of Parliament for a Pardon to one Haxey Rotul, 1°Hen. IV. N° 104, was read.

Judgment to be reversed.

Resolved, That a Bill be brought in, to reverse the said Judgment.

And it is referred unto Mr. Serjeant Trenchard, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Hawles, Mr. Solicitor General, Mr. Attorney General, Mr. Roberts, Sir Rob. Cotton, to prepare the said Bill.

Attorney General to account for Proceedings.

Ordered, That Sir Rob. Sawyer, a Member of this House, do attend in his place To-morrow Morning, to give the House a particular Account, What Orders and Directions he had for the Prosecution of Sir Wm. Williams, upon the Information brought and prosecuted against him in the King's Bench, by the said Sir Robert Sawyer, when he was Attorney General, relating to the Printing of Dangerfield's Narrative.

Answer to Address.

Sir Robert Howard acquaints the House, That he, with others of the Privy Council, had attended his Majesty with the Address of this House, That Colonel Richards may be bailed: And that his Majesty was graciously pleased to condescend, that he should be bailed.

Message from the King to expedite Business.

Sir Rob. Howard aquaints the House, That he had something further in command from his Majesty to let them know; viz. That his Majesty is very sensible of the great Burden of Business that has lain upon them, and which he hopes is now so near being finished, that the Country may receive the Advantage of a Recess, by the several Members assisting in the Settlement of publick Affairs; and also, that they may have the benefit by it, to take Care of their own private Concerns: And that, though his Majesty believes, that this House is assured, that, by what preparation is made, and must be continued and increased, there will be need of greater Sums of Money; yet his Majesty is so sensible of the Condition of this House, that he is willing no further Proceedings upon Raising of Money should be, till the Meeting towards Winter, other than what the House themselves have now designed: And had commanded him to tell the House, that what they have given him, shall be so applied, as that, when they meet again, he is confident they will receive Satisfaction, which he always desires, in the Examining of: Lastly, His Majesty commanded him to remind them of the Act of Indemnity. Which was all he had in Command.

Thanks for Message.

Resolved, Nemine contradicente, That the humble Thanks of this House be given to his Majesty, for his most gracious Message this Day sent to this House.

Ordered, That Sir Robert Howard do present such the Thanks of this House to his Majesty.

Resolved, That the House do, upon Monday Morning next, take the Act of Indemnity into consideration.

Crown Revenue.

Resolved, That Leave be given to bring in a Clause into the Bill for settling the Revenue, That the Lands, Revenues, and all Estates granted to, or in Trust for, or belonging to the Queen Consort of the late King James the Second, be vested in the King and Queen's Majesty; and for the repealing all Acts of Parliament made for settling or confirming the same upon the said late Queen.

Resolved, That the Revenue to be settled upon their Majesties be free from any Charges or Incumbrances.

Conference with Lords.

Then the Managers went to the Conference with the Lords, according to the Order of Yesterday.

Mr. Carter reports from the Conference, that the Managers had attended the same: And that the Duke of Bolton managed for the Lords: And that they gave their Reasons why this House doth not agree with the Lords in the Amendments by them proposed to the Bill, for declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject, and settling the Succession of the Crown.


Ordered, That all Committees be revived.

Leave for Member to attend Lords.

Ordered, That Leave be given to Mr. Hawles to attend the House of Lords, as Counsel in a Cause between the King and the Lord Mayor of London.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Eight of the Clock.