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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 10, 1688-1693. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Gul. & Mar. Parl. 1. Sess. 1. A. 1688, & 1689.Gul. & Mar. Parl. 1. Sess. 2. A. 1689.Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 1. A. 1689, & 1690.&Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 2. A. 1690, & 1691.&Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 3. A. 1691, & 1692.&Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 4. A. 1692, & 1693.

Gul. & Mar. Parl. 1. Sess. 1. A. 1688, & 1689.

FAIRFAX, Lord. Vide Privileges.

Fanshaw, Lord, to attend, and take the Oaths, 12 May Refuses; discharged from being a Member, 13.

Farmer. Vide Sicklinghall.

Fees, Name left out of a Bill for refusing to pay them, 17 May.

Firebrace, Sir Basil, Petition; Question for reading it, Neg. 10 July.-Another Petition, 3 Aug. Vide France.

Fitzharris, Anne, Petition, 16 Mar. Petitioner and Witnesses to be heard at Bar, 16. 22. & 28 Mar. & 2 Apr. Heard, 22 Mar. & 2 Apr. Clerk of the Crown to attend, with Record of Mr. Fitzharris's Tryal, 22 & 28 Mar. Record presented, and read; Debate thereon adjourned, 2 Apr. Committee to examine Mrs. Fitzharris's Case, 15 May. Committees added, 23 & 27. Report; Resolution thereupon, 15 June.

Flathers. Vide Privileges.

Fleet-street, Petition from, 22 Apr. Vide Hackney Coaches.

Forces, foreign. Vide Supply.

Forfeitures. Vide Supply.

Fox, Sir Stephen, Petition, 20 July. Vide Supply.

France, Committee to consider the Trade therewith, 29 Jan.
-, - the State of this Kingdom in relation thereto, to be considered in a Committee of the whole House, 15 Apr. Report of Resolution, 16. Vide Address.
-, - Bill to prohibit Trade and Commerce therewith, ordered, 20 June. Read, 28. Committed, 1 July. Committees added, 5. Petition against Bill, presented and referred, 9. Report in Part considered, 16. Consideration resumed; Debate thereon; Bill re-committed to same Committee; Committees added, 18. Report; Clause committed to same Committee; Committees added, 27. Petition presented; Bill reported, and to be ingrossed, 3 Aug. Passed, 7. Returned from Lords, with Amendments; Amendments agreed to; Royal Assent, 20.

French Protestants Petition read; Debate thereon; Petition withdrawn, on account of Irregularity; Committee to consider a Way to relieve them, 15 Apr. Committees added, 18. Report, 24.

Frazier. Vide Privileges.

Freeman Petition, 2 Apr. Vide Grievances.

Gul. & Mar. Parl. 1. Sess. 2. A. 1689.

FENNE. Vide Navy.

Fish, James, Petition, 19 Dec. Vide Edon.

Foubert, Solomon, and others, Bill to naturalize them, read, 10 Jan. Parties take Oaths, 17 & 18.

Freeman, Richard, Petition, 12 Dec. Vide Pilkington.

Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 1. A. 1689, & 1690.

FEES. Vide Officers.

Fenwick, Sir Robert, Petition for Bill to sell Lands to pay Debts; Bill ordered, 3 Apr. Read, 8. Committed, 9. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 10. Passed, 12. Returned from Lords, with Amendments; Amendments agreed to, 23. Royal Assent, 2 May.

Finch. Vide Privileges.

Firly. Vide Bedford.

Forester. Vide Foster, infra.

Forfeitures. Vide Supply.

Foster, Sir Humphry, Bill, from Lords, for settling and disposing Lands, 24 Apr. Read, 28. Committed, 29. Reported, and passed, 30. Royal Assent, 2 May.

France, Information given of Goods secretly conveyed thither, referred to a Committee, 26 Apr.

&Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 2. A. 1690, & 1691.

FIELD. Vide Privileges.

Filazers Petition, 9 Dec. Vide Escapes.

Finsbury. Vide Tower.

Fleet Prison, Warden to bring Prisoners to a Committee, 19 Nov.

France, Bill to prohibit Trade therewith, ordered, 4 Nov.-Committee to prepare another to same Purport, 1 Dec. Committees added, 2. 5. & 9. Petition presented, and referred, 9. Bill read, 27. Committed; Instruction, 29. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 2 Jan. Passed, 3. Agreed to by Lords; Royal Assent, 5.

Franks, John, and others, Petition; Question that it be referred to Committee on Brunskill's Petition, Neg. 6 Nov.

Freeman, Dr. desired to preach, 20 Oct. Thanked, 6 Nov.

&Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 3. A. 1691, & 1692.

FELT-MAKERS Petition for Bill to prohibit private Sales by Hudson's Bay Company, and the Exportation of Coney Wool and Hares Wool, referred to a Committee, 20 Jan. Committees added, 26 & 28. Report; Bill ordered, 2 Feb. Read, 5.

Finsbury. Vide Holborn.

Fishermen in Thames, Bill for regulating and encouraging them, ordered, 4 Dec. Presented, 10. Read; Question for Second Reading, Neg. 5 Jan.

Fishery, general Committee to consider Ways for encouraging it, 8 Jan.

Fleet, Miscarriages therein, to be considered in a Committee of whole House, 3 Nov. Considered, 7. Account of Proceedings presented; Orders to Admiral Russell, and List of Ships lost or damaged since 1688, ordered, 10. Presented, 14. Read; Examinations touching Ships lost, ordered, 16.

Fountaine, Andrew, Bill, from Lords, to vest Lands in Trustees for Payment of a Debt, 14 Jan. Order for reading, 3 Feb. Read; Question for Second Reading, Neg. 8.

France, Information given, that Captain Tilford could discover several Persons trading thither; Question that he be sent for, Neg. 14 Dec. His Petition, 30. Read, and referred to a Committee, 7 Jan. Committees added, 12. Petition relating thereto, referred, 18.
-, - Motion for Bill to encourage Privateers against France, 10 Dec. Debate thereon adjourned, 10 & 14. Resumed; Committee to prepare Bill, 16. Bill presented, 23. Read, 29.

Fuller, Wm. House informed that he could discover Matters of great Moment in relation to the Government, 2 Dec. To be brought to Bar by Marshal of the King's Bench, 2. 5. & 9 Dec. & 20 Feb. Brought, 5 Dec. Examined, 9. His Letters to Speaker read; Privilege granted him, 1 Jan. Examined again; Resolution thereupon, 4. Vide Address. Other Letters read, 15 & 20 Feb. Fuller, and others, to attend; Privilege granted them, 20. Fuller excuses himself, on account of Illness; Committee to take his Examination on Oath, and secure his Papers; Member to bring his Witnesses to Bar; Report to be made, 22. Made; his Examination, and other Papers, read; Orders thereupon, 23. Vote, that he is a notorious Impostor, 24. Vide Address.

&Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 4. A. 1692, & 1693.

FARNHAM Royal. Vide Petworth.

Felonies, Committee to prepare Bill to prevent them, 7 Feb. Felony, Bill, from Lords, for repealing an Act 10 Edw. III. relating to Persons pardoned for it, read, and rejected, 23 Feb.

Felt-makers Company Petition, 30 Nov. Vide Hudson's Bay.

Finsbury. Vide Holborn.

Flax. Vide Hemp.

Fleet, Account of last Summer's Eopedition, ordered, 11 Nov. Sir John Ashby to attend, 12. Vide Ashby. Conference, desired by Lords, to communicate Papers relating thereto, agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported; Papers read; Resolution that Admiral Russell behaved with Fidelity, Courage, and Conduct, to be communicated to Lords at a Conference; Conference to be desired accordingly, 20 Dec. Desired, and agreed to; Papers to be returned to Lords; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported, 21. Free Conference desired by Lords; previous Question for Agreement thereto, Neg. Messengers dismissed without Answer, 30. Free Conference agreed to; same Managers appointed; Managers added; Order for sitting, and preparing themselves, 2 Jan. Agreement signified to Lords, 3. Free Conference held, and reported, 4.
-, - Prison, Petition of Prisoners, 23 Feb. Vide Bromhall.

France, Bill for prohibiting Trade therewith, and for Encouragement of Privateers, ordered, 23 Dec. Read, 4 Feb. Committed; Instruction, 11. Committees added, 13. Report of Difficulty; select Committee discharged, 15. Bill committed to a Committee of whole House, 15. 20, 21. & 25. Report of Progress, 21. Bill to be reported, 28. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 2 Mar. Passed, 6. Returned from Lords, with Amendments; Amendments agreed to, with Amendments; Committee to assign Reasons; Report; Conference to be desired, 13. Desired, and agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported; Lords Concurrence to Amendments of House, signified, 14.

Franks. Vide Privileges.