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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 10, 1688-1693. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Gul. & Mar. Parl. 1. Sess. 1. A. 1688, & 1689.Gul. & Mar. Parl. 1. Sess. 2. A. 1689.Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 1. A. 1689, & 1690.2° & 3° Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 2. A. 1690, & 1691.&Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 3. A. 1691, & 1692.&Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 4. A. 1692, & 1693.

Gul. & Mar. Parl. 1. Sess. 1. A. 1688, & 1689.

JAMES, late King. Vide Declaration, Nation, and Ireland.-Letters communicated to the House by Lords, relating to him; Messengers return without waiting for an Answer; Message to Lords thereon; Member acquaints the House in what Method the Letters should be read, 24 Apr.- Other Letters communicated by Lords; Resolutions thereupon, 19 June.-Bill, from Lords, declaring it Treason to correspond with him, 29 Apr. Read, 30. Order for Second Reading, 3 May. Read; Debate thereon; Question that Bill be committed, Neg. Bill rejected, 4.-His Declaration read; Resolution thereupon; Declaration to be burnt by common Hangman, 13 June. Information given, that several Declarations were seized at Cambridge; Party examined; Member acquaints House they were in the Vice Chancellor's hands, 20.

Janeway. Vide Privileges.

Jeakell, John, Petition of Executors, 2 Apr. Vide Grievances.

Jeffryes, Lord. Vide Prideaux.-Excepted out of Bill of Indemnity, 1 July.
-, -Dr. James. Vide Prideaux.

Jenner, Sir Thomas, excepted out of Bill of Indemnity, 1 July.

Jennings, Edward, Petition, 13 May. Vide Prideaux.

Impeachment. Vide Blaire, Vaughan, Mole, Elliot, and Grey.
-, -in Parliament, a Pardon not pleadable in Bar thereof, 4 June.

Jinks, Francis, Petition of Executors, 2 Apr. Vide Grievances. Indemnity, Bill of, recommended by the King; Resolution thereupon, 25 Mar. Vide Address.-Committee to examine Journal of 1660 for Precedents, 25. Heads for a Bill to be considered in a Committee of the whole House, 3, 4. 23. & 27 Apr. 6. 11. 14. 16. 23, 24. 27. & 31 May. 3. 4. 8. 12. 14, 15. 24 & 28 June, & 1 July. Considered, and Report of Resolutions, 14 & 19 May. Report of Progress, 16. Heads to be reported, 18. Reported, 23. Read; Debate and Resolution thereupon; First, Second, and Third, Heads read; Orders thereupon; Commissions for ecclesiastical Causes, read, 4 June. Papers read; First Head read; Debate thereupon, 12. Several Persons to attend, 13. Examined, 14. First Head read Second time; Debate, and Resolutions thereupon, 15. Parties excepted on the First Head, 18. No more to be excepted thereon; Second Head read, 24. Second and Third Heads read; several excepted on these Heads, 1 July. Resolution, that Orders of House, pleaded to the Jurisdiction of King's Bench, ought not to be over-ruled, 10. Previous Question, that no more Persons be excepted on Third Head, Affirmative; Fourth read; Orders thereupon, 15.
-, -Bill ordered, 22 June.

Johnson, Thomas, Petition, 17 Apr. Vide Hackney Coaches.
-, -Sir James, Petition, 8 Aug. Vide Supply.
-, -Mr. Clerk of the Crown to attend with Record of Judgment against him, 4 June. Attends accordingly, 6. Copy of Record presented, 8.-Committee to prepare Bill to reverse the Judgment, 11.-Same Committee to inquire how, and by what Authority, Johnson was degraded, 11 June. Committees added, 14 & 19. Report; Resolutions thereupon, 24. Vide Address.

Joliffe, John, Petition, 18 Apr. Vide East-India.

Jones, Sir Thomas, to attend, 13 June. 6. 10. 13. & 16 July. Examined, 14 June, 10 & 19 July. Ordered into Custody, 19 July.

Journals of Lords to be inspected by a Committee, 1 Mar. 1 & 12 June, & 31 July.-of the House to be inspected by a Committee for Precedents, 25 Mar. & 1 June. Vide Bills.-By Clerk, 8 Apr.-Relating to Popish Plot, to be inspected by a Committee, 12 June.-read, 22 Mar.-to be read, 11 June.

Ipswich new Writ, 11 May.

Ireland. Vide Supply-Bill for allowing Irish Protestants a temporary Exercise of their Trades in Corporations, ordered, 9 Apr.
-, -Evans examined touching late King James's landing, and Proceedings there, 15 Apr. Dalton and Purefoy examined, 16.
-, -Committee to consider of a way to relieve Irish Protestants, 15 Apr. Report; Resolutions thereupon, 16 May. Vide Address.
-, -Bill for Relief of the Irish Clergy, read, 15 June. Committed, 19. Committees added, 24. Bill reported, 26 July. Passed, 30. Agreed to by Lords, 9 Aug. Royal Assent, 20.
-, -House to consider of a way to relieve Irish Protestants, 24 & 28 June. Considered, 29.
-, -Petition of Clergy; Resolution thereupon, 22 Apr. Vide Address.-Committee to inquire who was the occasion of Delays in sending Relief to Ireland, and particularly Londonderry; Instruction to inquire into all Miscarriages relating thereto, 1 June. Copies of Commissions and Instructions to be transmitted to Committee; Colonel Lundee, Prisoner in the Tower, to be brought to them, 3. Anderton to attend, 4. Committee revived, 18 June. 2. 10. 18 & 22 July. Report of Resolution, 22 June. Order for sitting of Committee, 2. 10. 18. & 22 July. Report relating to Colonel Richards, 6 July. Vide Address. Committees added, 10. 18. & 22. Mr. Jepson to give account touching Passes granted to Persons now in Arms in Ireland, 13. Gives Account, 15. All that come to have Voices, 22. Report touching Mr. Harbord, 29. Further Report to be made, 10 Aug. Made specially; Resolution thereupon, 12. Vide Address.

Iron Wire, Petition for Bill to import it, 25 July.

Ivitchester Election, Petition, 28 Jan. Report, 7 May.

Gul. & Mar. Parl. 1. Sess. 2. A. 1689.

JAMES. Vide Convoys.

Jeffryes, late Lord. Vide Prideaux.-Executors to attend, 20. Jan. Examined, 25.-Bill for Forfeiture of his Honour and Estate, ordered, and recommended to the Care of one Member, 6 Nov. Read, 26. Petitions against Bill presented, 9 Dec.
-, -Petition of Trustees, 9 Dec. Vide Jeffryes, supra.
-, -Jeffery, Petition, 9 Dec. Vide Jeffryes, supra.

Jekill. Vide Pilkington.

Jenner, Sir Thomas to be brought to Bar by Governor of Tower; Report that he is bailed; to be sent for by Serjeant, 25 Oct. Order for bringing him to Bar, 26. Charged; his Request for Time to answer, assented to, 28. Heard, and ordered into Custody, 4 Nov.

Impeachment. Vide Peterborough, and Salisbury.

Imprisonment of the Subject; Committee to prepare Bill for better regulating it; Instruction; Bill recommended to the Care of Two Members, 28 Oct. Order for presenting, 31 Dec.

Indemnity, Bill of, ordered, 1 Nov. Read, 7. Order for Second Reading, 11 Jan. Question for going into a Committee, Neg. 16. Bill committed, 16. 21, 22, 23. & 25 Jan. Another Bill to be added, 16 Jan. Previous Question, that it be an Instruction to Committee to nominate particular Persons, Neg. 21. Report of Progress, 22. Of Resolutions, 23.

Jones. Vide Privileges.
-, -ordered into Custody for Prevarication, 26 Nov.

Journals of last Session, relating to Informations against Prisoners in the Tower, and for Precedents of Commitments by the House, to be inspected by a Committee; Instruction, 24 Oct. Report, 25.

Ireland. Vide Supply, and Address.
-, -Information given, that King had ordered Money to be distributed among the Clergy and Nobility; Committee to inquire who are fit to receive it, 11 Nov. Committees added, 20 & 22. Report to be made, 12 & 16 Dec. Made; Lists read; Debate thereon adjourned, 17. Resumed; Lists to be presented to the King, 20.
-, -Bill to make void the pretended Parliament, and for other Purposes, ordered, 22 Nov.
-, -House informed, that Mr. Waller could give an Account of the Condition of the Army, and State of Affairs, there; Waller to attend, 25 Nov.-Examined, 26.
-, -Bill for Security of Protestants therein, read, 5 Dec. Committed, 18. Committees added, 19. Bill to be reported, 30. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 31. Passed, 14 Jan. Agreed to by Lords, 20. Royal Assent, 27.

Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 1. A. 1689, & 1690.

JAMAICA, Petition of Planters and Traders, 21 Apr. Vide African.

James, late King. Vide Abjuration.
-, -Sir Vere. Vide Privileges.

Journals to be searched for Precedents by Committees, 25 Mar. & 22 May.

Jenkinson. Vide Privileges.

Indemnity. Vide Pardon.

Italian Merchants Petition to be read, 9 Apr. Read, 21. Vide Silk.

Ives, St. Election, Petition, 1 Apr.

Ivy, Lady, Petition, 15 Apr. Vide Paper.

2° & 3° Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 2. A. 1690, & 1691.

JAMAICA, Petitions of Merchants and Traders, 21 Oct. Vide African.-9 Dec. Vide Address.

James, Ship, Petition of Owners, 12 Dec. Vide Supply.

Jeffries, Lord, Vide Prideaux.

Interest, Bill for reducing it, ordered, 10 Oct. Read, 13. Order for Second Reading, 16. 24, & 25 Oct. 19 & 22 Nov. Read; Question for Commitment, Neg. Bill rejected, 26.

Ives, St. Election, Petition, 11 Oct.

&Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 3. A. 1691, & 1692.

JANE, Dr. desired to preach, 30 Oct. Thanked, 27 Nov. Janson, Brian, Petition, 16 Feb. Vide Kynnersley.

Interest, Bill for reducing it, ordered, 12 Nov. Presented, 14. Order for reading, 4 Jan. Order for Second Reading, 7. Bill committed, 8. To be reported, 12. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 15. Passed, 23. House put Lords in mind of Bill, 17 Feb.

Jolliffe, Anne, and others, Petition, 27 Nov. Vide East-India.

Johnstone. Vide Privileges.

Jones. Vide Fuller.

Journals to be inspected by a Committee for Precedents, 12 Dec. Vide Elections.-10 Feb. Vide Conferences.

Ireland. Vide Supply.
-, -Bill to alter Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy therein, ordered, 27 Oct. Read, 28. Read Second Time; Debate touching Commitment, adjourned, 29. Resumed; Act read; Bill committed, 30. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 6 Nov. Passed, 10. Returned from Lords, with Amendments, 19. Amendments to be considered, 25 & 28. Considered, and in Part disagreed to; Committee to assign Reasons, 30. Report; Conference, desired with Lords, agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported, 1 Dec. Conference desired by Lords, 4. Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported, 5. Debate thereon adjourned, 5 & 7. Resumed Managers to prepare Amendments to Lords Amendments, and assign Reasons for disagreeing, 8. Report; another Conference desired, 9. Agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported; Lords Concurrence to Amendments signified, 10. Royal Assent, 24.
-, - Bill for continuing judicial Proceedings therein, ordered, 31 Dec. Presented, 2 Jan. Read, 7.
-, - Bill for erecting a Court of Claims therein, read, 12 Feb. Order for Second Reading, 16, 17, & 18.

Judges, Bill to ascertain their Commissions and Salaries, ordered, 7 Dec. Presented, 12. Read, 29 Jan. Committed, 6 Feb. Committees added, 8. Bill to be reported, 10. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 11. Order for Third Reading, 16. Passed, 17. Returned from Lords; with Amendments; Amendments agreed to, 23.

Ives, St. Election, Petition, 31 Oct. Withdrawn, 1 Jan.

&Gul. & Mar. Parl. 2. Sess. 4. A. 1692, & 1693.

JACKSON. Vide Privileges.

Journals to be searched by a Committee for Precedents, 14 Nov. Report; Resolution thereupon; Report referred to Committee of Privileges and Elections, 8 Mar.

Ireland, State of, to be considered in a Committee of whole House, 14 & 18 Feb. Considered; Witnesses examined; ordered to deliver their Examinations in Writing; Mr. Culliford, a Member, to attend; Serjeant to give him Notice; Debate adjourned, 22. Resumed; Examinations presented, and read; Serjeant reports, that Mr. Culliford was in Ireland; Resolutions thereupon, 24. Vide Address. Mr. Culliford suspended from Benefit of Privilege till he attends, 8 Mar. Attends; has Leave to waive Privilege, 13.