House of Commons Journal Volume 10: 9 December 1691

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 10, 1688-1693. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 9 die Decembris; 3° Gulielmi et Mariæ.


Malicious Informations.

MR. Waller according to Order, presented to the House a Bill for preventing malicious Informations in the Court of King's Bench, for the more easy Reversal of Outlawries in the same Court. And the same was received.

Campion's Will.

Mr. Christie reported from the Committee to whom the Examination and Consideration of the Petition of Eliz. Campion, Widow, on the Behalf of herself and her Six Children, was referred, That the Committee, upon the Examination of the Petition, were of the Opinion, That it will be for the Benefit of the Creditors, and of the Widow and Children of Richard Campion, deceased, that a Bill be brought in for the better enabling of the Trustees and Executors of the said Richard Campion to perform his Will: And that the Committee had directed him to move the House, That the Leave may be given to bring in such a Bill accordingly.

Ordered, That Leave be given to bring in a Bill, according to the Prayer of the said Petition.

Lord Hatton's Estate.

An ingrossed Bill from the Lords, intituled, An Act for the settling a Fee Farm Rent of One hundred Pounds upon the Bishop of Ely, and his Successors, to be issuing out of Hatton Garden in the County of Middlesex, and the Messuages thereupon erected, and for settling and assuring the same, subject to the said Rent, upon Chris. Lord Viscount Hatton, his Heirs and Assigns for ever, was read the Second time.

Resolved, That the Bill be committed to Mr. Sandford, Mr. Hawtry, Serjeant Wogan, Mr. Carter, Mr. Goldwell, Sir Sam. Bernardiston, Sir Ralph Carre, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Portman, Sir Tho. Samwell, Sir Jos. Tredenham, Mr. Bickerstaffe, Mr. Bailes, Sir John Barker, Sir Tho. Darcy, Sir Math. Andrewes, Mr. Luttrell, Mr. Freeman, Sir Edw. Philipps, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Philipps, Sir Cha. Bloys, Mr. Gilbert, Serjeant Glincowe, Mr. Bowfeild, Mr. Christie, Sir Rob. Cotton, Mr. Dolben, Mr. Vincent, Mr. Kynaston, Sir Wm. Langham, Sir Tho. Haslerig, Mr. Shackerly, Serjeant Mountague, Sir Christopher Musgrave, Sir Sam. Grimston, Mr. Bertye, Mr. Waller, Mr. Foley, Mr. England, Mr. Fuller, Sir Thom. Barnardiston, Sir Rob. Cotton, Mr. Onslow, Mr. Cooke, Sir Rob. Henley, Sir Edw. Hussey, Mr. Henley, Mr. Palmes, Mr. Arnold, Sir Tho. Hussey, Sir Wm. Robinson, Sir Tho. Grosvenor, Sir Fra. Guibon, Mr. Andrewes: And they are to meet this Afternoon, at Four of the Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber.

Dunwich Return amended.

Then the Clerk of the Crown, according to Order, attended, and amended the Return for the Borough of Dunwich, by taking off the Return of Henry Heveningham, Esquire.

African Trade.

A Petition of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Councilmen of the City of Exon, and also of the Merchants, Serge-makers, Fullers, and other trading People, employed in and about the Woolen Manufactory within the said City and County of the same, and Parts adjacent thereunto, was read; setting forth, That those Western Parts are principally concerned in the Serge Trade, and other the Woolen Manufactory: But that the same; of late Years, hath been much abridged by the African Company; who do not improve that Trade by the Onehalf of what Improvement might be made thereof, in case a free Trade was admitted to those Parts; as was experienced by a Vote that passed the last Sessions in Favour to the reputed Interlopers; which so far encouraged the Petitioners, that it gave a new Life to their Trade, and some Thousands of Pieces... made more than usual, and the Price advanced from Eleven Shillings and Six-pence per Piece to Fifteen Shillings and Six-pence per Piece; the Wools thereby consumed, and Farmers supported, and Customs, by Exportation, much augmented: And praying the Consideration of the House in the Premises, That such their Trade may not be restrained, the Petitioners being willing to contribute towards the Support and Maintenance thereof abroad.

Resolved, That the Examination and Consideration of the said Petition be referred to a Committee: And that they do report their Opinions therein to the House.

And it is referred to Sir Edward Seymor, Serjeant Trenchard, Mr. Bale, Mr. Colt, Sir Sam. Bernardiston, Sir Tho. Vernon, Mr. Goldwell, Mr. Carter, Colonel Sackvile, Sir Jerv. Elwes, Sir Fra. Blake, Mr. Blowfeild, Mr. Newport, Sir Robert Davers, Mr. Trenchard, Mr. Gwyn, Mr. Pockenham, Sir Jos. Tredenham, Sir Wm. Robinson, Mr. Gray, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Onslow, Mr. Biddolph, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Dyott, Sir Edw. Hussey, Mr. Hawtry, Sir Tho. Hussey, Mr. Holt, Mr. Slaughter, Sir Christopher Musgrave, Mr. White, Mr. Brockman, Mr. Howe, Mr. Bence, Lord Falkland, Sir Tho. Pope Blunt, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Clarke, Lord Fairfax, Sir Mat. Andrewes, Sir Thomas Bernardiston, Mr. Norreis, Mr. England, Sir Tho. Dyke, Sir Wm. Honywood, Sir Cha. Raleigh, Sir John Brownlow, Mr. Palmes, Mr. Walpole, Sir Rich. Onslow, Mr. Fenwick, Mr. Chadwick, Sir Robert Edon, Mr. Moreland: And they are to meet this Afternoon at Four of the Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber.

Oath of Supremacy in Ireland.

Sir Tho. Clarges reported, That the Managers of the Conference with the Lords, touching the Amendments to the Bill for abrogating the Oath of Supremacy in Ireland, and appointing other Oaths, had considered of several Amendments to be made to the Amendments, made by the Lords to the said Bill; and had prepared the same, and Reasons to be offered to the Lords concerning the same; which they had directed him to report to the House: And which he read in his Place; and afterwards, delivered in at the Clerk's Table: Where the same were once read; and are as follow; viz.

3 Skin, Line 5, after "who," leave out all that follows, to "on," in Line 9.

Line 9, after "the," leave out "said;" and, after "October," add "1691."

Line 20, after "or," leave out "before that time;" and, instead thereof, insert "were then."

Line 27, after "Law," add "or;" and, after "Physick," leave out "or other"

Line 28, leave out "Science."

Line 30, after "notwithstanding," add Clause C.

That the Commons observe, That the Lords insist on the Provisoes, beginning at "Provided," Skin 3, Line 3, of the Amendments; because the Subject Matter of them was in the Articles of the Treaty for the Surrender of Lymerick: But that, upon Consideration of those Articles they find, that there are some Expressions in the said First Proviso, larger and more comprehensive than the Articles themselves: And that therefore they agreed with the Lords in so much of it only, as is within the said Articles; because they cannot believe it to be their Lordships Intentions to grant a greater Privilege to such Persons than they themselves, by the said Articles, demanded or provided for.

The said Amendments being a Second time severally read, one by one; and the Blank in the Proviso filled up with "One Shilling;" the same were, upon the Question severally put thereupon, agreed unto by this House.

Resolved, That this House doth agree to the said Amendments made by the Lords with the said Amendments.

Conference desired with Lords.

Resolved, That a Conference be desired with the Lords upon the Subject Matter of the last Conference.

Ordered, That Sir Thom. Clarges go to the Lords, and desire the said Conference.

London Orphans.

A Motion being made, That the House would take into Consideration the Debts due to the Orphans of the City of London, and their Relief therein;

Resolved, That this House will, upon Monday Morning next, at Ten a Clock, resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider of Ways to satisfy the Debts due to the Orphans of the City of London.

Fuller's pretended Discoveries.

Then the House being acquainted, that the Marshal of the King's Bench attended, according to Order, with William Fuller.

The said William Fuller was called in to the Bar: Where he produced and read several Papers concerning the Matters he had to acquaint the House withal.

The which were brought to the Clerk's Table.

And he being withdrawn;

The said Papers were again read.

And the Question being put, That the House do now adjourn;

It passed in the Negative.

State of the Nation.

Then the Order of the Day, for taking into Consideration the State of the Nation, was read.

And the Packet wherein the Confessions and Examinations of the Lord Preston and Mr. Crone were inclosed, was opened.

And the same was read.

Resolved That this House will, upon Tuesday Morning next, at Ten a Clock, take into further Consideration the State of the Nation; and nothing to intervene.

Publick Accounts.

Resolved, That this House will, upon Saturday Morning next, at Ten a Clock, proceed in the further Consideration of the Accounts and Observations delivered in by the Commissioners appointed for taking the publick Accounts.


Ordered, That all Committees, except the Committee to whom the Consideration of the Estimates relating to the Army are referred, be adjourned.

Deer Stealers.

Ordered, That Sir Tho. Samuell, Mr. Wyndham, Mr. Mountague, Mr. Tillney, Sir Robert Cotton, be added to the Committee to whom the Bill for the better Discovery and Punishment of Deer-stealers, is committed.


Ordered, That all Committees, except the Committee to whom the Estimates of the Charge of the Army for the Year 1692 is referred, be adjourned.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Eight of the Clock.