House of Commons Journal Volume 10: 26 March 1689

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 10, 1688-1693. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 26 die Martii. 1° Willielmi et Mariæ.


Westminster &c. Courts of Conscience.

ORDERED, That the Bill for establishing Courts of Conscience in the City of Westminster, Borough of Southwarke, the Two Hamlets, and Out Parishes within the Weekly Bills of Mortality, be read a Second time To-morrow Sevennight.

Excise on Beer.

A Petition of the Common Brewers within the Towns and Counties of Cambridge, Oxford, and Hertford, and the Cities and Universities thereof, in Behalf of themselves and others, being offered to the House;

Resolved, That the Petitioners be called in, to own the same.

Several of the Petitioners did come in; and own their Hands thereto.

Then the Petition was read; whereby the Petitioners did complain of several Abuses in the Gaugers, for gauging and charging their Worts hot out of the Coppers, in the Backs and Coolers, and not in the Tun; and for returning Strong Beer for Strong Ale; and Small Beer for Small Ale; and for allowing a Third Part of the Allowance the Law directs: And that the Petitioners had applied to the Commissioners of the Excise; but could obtain no Redress: And therefore praying Relief.

Ordered, That the Petition do lie upon the Table; to be considered when the Matter of the Revenue, touching the Excise, comes into Consideration.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Sir Roger Cave have Leave to go into the Country, for a Fortnight, for his Health.

Ordered, That Mr. Morley have Leave to go into the Country, for Three Weeks.

Ordered, That Mr. Eldred have Leave to go into the Country, for a Fortnight.

A Motion being made, that Mr. Miller have Leave to go into the Country, for a Fortnight;

And the Question being put, That he have such Leave;

It passed in the Negative.

Coke's Estate.

A Bill to enable Younger Coke, Esquire, to sell Lands to pay his Debts, and to provide for his Younger Children, was read the Second time.

Resolved, That the Bill be committed to Sir Jos. Tredenham, Mr. Dalben, Colonel Birch, Sir Hen. Goodrick, Mr. Gwyn, Sir John Holt, Mr. Coningsby, Mr. Howe, Mr. Arnold, Mr. T. Foley, Sir Matth. Andrews, Mr. Ash, Sir Wm. Gregory, Mr. Colt, Sir Edw. Harley, Mr. Ph. Foley, Mr. Done, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Williams, Sir John Morgan, Mr. Whitehead, Mr. Medlicot, Mr. St. John, Mr. Paul Foley, Mr. John Chetwynd, Mr. Philipps, and all the Members that serve for the County of Hereford: And they are to meet To-morrow in the Afternoon, at Four of the Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber.

Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance.

An ingrossed Bill from the Lords, intituled, An Act for Abrogating of the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance and appointing other Oaths, was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read a Second time on Thursday Morning next, at Ten of the Clock.

Leave for a Member to attend Lords as Council.

Ordered, That Sir Wm. Williams have Leave to attend at the Lords Bar, as Counsel, in a Cause between Read and Williams.

Marches Court in Wales.

A Petition of John Clapham, Esquire, a Patent Officer in the Court holden before the President and Council of the Marches of Wales; praying to be heard, concerning the same, before the Bill for taking away that Court do pass.

Ordered, That the Petition be referred to the Consideration of the Committee, to whom the Bill for taking away the Court holden before the President and Council of the Marches of Wales is referred; and that they do examine the Matter thereof; and report the same, with their Opinions therein, to the House.

Disarming Papists.

A Bill for the more speedy and effectual Convicting and Disarming of Papists, was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read a Second time.

Navy Estimate, &c.

Mr. Hamden, One of his Majesty's most honourable Privy Council, acquaints the House, That he had received from his Majesty, according to the Desires of the House on Saturday last, in a Letter from the Earl of Nottingham, One of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, An Account what Fleet will be necessary for this Summer's Service; also an Extract of the Treaty between this Crown and the States of Holland, in respect of the Obligations of mutual Assistance: which he read in his Place; and afterwards delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table: Where the same were read; and are as followeth.

Navy Office, 23 March 1688-9.

An ESTIMATE of the Charges of the Wages, Victuals, and Wear and Tear, for One Year, of Fifty Ships of War, of the Second, Third, Fourth Rates; Fifteen small Ships, and Eight Fire-ships, as by a List thereof apart, to be employed in the narrow Seas, and Mediterranean; and also of One Third, Nineteen Fourth, Two Fifth Rates, and Two Fire-ships, for the Plantations and Convoys; according to a Project thereof herewith presented.

For the Charge of 17,155 Men serving in the said Sixty-five Ships of War, and Eight Fire-ships, computed at 4£. each Man a Month, is, for One Month, 68,620£.; and, for 13 Months, amounts to 829,060
For the Charge of 4,540 Men serving in the said Twenty-two Ships of War, and Two Fire-ships, at 4£. each Man a Month, is for One Month, 18,160£.; and, for 13 Months amounts to 236,080
£. 1,128,140

Total is Eleven hundred Twenty-eight thousand One hundred and Forty Pounds.

Carbery; Tho. Lee, J. Lowther, John Chichley, Will. Sacheverell.

By Command of the Commissioners,

P. Bowles, Richard Haddock, Will. Booth, J. Sotherne.

Treaty with Holland.

EXTRACT of the Treaty between England and Holland, concluded at Westminster the Third Day of March, 1677-8.

Art. IV.

If his Majesty, or the said States General, shall hereafter happen to be attacked, or in any sort whatsoever to be molested in the Possession and Enjoyment of the States, Lands, Towns, Places, Rights, Immunities, and Liberty of Commerce, Navigation, or in any other whatsoever, which his said Majesty, or the said States General do or shall have Right to enjoy, either by the Law of Nations, or by Treaties already made, or that shall be concluded; his Majesty, and the said States General, upon Notice and Demand of each other, shall jointly use their utmost Endeavours, that such Molestation and Hostility may cease, and Reparations be given for the Wrongs or Injuries that shall be done to either of the Allies.

Art. V.

And in case that the said Attack or Molestation shall be followed with an open Rupture, the Ally who shall not be attacked shall be obliged to come to a Rupture Two Months after the first Demand made by the Ally already engaged in a Rupture; during which Time he shall use all his endeavours, by his Ambassadors or other Ministers to mediate an equitable Accommodation, between the Aggressor or Disturber, and the Party attacked or molested: Notwithstanding which, he shall, during that Time, give a powerful Succour to his Ally, according to what shall be agreed upon, by separate Articles, between his Majesty and the said States General: Which Articles, although not mentioned in the present Article, shall be kept and observed as if they were here inserted or written. And after the Expiration of which Term of Two Months it shall however remain in the Choice of the Ally engaged in a Rupture, whether he will continue to enjoy the Benefit of that Succour, in case the Conjucture of Time and the State of his Affairs shall make him prefer it before an open Rupture of his Ally.

Separate ARTICLES.


The Case mentioned in the Fifth Article happening, the said King and his Successors, and the said States General, shall be obliged to assist each other, as often as they shall be attacked or molested, as is more at large expressed in the said Article, in manner following; that is to say, His Majesty of Great Britain shall assist the States General with Ten thousand Foot, and the States General shall assist his Majesty with Six thousand Foot, well-armed, under such Regiments, Companies, Colonels and other Officers, as his said Majesty, and the States General shall think fit, and conceive most proper for such an Assistance; And likewise with Twenty Ships of War well equipped and provided: Which Succours shall be supplied and maintained at his Charge who sends it to the Aid of the Party attacked.


When the Necessity of Affairs shall make it appear, that the Succours promised and settled ought to be augmented, the said King and the said States General shall endeavour to come to an Agreement about it.

Resolved, That the Committee, to whom it is referred to consider, and to report to the House, what Sum may be necessary to allow by the Year for the Charges of a Summer and Winter Guard at Sea, and Guards and Garrisons at Land, and the Office of the Ordnance, in time of Peace, do consider of the said Estimate and Extract, and of the State of the Fleet for this Summer's Service; and to report the same with their Opinions, to the House, with all convenient Speed.

Ordered, That Mr. Hales, Lord Falkland, Sir John Bancks, Mr. C. Bertye, Colonel Birch, be added to the said Committee.


Ordered, That all Committees be revived.

Princess Anne's Revenue.

A Motion being made, that the House will consider of a Provision to be made for a Revenue for the Princess Anne of Denmarke;

Resolved, That when the Matter of the Revenue shall come under Consideration, the House will then consider of settling a Revenue upon the Princess Anne of Denmark.

Coronation Oath.

Mr. Dalben reports from the Committee appointed to prepare and bring in a Bill to establish the Coronation Oath, That they had prepared a Bill accordingly: Which he delivered in at the Clerk's Table.

Resolved, That the Bill be read.

The Bill was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be now read a Second time.

The Bill was read the Second time.

Resolved, That the Bill be committed to the same Committee, to whom it was appointed to prepare and bring in a Bill for establishing the Coronation Oath: And that Mr. Christy, Mr. Solicitor General, Mr. Bickerstaffe, Mr. Done, Mr. Roberts, Lord Digby, Sir Rich. Temple, be added to the Committee: And they are to meet this Afternoon at Four a Clock in the Queen's Court.

Rooms for the Service of the House.

The Serjeant at Arms attending the House, acquaints the House, That he had, according to the Order of Yesterday, made Enquiry touching the Star Chamber, Duchy Chamber, Exchequer Chamber, Court of Wards, and Queen's Court, and that there were Two Rooms at the Duchy Chamber, and One at the Queen's Court, which were at the Service of the House, for Committees.

Marches Court in Wales.

Ordered, That the Committee to whom the Bill for taking away the Court held before the President and Council of the Marches of Wales is referred, be revived and do sit this Afternoon at Four a Clock, in the Duchy Chamber.

Call of the House.

Ordered, That the Calling over the House be adjourned till Thursday next come Sevennight.

Buckingham Election.

Ordered, That the Hearing of the Matter, touching the Election for the Town of Buckingham, before the Committee of Elections and Privileges, be put off until Friday Sevennight next.

Removing Papists.

Sir John Holt reports from the Committee, to whom the ingrossed Bill, sent down from the Lords, for the Removing of Papists and reputed Papists from the Cities of London and Westminster, and Ten Miles Distance from the same, was referred, That they, having taken the same into their Consideration, had agreed upon several Amendments to be made to the same; with a Proviso, to except such as have inhabited for Two Months; and also another Proviso for Nine Portugall Men Servants, and Nine English Women Servants, for the Queen Dowager: The which Amendments and Provisoes he read in his Place, with the Coherence; and afterwards delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table: Where the same were once read throughout; and a Second time one by one; and, upon the Question severally put thereupon, agreed unto by the House to be Part of the Bill.

The Bill with the Amendments was read the Third time.

Resolved, That the Bill do pass with the said Amendments.

Ordered, That Sir John Holt do carry the Bill up to the Lords, and acquaint them with the Concurrence of this House thereunto, with the said Amendments; and desire their Lordships Concurrence to the said Amendments.

Committee of Privileges.

Ordered, That Mr. Buller be added to the Committee of Privileges and Elections.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Nine of the Clock.