House of Commons Journal Volume 11: 18 February 1695

Pages 236-237

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 11, 1693-1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1803.

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Lunæ, 18 die Februarii;

7° Gulielmi Tertii.


Earl of Thanet's Indentures.

AN ingrossed Bill from the Lords, intituled, An Act for confirming Two Indentures Tripartite, the one of Lease, and the other of Release, made between the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Thanet Island, of the First Part; the Honourable Sackvile Tufton Esquire, of the Second Part; and the Honourable William Cheine Esquire, and Sir Charles Tufton Knight, of the Third Part; and the Estates thereby settled; was read the Second time.

Resolved, That the Bill be committed to Mr. Bickerstaffe, Sir William Cooper, Mr. Gwyn, Sir John Guise, Sir Tho. Dyke, Sir Fra. Guibon, Mr. Pelham, Mr. Pendarvis, Mr. Harcourt, Mr. Thornhaugh, Sir Wm. Honywood, Mr. Wilnot, Mr. Cook, Sir John Bolles, Mr. England, Mr. Cheine, Sir John Knight, Mr. Waller, Mr. Roberts, Colonel Perry, Sir Richard Hart, Mr. Lowther, Mr. Freeman, Mr. Frewen, Mr. Lutterell, Mr. Ryder, Mr. Blofield, Mr. Stonehouse, Mr. Christie, Sir Herbert Crofts, Mr. Fenwick, Sir Fra. Massam, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Scobell: And they are to meet this Afternoon at Four of the Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber.

Barkham's Estate.

An ingrossed Bill, from the Lords, intituled, An Act for vesting the Manors of Earles Croome, alias Jessries Croome, and Baughton, in the County of Worcester, in Trustees to be sold; and for settling the Manorhouse and Royalty of Wainfleet St. Mary's, in the County of Lincolne, and divers Lands, Parcel of the said Manor, of greater Value, to and upon the same Uses; and to enable Sir Robert Barkham Baronet to make Prvoision for his younger Children; was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read a Second time.

A Member discharged from custody.

Ordered, That Mr. Fleming, in Custody of the Serjeant at Arms, for absenting himself from his Service in Parliament, be discharged out of Custody, paying his Fees.

Thames Locks and Weirs.

A Bill for preventing Exactions of Occupiers of Locks and Weirs upon the River of Thames, westward of the City of London; and for ascertaining the Price of Watercarriage upon the said River; was read a Second time.

Resolved, That the Bill be committed upon the Debate of the House, to Sir Wm. Whitlock, Sir Tho. Vernon, Mr. Harcourt, Mr. White, Sir Ra. Dutton, Colonel Perry, Mr. England, Mr. Ryder, Sir Richard Hart, Mr. Lowther, Sir Jos. Tredenham, Mr. Lutterell, Mr. Bockland, Mr. Palmes, Mr. Nicholas, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Christie, Sir John Knight, Sir Robert Rich, Mr. Freeman, Mr. Hungerford, Mr. Blofield, Mr. Onslow, Mr. Frewen, Mr. Pollen, Sir Jon. Jennings, Sir Eliab Harvey, Sir Edward Earley, Sir Robert Eden, Mr. Newport, Mr. Gwyn, Mr. How, Sir John Bolles, Mr. Colt, Mr. Pigot, Mr. Cooke, Sir Sam. Dashwood, Sir Jercas Elwes, Lord Pawlet, Mr. Waller, Sir Herbert Crofts, Sir John Kay, Mr. Carter, Mr. Fuller, Sir Jos. Herne, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Foley, Sir Robert Clayton, Mr. Stonehouse, Lord Coninsgby, Sir Fra. Massam; and all that serve for the Counties of Gloucester, Berks, Oxon, Bucks, Surry, Middlesex, Wilts, and City of London: And they are to meet this Afternoon at Four a Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber: And have Power to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Punishing Mutiny and Desertion.

Resolved, That this House will, upon Thursday Morning next, at Eleven a Clock, resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider of the Bill for continuing Two Acts for punishing Officers and Soldiers who shall mutiny, or desert his Majesty's Services; and for punishing false Musters; and for Payment of Quarters; for one Year longer.

Assize of Bread.

Mr. Perry presented to the House, according to Order, a Bill for regulating and better ascertaining the Assize of Bread: And the same was received.

Encouragement of Privateers.

The House, according to the Order of the Day, resolved itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider of the Bill for the better Encouragement of Privateers.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair.
Mr. Harcourt took the Chair of the Committee.
Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Mr. Harcourt reportedfrom the said Committee, That they had made a considerable Progress in the Bill; and had directed him to move, That they may have Leave to fit again.

Resolved, That this House will, upon Wednesday Morning next, after the ingrossed Bill, touching free and impartial Proceedings in Parliament is over, resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider further of the said Bill.

E. Pauncefort attends in custody.

Mr. Edward Pauncefort attending, in Custody, according to Order;

Ordered, That he be brought, in Custody to attend this House To-morrow Morning.


Ordered, That all Committees, except such as are by Adjournment to sit To-morrow Morning, be adjourned.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Nine a Clock.