House of Commons Journal Volume 11: 18 April 1695

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 11, 1693-1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1803.

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Jovis, 18 die Aprilis;

7° Gulielmi Tertii.


Ludgershall Election.

MR. Boyle reported from the Committee of Privileges and Elections, That there is no Prosecution of the Petition of Thomas Neal Esquire, complaining of an undue Return of John Webb Esquire to serve for the Borough of Ludgershall, in the County of Wilts:


And the Matter of the Complaint of a Breach of Privilege committed against Colonel Perry, a Member of this House, by Benjamin Becket, in arresting one Jonathan Easden: the Matter, as it appeared to the Committee; and the Resolution of the Committee thereupon; which he read in his Place; and afterwards delivered in at the Clerk's Table: Where the same was read; and is as followeth; viz.

That the Committee have examined the Matter of the Complaint against Benjamin Becket, a Bailiff to the Sheriff of Middlesex, for arresting Jonathan Easden, alleged to be a menial Servant of Colonel Perry, a Member of this House; and for carrying him Prisoner to Newgate; in Breach of the Privilege of this House.

And, first, Benjamin Becket, being acquainted with what he was charged; and asked what he had to say to it; denied that he had any Notice, that the said Easden was a Servant to Colonel Perry, till he had arrested him; which was upon an Outlawry, for not appearing to answer an Indictment: But said, That the said Easden, after he was arrested, did produce to him a written Protection, which he thought was out of Doors: But however, he did then take his Word for reversing the said Outlawry; which he neglecting to do, he afterwards met him again, and carried him to Newgate.

And the said Benjamin Becket being further asked, If he had charged him with any other Action? he denied that he had so done.

Jonathan Easden, being examined, said, He had been a Servant to Colonel Perry for about Three Years, at 6£. 10s. per Annum Wages, and had actually received of him 17£. for Wages: That his Business was to wait on Colonel Perry, and often attended him to this House: That he had often carried home Money for the Colonel, cleaned his Shoes, and did whatever he commanded him: That he lay at Colonel Perry's most commonly, but his Family was in Lodgings in Weld Close: But confessed, That, in February was 12 Months, he was carried to Newgate, being fined for Barretry, and lay by it about Six Months: That, when he was arrested, he did shew Becket a Protection from Colonel Perry; but the said Becket refused to deliver him.

And the said Easden produced Two Papers, under the Hand and Seal of Colonel Perry; by which Colonel Perry did certify, That the said Easden was his menial Servant, and therefore forewarned all Persons not to arrest him.

Robert Scudder said, He had several times seen Easden attending Colonel Perry at the Coffee-house.

Robert Akers said, Colonel Perry sent him to Becket's to demand Easden, as the Colonel's Servant; but Becket would not deliver him: That he believed Easden lay at Colonel Perry's; for that Easden had often asked him, being a Neighbour to Weld Close, How his Wite did; and told him, That he lay at Colonel Perry's.

Mary Thorowgood, being examined, said, She carried the Outlawry to Becket, having prosecuted Easden upon an Indictment for Extortion; for that Easden had formerly caused her to be indicted for keeping a disorderly House, and afterwards had took of her 4 l. not to prosecute, and a Bond for 6£. more.

Mary Churchill said, That Easden had extorted Money from her upon the said Account.

Thomas King said, He had known Easden Three Years.

And it appeared by his Evidence, and the Evidence of Thorowgood and Churchill, before examined, That the said Easden, for Three Years last past, had made it very much his Business to go about to discover Whores, and to prosecute them.

And that the Committee, upon the whole Matter, came to this Resolution; viz.

Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Committee, That Benjamin Becket is not guilty of a Breach of Privilege in arresting Jonathan Easden.

The said Resolution being read a Second time;

Resolved, That the House do agree with the Committee in the said Resolution, That Benjamin Becket is not guilty of a Breach of Privilege in arresting Jonathan Easden.

Preventing counterfeiting Coin.

A Petition of divers of his Majesty's Subjects, on behalf of themselves, and many other Citizens and Inhabitants of the City of London, and Suburbs thereof, was presented to the House, and read; setting forth, That the Petitioners find, by the Votes, that a Report hath been made to the House from the Committee appointed to receive Proposals, how to prevent Clipping the Coin of this Kingdom: That the Petitioners lie under very great Hardships, under the Calamity of the clipped and counterfeit Money now current among them; which, unless some speedy Relief be given, will not only be the Ruin of the Petitioners, whose Cash, in a great measure, is such Money; but also, the Life and Substance of Trade in general is in great Danger of being put to a Stand: And praying, That some speedy Course may be taken to prevent the growing Inconveniencies of the clipped and counterfeit Coin.

Resolved, That this House will, To-morrow Morning, resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider of the ingrossed Bill, from the Lords, intituled, An Act to prevent counterfeiting and clipping the Coin of this Kingdom.

Ordered, That the Consideration of the said Petition be referred to the said Committee of the whole House.

Gold, &c. exported.

Ordered, That the Commissioners of the Customs do lay before this House an Account of the Entries at the Custom-house of all Gold and Silver exported for Twelve Months last past; and in whole Names entered.

Conference with Lords.

Mr. Clark reported, That he having, according to Order, been at the Lords, to desire a Conference upon the Subject-matter of the Amendments, made by the Lords, to the Bill, intituled, An Act for continuing, and making perpetual, several Laws therein mentioned, the Lords do agree to a Conference immediately in the Painted Chamber.

Ordered, That the Committee who prepared the Reasons to be offered at the Conference, do manage the Conference.

And they went to the Conference.

And, being returned;

Mr. Clark reported, That they had attended the Conference; and given the Reasons for disagreeing with the Lords in one of the Amendments, made by the Lords, to the said Bill; and left the Bill and Amendments with the Lords.

Reversing Leisler's Attainder.

Ordered, That the Committee, to whom the ingrossed Bill, from the Lords, intituled, An Act for reversing the Attainder of Jacob Leisler, and others, is committed, have Power to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Proportion of War Charges.

Resolved, That an humble Address be presented to his Majesty, by such Members of this House as are of his Majesty's most Honourable Privy-Council, That his Majesty in his great Wisdom will please to take care, for the future, that this Kingdom be put upon an equal Foot and Proportion with the Allies in bearing the Charge in the present War.

Supply Bill; Duties on Class, &c.

Ordered, That the Report from the Committee of the whole House to whom the Bill for granting to his Majesty certain Duties upon Glass Wares, Stone and Earthen Bottles, Coals, and Culm, for carrying on the War against France, was committed, be made To-morrow Morning.

Encouragement of Privateers.

Resolved, That this House will, upon Saturday Morning next, resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider further of the Bill for the better Encouragement of Privateers.

Indemnifying Sir T. Cooke.

The House, according to the Order of the Day, took into further Consideration the Report of the Conference Yesterday with the Lords:

Resolved, That the ingrossed Bill, from the Lords, intituled, An Act to indemnify Sir Thomas Cooke from Actions, which he might be liable to, by reason of his discovering to whom he paid and distributed several Sums of Money, therein mentioned to be received out of the Treasure of the East-India Company; or for any Prosecution for such Distribution; be now read a Second time.

The Bill was read a Second time.

And the Question being put, That the Bill be committed;

The House divided.

The Yeas go forth.

Tellers for the Yeas, Mr. Palmes,
Mr. Norries:
Tellers for the Noes, Sir Ja. Rushout,
Mr. Arnold:

So it was resolved in the Affirmative.

Resolved, That the Bill be committed to a Committee of the whole House.

Resolved, That this House do immediately resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider of the said Bill.

The House accordingly resolved itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider of the said Bill.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair.

Mr. Bridges took the Chair of the Committee.

Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Mr. Bridges reported from the said Committee, That they had gone through the Bill; and made some Amendments; which they had directed him to report, when the House will please to receive the same.

Ordered, That the Report be received To-morrow Morning.


Ordered, That all Committees be adjourned.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Nine a Clock.