House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 25 April 1640

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 25 Aprilis, 16 Regni Regis Car.


Boene's Nat.

1a vice lecta est Billa. AN Act for the Naturalizing of James Boene, Merchant, &c.

Members to take the Communion.

The Order for the Communion the last Parliament was read; and a Transcript of it read also; and ordered to be entered as the Order for this Communion.

It is this Day ordered, That all the Members of this House shall receive the Communion, at St. Margaret's Church in Westminster, upon Sunday next come Sevennight, in the Forenoon, being the Third of May next; and whosoever shall not then and there receive the Communion, shall not, after that Day, come into the House, until he shall have received the Communion, in the Presence of some or One of the Persons hereafter appointed to that Purpose; and the same be certified, and the Certificate thereof be allowed by this House. And, for the better discerning, who shall then receive the Communion, and who not, it is farther Ordered, That Sir Arthur Ingram, Sir Walther Erle, Sir Wm. Masham, Sir Jo. Wray, Mr. Rowse, Mr. Cage, Mr. Godfrey, and the Two Burgesses of Westminster, shall take especial Notice of all such as shall then and there receive the Communion; and that every Member of this House shall then bring with him a Note, in Writing, containing his Name, and the Shire whereof he is Knight, or the Borough whereof he is Burgess; which Note he shall, in the same Church, when the same shall be demanded of him, deliver unto the said Parties, before particularly mentioned, some or One of them; and the same Persons, so appointed, are likewise to take particular Notice of every Member of this House, at such time as he receiveth the Communion.

Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy.

Dr Farmory, Sir Gilb. Gerrard, Sir Jo. Wray, Mr. Rowse, Sir Nath. Barnardiston, Sir. Wm. Bruerton;

This Committee is to peruse forthwith the Notes, that have been taken by the Clerk of such as have taken the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, and to report to the House, how they find them.

Courts of Justice.

Mr. Peard reports from the Committee of the Courts of Justice,-several Petitions delivered;-they could not proceed in them, because they were Matters of high Nature, unless there were some Counsel.-Difficulty to get,-unless they were assigned; which they had not Power to do.- Moves they may have that Power- which was granted.

Ordered, the Committee for Courts of Justice to have Power to assign such Counsel as the Petitioners shall reasonably desire.

Bills of last Parliament, &c.

Motion,-That those Members that have any Bills of the last Parliament, or other former Parliaments, to deliver them in to the Clerk.


The Bill of Woolfells, to be read on Tuesday next, in the Morning.

Report not ready.

Sir W. Erle said,-he was not yet ready for a Report;-they intend to meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, and to make themselves ready as soon as they can.

Conference with Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Justice Jones, and Baron Trevor;-His Majesty was pleased to be there Yesterday: Upon some Occasions that have risen from thence, and some Debate thereupon since happened, their Lordships desire a speedy Conference, with a Committee of both Houses, in the Painted Chamber.

Answer returned by the same Messengers,-That this House will give their Lordships a present Meeting, in the Painted Chamber, with a Committee of the whole House.

Mr. Pimme, Mr. St. Johns, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Jones, Mr. Hampden;

These are appointed Reporters of this Conference with the Lords.

Sir Wm. Masham informs the House, That the Committee appointed to report this Conference, cannot be ready till Monday next.

Clerk Assistant.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. Jo. Rushworth shall be admitted as a Clerk Assistant in this House, at the Request of the Clerk himself. And it is further

Ordered, That Mr. Rushworth shall not take any Notes here, without the precedent Directions and Command of this House, but only of the Orders and Reports made in this House.

Conference with Lords.

The Serjeant attendant on this House was sent to the Committee that was appointed to report the Conference with the Lords, to desire that this House might be informed, by One of the said Committee, whether they be now ready to make the Report.

Mr. Solicitor came from the Committee, and said, that their Care could not permit them to be ready for this Report till Monday next.

Monday Morning, to expect the Report.