House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 22 January 1641

Page 71

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Veneris, 22 Jan. 1640.



ORDERED, That Mr. Colfer's Petition, exhibited to this Court, against Mr. Anguish, late Mayor of the City of Norwich, be referred to the Committee for the rigorous Levying of Ship-money.

Privilege-Reflections on the House.

Ordered, That Geo. Preston, Vicar of Rothers Thorpe, for very scandalous Speeches, spoken by him against this House, (the which Words are contained in a Petition delivered into this House, and were all clearly proved against him, by sundry Witnesses, examined here at the Bar) be forthwith committed to the Prison of the Gatehouse, there to be kept a Prisoner during the Pleasure of this House: And that the Petition exhibited against him, be referred to the Committee for scandalous Ministers, to consider of the Residue of the Petition.

* * * *

Proceedings in High Commission Courts.

Upon Mr. Rowse his Report from the Committee for Mr. Smart, it was

Resolved; upon the Question,

1. That the several Proceedings of the High Commission Courts of Yorke and Cant' against Mr. Smart, and the several Fines imposed by them upon him, were illegal and unjust, and ought not to bind:

2. That the Degradation of Mr. Smart, and his Deprivation from his Prebend, and other Ecclesiastical Livings, were unjust and illegal; and that he ought to be restored to all of them, together with the mesne Profits:

3. That Dr. Coesens, and others, the Prosecutors of Mr. Smart, ought to make him Satisfaction for his Damages sustained:

4. That Dr. Coesens is guilty of bringing in of superstitious innovations into the Church, tending to Idolatry; and of speaking of scandalous, scornful and malicious Words, against his Majesty's Supremacy, and the Religion established:

5. That Dr. Coesens is, in the Opinion of this House, unfit and unworthy to be a Governor in either of the Universities, or to continue any longer Head or Governor of any College; or to hold and enjoy any Ecclesiastical Promotions.

Referred to the Committee for Mr. Smart, to prepare such things as may be fit to be transmitted to the Lords, concerning Dr. Coesens; and likewise to consider of some fit Way of Reparations to be made to Mr. Smart, for his Damages sustained.

Relief of the Scots.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair, according to an Order Yesterday made.

Mr. Maynard was called to the Chair.

Mr. Speaker reassumed the Chair.

Mr. Maynard reports from the Committee, that, after a serious and long Debate, the House came to this Resolution;

That this House thinks fit, That a friendly Assistance and Relief shall be given, towards Supply of the Losses and Necessities of the Scots; and that, in due Time, this House will take Consideration of the Measure and Manner of it.