House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 11 November 1640

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 11 November 1640', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643( London, 1802), British History Online [accessed 15 July 2024].

'House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 11 November 1640', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643( London, 1802), British History Online, accessed July 15, 2024,

"House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 11 November 1640". Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. (London, 1802), , British History Online. Web. 15 July 2024.


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Die Mercurii, 11 Nov. 16 Car. Regis, 1640.


Person to attend Committee.

ORDERED, That Alderman Abell shall be sent for, to appear at the Committee for Grievances this Afternoon by Two of Clock; and to bring with him his Patent concerning Wines, and all Articles, Convenants, and other Papers, that concern that Business.


-Referred to Mr. Speaker to end the Difference between Serjeant Grimston and Serjeant Hunt.

Popish Schoolmasters, &c.

Alderman Pennington moved, that the Consideration of Popish Schoolmasters, Physicians, and Books, may be referred to the Committee for Inquiry after Papists; but it was said, by the House, it should rather be referred to the Committee for Religion.

Complaint against Oconner.

Sir Jo. Clotworthy moved-Mrs. Hussy complained to an honourable Member of this House, concerning one Wm. Oconner, an Irish Priest: He slightly referred the Examination of it to his Clerk.

The Tower.

A Paper offered by Mr. Cradock, concerning the Garison in the Tower, read first by him, and then by the Clerk.

Letter read.

A Letter offered by Mr. Rigby, read.

Messengers sent for.

Ordered, Mr. Newton and Mr. Gray, Messengers of the King's Chamber, to be forthwith sent for to this House; and that no Member of this House shall go forth, till this Business shall receive a Disquisition in this House, or till the Messenger return, that is sent for these Messengers.


That the outward Room to be kept clear from Strangers, that have no Business depending here; and the outward Door upon the Stairs Head to be kept locked.

Treaty at Rippon.

A Message brought from the Lords, by Judge Bramston and Judge Foster, viz.

The King hath commanded the Lords that were the Commissioners to treat with the Scots Commissioners at Rippon, and at York, to give an Account to both Houses of Parliament, of that which passed there : To this Purpose, the Lords desire there may be a Meeting, by a Committee of both Houses, this Afternoon, in the Painted Chamber, at Three of Clock, if the Occasion of this House will give Leave.

Answer returned, by the same Messengers, to this Purpose;

The House has taken into Consideration the Message from the Lords:-This House is, at this Time, in Agitation of very and weighty and important Business; and therefore they do doubt they shall not be ready to give them a Meeting this Afternoon, as they desire; but, as soon as they may, they will send an Answer by Messengers of their own.

Charge against E. of Straford.

Mr. Pimme, Mr. Strode, Mr. St. Johns, Mr. Hollys, Lord Digby, Sir Jo. Clotworthy;

This select Committee retired into the Committee Chamber, to prepare Matter for a Conference to be prayed with the Lords, and the Charge against the Earl of Straford.

Member makes Election.

Mr. Piercy, chosen to serve as Knight for Northumberland, and Burgest for Portsmouth, chuses to serve for Northumberland, and waves Portsmouth.

Persons sent for.

Ordered, That Doctor Caddyman and Doctor Baskervile may be forthwith sent for, to attend this House.

Members doubly returned.

Moved, That such, whole Elections are questioned, and are doubly returned, shall be exempted from making their Choice for which Place they will serve, till their Elections be determined.

Exception to Member's Words.

Distaste being taken by the House at Words spoken by Mr. Ch. Price, in Answer to something spoken by Sir Jo. Packington; Mr. Ch. Price, in his Place, stood up, and said, He was sorry that he spoke any such Words as might distaste the House : Whereupon the House did rest satisfied.

Witness at Bar.

It was Declared, as a constant Rule of this House, that if a Witness be brought to this House, the House sitting, the Bar ought be down;-otherwise, if the House be in a Committee.

* * * *

Impeachment of Earl of Straford.

Upon the whole Matter of his Report, after some Debate, it was

Resolved, upon the Question, First, That a Message shall be sent from this House to the Lords, to accuse Tho. Lord Wentworth, Earl of Straford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, of High Treason; and to desire, that he may be sequestered from Parliament, and be committed; and that, within some convenient Time, this House will resort to their Lordships with particular Accusations and Articles against him.

Intercourse with Ireland.

Resolved, upon the Question, That a Message shall be sent from this House, to desire the Lords, that some fit Course may be taken, that there may be a free Passage between Ireland and England, notwithstanding any Restraint made to the contrary.

Ordered, Mr. Pimme to go up with [this Message].

Priests and Jesuits.

Francis Newton, brought hither by Order, was called in; and sundry Questions demanded of him, by Mr. Speaker, concerning his Prosecution of Popish Priests and Jesuits, their Commitments, and Discharges : Upon his Answers, there was nothing as yet further resolved.

John Gray, brought hither by Order, was likewise called in; and sundry Questions demanded of him, by Mr. Speaker, to the like Purpose: He produced a Note of sundry Priests, which he had caused to be committed; the which Note, he being withdrawn, was read; but nothing as yet further resolved.


Mr. Pimme went up with the Message.

King's Message.

Mr. Treasurer, by Order of this House, is intreated to return, from this House, Thanks to his Majesty, for his gracious Message, sent to this House on Monday last.

Impeachment of Earl Straford.

Mr. Pimme's Report of the Message.-"By the Order and Command of this House, I repaired to the Lords; and there in the Name of this House, did accuse the Earl of Straford of High Treason : I have also delivered the other Particulars I had in Charge : They do desire to take this weighty Matter into their serious Consideration, and will speedily send an Answer by Messengers of their own."

Charge against Windebank.

Moved, That Time might be prefixed, wherein Mr. Secretary Windebank might answer to the Accusations charged upon him by Newton and Gray.

Smyth's Outlawry.

Moved, That the Clerk of the King's Bench might be commanded to bring the Record hither, to see, by whose Authority, the Cesset Processus was entered upon the Back of the Record of the Indictment and Outlawry of Smyth, alias Rivers, &c.

Message from Lords.

Message from the Lords, by the Two Chief Justices;

The Lords have taken into serious Consideration the Accusation sent from this House against the Earl of Straford; they have [sequestered him] from the House; they have committed him [in safe Custody] to the Messenger of their House; and they will move his Majesty, that the Passage from Ireland into England may be open, notwithstanding any Restraint made to the contrary.

Popish Priests.

Ordered, That there may several Warrants issue under Mr. Speaker's Hand, directed to the Keepers of the several Prisons, named in a Note lately read, and delivered in by John Gray, brought hither by Order of this House, to require the said Keepers to bring with them the Causes of the Commitment of those several Priests named in that Note; and to certify by whose Warrant and Authority they, or any of them, have been discharged : And this they are to do To-morrow by Ten of Clock : And Newton and Gray are, by Authority of this House, required to attend here at the same Time.