House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 20 November 1640

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 20 November 1640', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643( London, 1802), British History Online [accessed 15 July 2024].

'House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 20 November 1640', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643( London, 1802), British History Online, accessed July 15, 2024,

"House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 20 November 1640". Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. (London, 1802), , British History Online. Web. 15 July 2024.


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Die Veneris, 20 Nov. 1640.


Chambers' Petition.

MR. Chambers to have his Petition delivered him, to amend it.

Person to be brought up.

* Baker to be brought in safe Custody, notwithstanding his being in Execution.


The humble Petition of Traders in Salt, read; referred to the Committee for Grievances.

Person sent for.

Ordered, That Tho. Horth shall forthwith be sent for, as a Delinquent, by the Serjeant at Arms attending on this House: And that he bring with him the Patent for Salt; and all such Bonds as have been entered into, for the Payment of the Tax imposed upon Salt; and all other Contracts, Covenants, or Papers, that may relate to that Business.


The Business concerning Robert Horwood is referred to the Committee for Inquiry after Papists:

Leonard Dare to be summoned as a Witness.

Grievances in Ireland.

Mr. Whistler reported from the Committee for Irish Affairs, that he was required by the Committee to report to the House the Affairs of that Kingdom, as they were set forth in a Remonstrance, made by the House of Commons in this present Parliament in Ireland; wherein it appeared, that Trading was destroyed; Industry disheartened; new and unlawful Impositions were imposed; the arbitrary Determinations of all Causes for Goods, Lands, and Possessions, by Petitions, and Acts at Council Table; where no Writ of Error can lie, and the King loseth a Fine upon the original Writ thereby :-

That his Majesty's gracious Inclination for the Good of that Kingdom, is kept from them :-

That there is a Monopoly of the sole Trade of Tobacco, of more Gain to the Parties interested therein, than the King's whole Revenue in Ireland:-

The Destroying of the Plantation of Londonderry; the exorbitant Power of the High Commission, which crieth loud in all the Three Kingdoms; the Proclamation forbidding any to depart thence for England, without Licence, and pay dear for it; the many Subsidies given, and Monies raised for the King, and yet he is still in Debt: And therefore demands an Account of his Treasure; and desire present Redress, or Access to his Majesty.


A Copy of the Remonstrance was delivered in, under the Hand of the Clerk of the Parliament there, and was read and shall be entered, if so ordered.

* * * *

Papers, &c. to be produced.

Ordered, That Sir Paul Davies, Clerk of the Council in Ireland, be required, by Warrant from this House, to send hither, with all convenient Speed, a Transcript of such Proceedings at Council-board as have been since the Time that the Earl of Straford was first Deputy of Ireland, and concern the particular Estates, Titles, and Interests of the Subjects, in Point of Property, Possession, Life, or Liberty; and that the Transcripts be attested by Men fide dignos:

That the Secretaries there, Mr. Slingsby and Mr. Litle, be required to send hither the Book of Entries of the several Petitions, presented to the late Lord Deputy, now Lord Lientenant of Ireland; and the several Orders and Proceedings thereupon made:

That Mr. Litle the younger, and Mr. Carpenter, who have the Monopoly for Tobacco, be required to send hither those Warrants, by which they demand, and have laid, those Taxes upon Tobacco:

That the several Officers of the Custom-house and Ports, viz. Dublyn, Kindsale, Yoohall, Waterford, Cork, Galloway, Carrickfergus, and Bangor, be required to send hither their Books of Entries; whereby the Impositions laid upon several Commodities may appear.

There were several Warrants issued forth, according to this Order, and sent away.


The Petition of Humfrey Hardman was read, and referred to the Committee for Grievances.

Ordered, That Peter Wood, now or late Under-sheriff of the County of Salop, complained of in Humphry Hardman's Petition, be forthwith sent for, as a Delinquent, by the Serjeant at Arms attending on this House.

Foy Election.

Mr. Palmer's Report of Sir Richard Buller's Election:- That the Committee took into Consideration the Election of Sir Rich. Buller, Knight; and they find, that Mr. Rainseford was well elected; but, for the second Burgess, viz. Sir Rich. Buller, that there was no Election made: That one Mr. Trefoile was designed; and they trusted him with the Indentures and a blank Return thereupon; and in the Interim, Sir Rich. Buller was put in: But, in regard it appeared not to be with his Privity, and that he waved any Benefit by this Return, the Committee conceived it to be no Misdemeanour in him; and that a Warrant may issue forth, for a new Election.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Rich. Buller hath committed no Misdemeanour, touching his Election.

Foy Writ.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Rich. Bullerhath committed no Misdemeanour, touching his Election.

Resolved, upon the Question, That a Warrant shall issue forth, under Mr. Speaker's Hand, to the Clerk of the Crown, for a new Writ, to be sent to the Sheriff Com' Devon', for a new Election of a Burgess for the said Town of Foy.

Jenings', &c. Petition.

The Petitions of Tho. Jenings, &c. Joseph Vaughan, &c. referred to the Committee for Courts of Justice.

Members to take the Sacrament.

Sir Ro. Harley's Report from the Committee for the Communion, and of the Bishop of Lincoln's Offer,-That the Committee took into Consideration, that none should sit in this House, after the Communion Day, but those that had first received the Sacrament; and this was intended for the Discovery of Papists amongst us. The Committee conceived fit, that some Confession of Faith, and Renunciation of the Pope, &c. be made, by such as are suspected; as by those that were Papists, and now go to Church; or have their Wives Papists; or bring up their Children in Popery; or keep a considerable Number of Papists to their Servants. And if any here know any such, to give notice of their Names:-That Two Members of this House were required to repair to the Reverend Dean of Westminster, to give him an Intimation from this House, that it was desired the Elements might be consecrated upon a Communion-table, standing in the Middle of the Church, according to the Rubrick; and to have the Table removed from the Altar; who gave this Answer, to One of the Members, that was intreated to go unto him, That it should be removed, as it was desired by this House; with this further Respect to the House, that, though he would do greater Service to the House of Commons than This, yet he would do as much as this for any Parish in his Diocese, that should desire it.- "I am further to present the Names of such as are thought fit to receive the Tickets from those that receive the Communion, and of the Moneys given by them, and to distribute the same, viz. Sir Wm. Massim, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Bell, Sir Arthur Ingram, and Sir Ro. Harley."

After some Debate upon this Report, it is, by Order of the House, referred to the same Committee, to prepare an Order concerning the Receiving of the Communion; and to present it to this House To-morrow Morning: And to this End, they are to meet this Afternoon, at Four a Clock, in the Duchy-chamber.

Transactions with Scotland.

A Message from the Lords, by Justice Jones and Justice Crawly;

"Concerning the great Business now in hand between the Commissioners for England and Scotland, the Lords desire a Meeting, by a Committee of both Houses, this Morning, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House."

Answer was returned by the same Messengers, That this House hath taken into Consideration their Lordships Message; and will give them a Meeting presently, as is desired, by a Committee of the whole House, in the Painted Chamber.

Mr. Hollis, Sir Tho. Roe, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Selden, Lord Digby, Mr. Palmer, Mr. St. John, appointed Reporters of this Conference.

Member makes Election.

Sir Edward Alford is not to make his Choice for which Place he will serve, till the Elections for Tuxbury and Arrundell be determined.

Member makes Election.

Mr. Harbert, chosen Knight of the Shire for Mounmouth, and Burgess for Dunton * * * and Woodstock in Oxfordshire, chooseth to serve as Knight for Monmouth, and waveth Woodstocke.

Ecclesiastical Canons.

Ordered, The Debate, concerning the new Canons, to begin To-morrow Morning at Nine of the Clock: And Sir Tho. Widdrington to be added to Mr. Selden and Mr. Whistler, who are to get the Warrants, that will be conducing to that Debate.

Compositions with Recusants.

Robert Horwood was called in; and being demanded many Questions by Mr. Speaker, in Answer unto them, said, That, having the King's Writ to seize the Lands and Goods of Recusants convict, being then Under-sheriff for the County of Southampton, about Two Years since, received a Letter under Mr. Secretary Windebank's Hand, to countermand the Power by that Writ: That he did forbear accordingly; but was afterwards complained of, and committed to the custody of Brooks, a Messenger; being alledged, he had something against Recusants, notwithstanding Mr. Secretary's Letter.-While he was under Restraint, he entered into a Bond of One hundred Pounds, to Hen. Lord, a Recusant, never to prosecute any Recusant. He said, he was caused to enter into that Bond, by Mr. Read, Mr. Secretary Windebank's Secretary:-Said further, that one Leonard Dare offered him Thirty Pounds Composition, not to stir in this Business; and produced a Note under Dare's Hand.

Upon these his Answers, it was Ordered, That Leonard Dare, Hen. Lord, Rob. Read, and Brooke the Messenger, be sent for to attend the House on Thursday Morning next.

And Ro. Horwood was likewise required to attend the House at the same time, with Secretary Windebank's Letter.

Report made.

Sir Tho. Roe reports from the Committee of both Houses.

* * * *

Persons in Custody.

Sir H. Spiller and Mr. Kilvert still to remain in safe Custody; and to attend here To-morrow Morning.

Debate adjourned.

Ordered, That the further Debate, concerning the Report now made by Sir Tho. Row, be put off till this Afternoon, at Three a Clock: And that Mr. Speaker be here then also: Reserving to the Committees, appointed this Afternoon, Power to sit in the mean time, till the House send for them.

Post Meridiem.

Transactions with Scotland.

RESOLVED, upon the Question, That this House does approve of the Persons of those Lords, that were Commissioners in the late Treaty at Rippon, to be Commissioners, to treat with the Scottish Commissioners; with this Declaration, that no Conclusion of theirs shall bind the Commons, without their Consent in Parliament. And for the other Part, concerning the Money, this House has taken it into serious Consideration; and will acquaint their Lordships with their Resolutions thereupon speedily.

Sir Tho. Roe went up with this Message.