House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 07 December 1641

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Martis, 7 Decembris, 1641.


Griffith's Petition.

THE humble Petition of Edw.. Griffiths Gentleman was read: And Edw. Griffith, that subscribed it, was called in; and did avow, that Mr. Arth. Price caused Mary Garbett's Name, by the Clerk of the Peace, to be rased out of the Presentment for Popish Recusants.

And it is Ordered, That this Petition be referred to the Judges of Assizes for the County of Mountgomery; to call the Parties concerned before them; and to examine the State of all the Particulars of the Business; and to certify the Truth thereof to this House, with what convenient Speed they can; that the House may proceed thereupon accordingly.

Knaresbrough Election.

The humble Petition of Sir Wm. Constable Knight was read.

Resolved, upon the Question, That it be referred to the Committee, formerly appointed to consider of Mr. Benson's Misdemeanors, to take into Consideration the Misdemeanors and Offences of William Dearlove, returned as a Burgess for the Town of Knaresbrough in the County of Yorke: And this House holds it fit, That the said Wm. Dearlove do forbear to sit as a Member in this House, till the said Committee have made their Report of their Opinion to this House: And they are to meet To-morrow Morning at Eight of Clock, in the Inner Court of Wards: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Writings, or Records.

Officers Petition,

The Petition from divers Officers of the late Army was now read: And

Ordered, That this Petition shall be taken into farther Consideration To-morrow Morning, after the Report from the Committee for the Poll-money shall be made: And the House will then consider how to pay them one Half in present, and the Residue with all convenient Speed.

Resolved, upon the Question, It shall be thus ordered.

Letter read.

A Letter from the Lords Justices in Ireland, of the Twenty-seventh of November, directed to Mr. Speaker, was read.

Parliamentary Protections.

Mr. Reynolds reports the Bill of Protections, returned from the Lords at a Conference with the Lords on Friday last, with the Amendments, Alterations, and Additions: The which were twice read; and, upon Question, recommitted to Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Hide, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Whistler, Mr. Martin, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Walth. Erle, Sir Simonds D'Ewes, Sir Ro. Pye, Sir Sam. Rolle, Sir John Holland, Mr. Strode, Lord Mounson, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Arth. Goodwyn, Mr. Whittlock: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Papers, Records: And are to meet this Afternoon at Four of Clock, in the Inner Court of Wards.

Ld. General, &c. of Forces.

1a vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the Making of

Lord Generals of all the Forces, within the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales, and Lord High Admiral of England.-

Some Exceptions were taken to Mr. Coke for the Mis-alledging of Precedents; And, after he had explained himself, he was, according to the Order of the House, commanded to withdraw.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. Coke shall be called down, and, in his Place, have an Admonition for the Words that fell from him.

Mr. Speaker told him, in his Place, that he was commanded to admonish him, that he should take a Care hereafter, how he did alledge or apply Precedents in this House.-

The Question being put, Whether the Bill aforesaid should be rejected;

The House was divided:

And the Yeas went forth.

The Question went with the Negative.

Sir John Colpeper, Tellers for the Yea, 125.
Sir Fred. Cornewallis,
Sir Wm. Armyn, Tellers for the Noe, 158.
Mr. Hollys,

Pressing Men for Ireland.

2 Sir John Clotworthy is appointed to go to the Lords; to represent unto them; that Men cannot be raised for the Defence of the Kingdom of Ireland, without the Bill for pressing Men do speedily pass: To move the Lords, that That Bill may pass with all convenient Expedition.


A Message from the Lords by Sir Ro. Rich; . . . .

The Lords desire a Conference, by a Committee of both Houses, presently, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House, touching a Message received from the Queen, concerning Ro. Philips the Priest; and likewise concerning the Bill for Pressing of Soldiers.

Answer returned by the same Messengers, that this House has taken their Lordships Message into Consideration, and will give a present Meeting as is desired.

Mr. Pym, Sir John Clotworthy, Sir John Colpeper, Mr. Hollis, Sir Tho. Barrington, Mr. Martin, are appointed Reporters of this Conference.

Mr. Pym reports that Part of the Conference that concerns the Bill for Pressing of Soldiers: And the Bill, with the Amendments, was, upon Question, committed to the Committee formerly appointed for that Bill: And they are to meet upon it To-morrow at Eight of Clock, in the Court of Wards.

Irish Affairs.

Ordered, That the House meet To-morrow at Nine of Clock; and that Mr. Pym go on in his Report concerning the Affairs of Ireland the first Business.

Securing Recusants.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Bill concerning the Securing the Persons of Recusants do meet To-morrow Morning at Eight of the Clock, in the Court of Wards.

Exceptions to Members Words.

Ordered, That the House do take into Consideration, on Thursday next, such Words spoken by Members of this House, to which formerly Exceptions hath been taken.

Search for Gunpowder.

Whereas this House was this Day informed, that there is a Barrel of Gunpowder, conveyed into the County of Dorsett, to Mr.Francis Mathew, under Colour of a Barrel of Soap: It is this Day Ordered, That the Justices of Peace for the County of Dorsett, and for the Town of Dorchester, do make present Search, and seize the same; and certify their Proceedings therein speedily to this House.


  • a. This Paragraph is marked in the Original Journal, as if intended to be struck out.