House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 27 January 1641

Pages 73-74

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 27 Jan. 1640.


Michaelmas Term.

2a vice lecta est Billa, AN Act for the Limitation and Abbreviation of Michaelmas Term, upon the Question committed unto Sir Arthur Ingram, Sir Tho. Widrington, Mr. Perd, Sir Jo. Strangewayes, Mr. Broxam, Sir Sidney Mountague, Sir Edward Ascough, Lord Fairefax, Mr. Mannaton, Mr. Millington, Mr. Ra. Goodwin, Sir Simonds D'Ewes, Mr. Crue, Sir Richard Buller, Mr. Grantham, Mr. Hatcher, Mr. Selden, Mr. Jane, Mr. Pury, Mr. Partridge, Sir Robert Crane, Mr. Rivers, Mr. Knatchbull, Sir Guy Palmes, Mr. Greene, Mr. Martin, Mr. Potts, Sir Wm. Allinson, Sir James Thinne, and all the Lawyers of the House: And they are to meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Exchequer-chamber.

SaltMarches, &c.

2a vice lecta est Billa, An Act declaring the Common Law of the Land concerning Salt Marches, &c.; upon the Question, committed unto Sir Rich. Buller, Sir Jo. Strangewayes, Mr. Perd, Mr. Upton, Mr. Trelawney, Mr. Cage, Mr. Whistler, Sir Tho. Widrington, Mr. Jane, Sir Anth. Irby, Sir Edw. Ascough, Mr. Partridge, Sir Hen. Anderson, Sir William Carnaby, Sir Nicholas Slany, Mr. Broxam, Mr. Hatcher, Mr. Knatchbull, Sir Edw. Hales, Sir William Pennyman, Sir Hen. Bellingham, Sir Edw. Rodney, Mr. Kirby, Mr. Shuttleworth, Sir Rich, Winne, Sir Christ. Wray, Mr. Young, Sir Ra. Hopton, Mr. Strode, and all the Lawyers of the House, the Burgesses and Citizens of London, the Burgesses of all the Ports and Sea Towns: And they are to meet on Friday in the Afternoon, in the Exchequer-court.

Complaints against Gowler.

Ordered, That a Warrant issue under Mr. Speaker's Hand for the Summoning of Witnesses, to give Testimony to the Complaints made here against Thomas Gowler, Parson of Chissleborough in the County of Somersett.

Priests and Jesuits.

Mr. Glyn reports from the Committee, Yesterday appointed to prepare Heads for a free Conference to be prayed with the Lords, concerning the Reprieval of Jo. Goodman the Priest, and the Expulsing of Priests and Jesuits.

* * * *

Persons to attend.

Ordered, That Sir Jo. Wintour, Mr. Walth. Mountague, Sir Kenelme Digby, Sir Basil Brooke, and Mr. Henry Beckett, be forthwith required to attend this House.

Priests and Jesuits.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Heads reported by Mr. Glinne, together with the Fact committed by Jo. James upon Mr. Hayward, shall be the Heads of this Conference.

Mr. Glinne, Mr. Edw. Hide, Mr. Reignolds, Sir Jo. Hotham, Mr. Crue, Sir Jo. Culpeper, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Strode, are to manage this Conference.

Ordered, That Sir Gilbert Gerard go up with a Message to the Lords, to desire a free Conference concerning the Reprieval of Jo. Goodman the Priest, and the Expulsing of Priests and Jesuits.

Treaty with Scotland.

A Message from the Lords, by J. Foster, and Mr. Attorney;

The Lords desire a present Conference, if it may stand with the Occasions of this House, by a Committee of both Houses in the Painted Chamber, concerning the Treaty between the Two Kingdoms.

Person sent for.

Ordered, That Tho. Conisby Esquire be forthwith sent for as a Delinquent, by the Serjeant at Arms attending on this House, to answer the Complaints exhibited against him, in a Petition to this House, the which Complaints, or the greatest Part of them, were avowed and attested by a Member of this House.

Conference agreed to.

Sir Gilbert Gerard brings Answer from the Lords, that their Lordships will give a present Meeting by a Committee of their whole House, as is desired.

Priests and Jesuits.

Mr. Glinne gives an Account of the free Conference, That their Lordships had considered of the Motives and Desires of the Commons, and do agree with them in every Particular, both for the Execution of this particular Priest, and the putting the Laws in due Execution against all other Priests and Jesuits: And if this House think fit, they will represent it to his Majesty, by their Speaker, as the Desire of both Houses.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Desires of this House concerning Jo. Goodman the Priest, and concerning the due Execution of Laws against all Priests, shall be represented to his Majesty in that manner, as is propounded by the Lords.

Essex Writ.

Ordered, That a Warrant issue forth under Mr. Speaker's Hand, directed to the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery, for a new Writ, for Electing of a Knight to serve in this Parliament for the County of Essex, in the Room and Stead of the Lord Rich, called by Writ to the Lords House.