House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 22 September 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 22 Septembris, 1642.


Coleraine Petition.

THE humble Petition of the Mayor, Aldermen, and other the Inhabitants of Coleraine, in the Kingdom of Ireland, setting forth the lamentable Estate and Condition of That Town, was this Day read: And

It is Ordered, That, for the Relief of the said Inhabitants, that the Collection which the Three next general Fast Days shall produce, within the City of London, and Suburbs, shall be paid unto such Person or Persons, for the Use and Benefit of the said Town, as the House of Commons shall think fit to nominate.

And it is farther Ordered, That it be recommended to the Lord Mayor of London, to advance this Act of so much Charity, by the best Means he can.

Intercepted Letters, &c.

Message to Lords.

A Letter from Sir Nevill Poole, sent with one Bushell, whom he had intercepted with some Letters from the Lord Capell, from Sir Geo. Strowd, and from one W. B.; and the Examination of the said Bushell; were read; and ordered to be sent up to the Lords by Mr. Pym. Who likewise carried up the Instructions for the Committee, to reside with the Lord General: The Order for fortifying of Linne: And the Order concerning Captain Manwaring.

Cravon's Loan.

The House being informed, That Mr. Jo. Cravon, who went to Nottingham with an Intention to serve the King; but finding the Proceedings there to be contrary to the Declarations set forth in his Majesty's Name, that, of his own Accord, he came away, and withdrew the Forces he carried thither, with an Intention to do the best Service he could do to the Parliament; and, upon the Way, was intercepted: That he do profess himself, from his Heart, a faithful Servant to the Parliament, and to their Proceedings: And doth offer to lend Five hundred Pounds to the Service of the Parliament; and, if he were able, he would do more.

It is thereupon Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth accept of the Five hundred Pounds offered by Mr. Jo. Cravon.

Examining Bushell.

Ordered, That Wm. Bushell, sent up in safe Custody from Sir Nevile Poole, be forthwith examined by the Committee for Informations.

Reward to Mariners.

This House taking Notice with what Chearfulness and Fidelity the Mariners employed in his Majesty's Ships, in this Summer's Expedition, have demeaned themselves for the Defence and Safety of the Kingdom and Parliament, in these Times of great Danger; doth Order, That a Month's Pay shall be given unto them, over and above the ordinary Wages, as a Reward from the House, for their future Encouragement.

And it is farther Ordered, That the Committee of the Navy do take Care to see the same performed accordingly.

Irish Affairs.

Divers Letters from the Lords Justices at Dublyn, of the First and Thirteenth of September; Two from the Earl of Ormond, of the 5th and 11th of September; concerning the State of the Army there; were this Day read.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Pym reports, That he had delivered all he had in Command: That to all but the Instructions for the Committee with the Lord General, they will send Answer by Messengers of their *: To those they * * * *.

A Message from the Lords, by Dr. Aylett and Mr. Page;

Ld. General's Instructions.

The Lords do agree to the Instructions for the Lord General, with the Additions sent with them.

Gilmore's, &c. Imprisonment.

They have likewise sent down the Petition of Captain Charles Gilmore, for Himself, and Two other Gentlemen, now Prisoners in Newgate: That the Lords think fit the Petitioners be released, upon Security given not to repair into Ireland; unless the House of Commons knows Cause for their longer Restraint; which if they do, it is the Desire of the Lords, that some Course may be taken for their Relief, to keep them from starving in *.

Ld. Falkland disabled to sit.

Resolved, That the Lord Viscount Falkland shall be disabled for continuing any longer a Member of this House, during this Parliament.

Ld. General's Instructions.

Additions to the Lord General's Instructions returned from the Lords ....

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Names of the Duke of Richmond, the Earl of Caernarvan, the Lord Viscount Newarke, the Lord Viscount Falkland, One of the Principal Secretaries of State to his Majesty, shall be inserted among the Exceptions in the Lord General's Instructions.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House doth agree to the Additions to the Instructions.

Gilmore's, &c. Imprisonment.

That this House has received several Informations that concern these Men: That therefore they see Cause to continue them longer in Prison; and that they will maintain them in Prison.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Prisons, to consider what Relief is fit to be yielded to Charles Gillmore, Captain, to James Savage, and Edward Ley; and to take some Course, that such Relief as shall by them be thought fit, be paid unto them accordingly.

Defence of Coventry.

The humble Petition of divers of the Citizens of Coventry was this Day read: And

It is Ordered, That this House doth give Allowance for tke said Money already paid out to the Regiment in Pay there, for the Safety of that City: And do Order, That the Money which the Plate shall produce, brought in by the Inhabitants, upon the Propositions, according to the Ordinance of Parliament, be paid over to such as they shall appoint, to be employed for the farther Payment of the said Regiment, and for the Safety of that City.

They do likewise Order, That they shall have Licence to buy Six Piece of Ordnance, and to carry them down to Coventrye, for the Defence and Safety of that Place, according to the Desires of the Petitioners: And the Treasurers and Receivers of the Plate that come in upon the Subscriptions, are hereby required to return them the Product of their Plate, in Money, according to the Rate the Parliament allows.

Army Committees.

Ordered, That all the Members of the House that have Employment in the Army under the Command of the Earl ...... shall be Committees to meet with the Committee of the Lords, to sit upon Occasions with the Lord General, according their Instructions.


The House being this Day informed, That there are divers Troops of Horse, and Companies of Foot, about the Town, that do not repair to their Quarters, according to the Lord General's Directions;

The House doth Declare, That if within Twenty-four Hours they do not repair to their Quarters, according to their Directions, that they shall be immediately cashiered, if the Fault be in any of the Captains, or other Officers of Foot or Horse: And that it be referred to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom, to put this Order in Execution: And they are likewise required to send the Lord General Notice of the Days that every Company and Troop marches hence.

They are likewise to give Order, that when a Captain of a Horse Troop hath the Number of Forty, that they shall be presently mustered, and sent away.

London Militia.

Mr. Wheeler reports, That the Lords do agree to the Order concerning the Removing of Sir Jo. Gayne, and Sir Jacob Garrett, from the Militia of London, and substituting the Mayor and Sheriffs in their Place; and likewise to the Order that the Committee of the Lords and Commons for the Propositions may have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, &c.


* Solicitor, * Holles,* Pierrepointe, Sir H. Vane, are presently to withdraw, to prepare a Declaration to require the Officers and Companies about the Town, to march hence towards the Lord General, according to their Directions.

Issuing Money.

Ordered, That the Receivers and Treasurers for the Monies that come in upon the Subscriptions, shall issue out no Monies but for the Army, by Order of the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom, except the Payments formerly ordered to be made to the County of Essex.


Mr. Salloway is ordered to go into Worcestershire.

Irish Affairs.

Ordered, That the Letters from Ireland, and the Consideration of the State of the Army there, be taken into

* * * *

Arms to Scotland.

Ordered, That the Propositions made by Tho. Cunningham for the Providing of Arms to be sent into Scotland, in lieu of those Arms they carried into Ireland, was this Day read; and ordered to be referred to the Consideration .. Mr. Vassall, Mr. Ven, Mr. Bence, Mr. Rolle: And they are to make Report of it to the House.

Deputy Lieutenants.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth nominate and approve of Sir Tho. Colepeper of Stephens, to be Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Kent.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth nominate and approve of Tho. Elmes and Jo. Claypole, to be Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Northampton.

Member to attend.

Ordered, That Mr. Nicolls, High Sheriff of the County of Montgomerie, be required and injoined to attend the Service of the Parliament: And that a Letter be written to the Judge that goes that Circuit, to accept of the Service of his Under Sheriff, at the next Assizes: And that Mr. Pierrepointe do prepare a Letter to be signed by Mr. Speaker, to this Purpose.

Apprehending Gurdon.

Ordered, That the Commissioners of this House, appointed to treat with the Scotts Commissioners, do desire them, from this House, to write to the Council of Scotland for the Apprehending of Serjeant Major Gurdon, who is now in Scotland, as this House is informed, and gone away with Five hundred Pounds of the Money belonging to the Parliament.

Conveying Arms.

Ordered, That Mr. Erle shall have Licence to convey into Dorsettshire Ten Case of Pistols and Ten Carabines.

Arms, &c. seized.

Ordered, That all such Persons as, by any Order of both Houses, have made Seizure of any Arms, Monies, or other Ammunition for War, belonging to Papists, shall be forthwith brought to Guildhall, London: And they who made such seizure shall be thereupon discharged thereof.

Raising Dragoons.

THE Lords and Commons, in Parliament, do conceive, and find it so necessary, that One thousand Dragoons, with some Troops of Horse, should be raised speedily, and be set forth, for the Suppressing of the malignant Party in Lancashire, and such other Parts as my Lord General shall appoint, for protecting the well-affected People, and Preventing of foreign Power from Landing, That it will not only be taken and resented by the House, for an acceptable Service, in a Time of great Need, if any the well-affected and disposed Persons of the City of London, shall advance the Sum of Sixteen thousand Pounds for Setting forth of such a Power; but do Declare, that such Advancers shall have the publick Faith for their Repayment of such Monies so to be advanced, with Interest, after Eight Pounds per Cent.; as also shall be taken into Consideration by the House for a further Recompence of their so forward and pious Act, in so great Necessity and Danger.

Ld. General's Instructions.

Instructions of the Lords and Commons, now in Parliament assembled, to be given to his Excellency Robert Earl of Essex, General of the Army.

1. YOU shall carefully restrain all Impieties, Profaneness, and Disorders, Violence, Insolence, and Plundering, in your Soldiers, as well by strict and severe Punishment of such Offences, as by all other Means, which you in your Wisdom shall think fit.

2. Your Lordship is to march with such Forces as you think fit, towards the Army raised in his Majesty's Name against the Parliament and Kingdom: and with them, or any Part of them, to fight, at such Time and Place as you shall judge most to conduce to the Peace and Safety of the Kingdom: and you shall use your uttermost Endeavours, by Battle, or otherwise, to rescue his Majesty's Person, and the Person of the Prince, and the Duke of Yorke; out of the Hands of those desperate Persons who are now about them.

3. You shall take an Opportunity, in some safe and honourable Way, to cause the Petition of both Houses of Parliament, herewith sent unto you, to be presented to his Majesty: And if his Majesty shall thereupon please to withdraw himself from the Forces now about him, and to resort to the Parliament, you shall cause all those Forces to disband; and shall serve and defend his Majesty with a sufficient Strength in his Return.

4. You shall publish and declare, that if any who have been so seduced by the false Aspersions cast upon the Proceedings of the Parliament, as to assist the King in the Acting of those dangerous Counsels, shall willingly, within Ten Days after such Publication in the Army, return to their Duty (not doing any hostile Act within the Time limited), and join themselves with the Parliament, in Defence of Religion, his Majesty's Person, the Liberties and Laws of the Kingdom, and Privileges of Parliament, with their Persons and Estates, as the Members of both Houses, and the rest of the Kingdom, have done; That the Lords and Commons will be ready, upon their Submission, to receive such Persons, in such Manner as they shall have Cause to acknowledge they have been used with Clemency and Favour. Provided, That this shall not extend to admit any Man into either House of Parliament, who stands suspended, without giving Satisfaction to the House whereof he shall be a Member: and except all Persons who stand impeached, or particularly voted, in either House of Parliament, for any Delinquency whatsoever: Excepting likewise such Adherents of those who stand impeached, in Parliament, of Treason, as have been eminent Persons, and chief Actors in those Treasons: And except the Earl of Bristoll, the Earl of Cumberland, the Earl of Newcastle, the Earl Rivers, Secretary Nicholas, Mr. Endimion Porter, Mr. Edw. Hide, the Duke of Richmond, the Earl of Carnarvon, the Lord Viscount Newark, the Lord Viscount Falkland One of the Principal Secretaries of State to his Majesty.

5. You shall apprehend the Persons of all those who stand impeached in Parliament, or have been declared Traitors by both or either House of Parliament, or otherwise Delinquents: And you shall send them up to the Parliament, to receive condign Punishment, according to their Offences.

6. You shall receive the Loans or Contributions of Money, Plate, or Horses, from all his Majesty's loving Subjects, which they shall be willing to make, for the Support of the Charge of the Army, and better Discharge of the Service of the Commonwealth: And you shall certify all Sums of Money, and the Value of such Horses; that the Parties may thereupon have the Benefit of the publick Faith, for Payment to be made unto them, as to others of his Majesty's Subjects, upon the Propositions for the Subscriptions of Money, Plate, and Horses.

7. You shall carefully protect all his Majesty's Subjects from Rapine and Violence, by any of the Cavaliers, or other Soldiers of his Majesty's pretended Army, or by any of the Soldiers of the Army which you command; and you shall cause the Arms and Goods of any Person to be restored to them, from whom they have been unjustly taken.

8. You shall observe such further Directions and Instructions, as you shall, from time to time, receive from both Houses of Parliament.

Instructions to Army Committee.

Instructions for Robert Earl of Essex, Captain General of the Army for the Defence of the King and Parliament, and the Persons hereafter named to be a Committee for his Assistance in the Army: that is to say, the Committee appointed by both Houses of Parliament, touching the Affairs of the Army.

THE said Committee, or any Four of them (whereof the said Earl of Essex to be One), shall have Power to meet together at such Times and Places as they shall think fit; and to consider and advise touching such Matters that shall concern the Army, as the said Earl of Essex should think convenient; and, from time to time, shall acquaint both Houses of Parliament with their Resolutions therein, that both Houses may farther proceed thereupon, as to them shall be thought convenient for the Publick.

They, or any Four of them (whereof the Earl of Essex to be One), shall have Power, and are hereby authorized, to advise and use all convenient and reasonable Means they can, to supply the Army with Money, and other Necessaries; and for that End and Purpose are hereby authorized to take the Subscriptions of all Persons as shall give, lend, or advance, any Money, Plate, or other Provisions whatsever, necessary for the Army; and shall give a Note unto all such Persons that so shall lend or advance, expressing the Nature and Particular thereof: Which Note, subscribed with the Hand of the Earl of Essex, and any Three of the said Committee (whereof Two to be of the House of Commons), shall be sufficient Warrant for the Party that so lend or advance, to receive the same again, with Interest, after the Rate of Eight Pounds per Cent. out of such Monies as shall be collected for the Affairs of the Kingdom: And both Houses de engage the publick Faith for the same.

They or any Four of them (whereof the Earl of Essex to be One), shall have Power, and are hereby authorized, to sit with the said Earl, and to examine all such Persons as shall be sent for, apprehended and brought before them, by virtue of any Warrant sent and issued under the Hand of the Lord General; and shall have Power to continue them in safe Custody, and send them up to the Parliament, or discharge them, as they shall think fit, and shall most tend to the publick Good.