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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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-, William. Vide Heron, Edward. Quarrel, 1642, Information of a Quarrel between some English and Scots Officers in Westminster Hall; Parties examined; a Committee to examine the Proceedings; Order for discharging them, and injoining them to keep their Chambers, and give Order to those under them to demean themselves peaceably, 16 Mar. - Declaration for preventing future Animosities, 22. Agreed to by Lords, 23.
-, 1643, the Committee impowered to determine the Difference between the Officers, 27 Mar. - Order for restoreing their Swords, 30 - Information of a Challenge from Colonel Fettiplace to Sir Edward Bainton; Sir Edward examined, and injoined not to fight; the Colonel and Captain Fettiplace ordered into Custody. Vide Privileges - A Committee to determine the Difference, 27 May - Order for their Sitting, 1 June - Sir Edward Hungerford and Sir Edward Bainton injoined not to give or receive any Challenge, 28 July - Declaration that Mr. Recorder did not speak the Words for which Captain Wingate demanded Reparation; Captain to withdraw; Resolution that he shall make Acknowledgment in his Place; makes it accordingly, 24 Aug. - Colonel Strode and Mr. Horner to be sent for by Serjeant, 23 Dec. A Committee to examine the Quarrel between them; Parties to be brought in safe Custody to them, 25 - Committees added, 1 Jan. - A Committee to prepare Declaration to prevent Quarrels in Westminster-hall and the Palace Yards, 3 Feb. - A Commission of Oyer and Terminer to be issued for proceeding against Quarrellers and Fighters in the Hall, 27.
-, 1644, Sir Edward Bainton's Petition; Order for his Discharge, and Re-admission into the House; Speaker to injoin him not to go into the Country, 4 June. Engages himself not to go, 10 - Another Committee to compose the Difference between him and Sir Edward Hungerford, 4 - Information of Words of Heat between Sir Martin Lifter and Sir Arthur Haffelrigg; severally injoined not to proceed any further, 6 Dec.

-, 1643, Conference desired by Lords about Matters concerning her, agreed to; Reporters appointed; Conference held, 4 Apr. - Resolution that she has levied War against the Parliament and Kingdom; Accusation to be sent to Lords, with Desire for a Proclamation for her appearing on a certain Day, 23 May - A Committee to prepare Impeachment of High Treason against her; Care thereof recommended to One Member, 24 - Impeachment re-committed, 12 June. Order for presenting it, 14, 19 & 20. Articles read,. one by one; agreed to, and to be ingrossed, 21. Conference to be desired thereupon, 22. A Committee to prepare Heads, 26 - Message to Lords, for a Proclamation for her speedy Appearance, 3 & 6 July - Message from them, desiring a Committee may meet, and consider with them concerning Points arising upon the Impeachment, 8 Jan. Answer thereto, 10.
-, 1644, Message from Lords, concerning sending Childbed Linen, and other Necessaries, to her, 29 Mar. Agreed to, 30.

-, previous, Neg. 1643, for injoining a Committee with the King to return on a certain Day, 13 Apr. - About considering a Message from the King, 22 May - For desiring Lords to commit a Member of their House to the Tower - For desiring them to commit him, 11 Nov. - Concerning Rates upon Currans, 3 Jan. - Concerning the Earl of Holland deserting the Parliament, 17 - For approving a Person to be Colonel in Lord General's Army, 11 Mar. - For referring a Petition, 17.
-, 1644, for nominating a Committee to join with a Committee of Lords, 30 Mar. - For re-admitting a Member, 14 May - Concerning new Draperies, 5 June - For an Addition to Answer to the King's Message, 19 Dec.
-, Previous, Affirmative, 1643, for sequestering a Living, 11 July - For disabling a Member to sit during this Parliament, 14 - For continuing the Customers, 24 Aug.
-, 1644, for taking off a Sequestration, 13 July - For impowering a Committee to direct the Motions of Sir William Waller's Army, 17 - For suspending a Person from an Office, 20 Aug. - For appointing a Committee to meet a Committee of Lords, 3 Sept. - Concerning acquainting the Assembly with the Opinions of some of their Members, Dissenters from the Propositions presented, 12 Nov. - Whether One Head of the Charge against the Earl of Denbigh stands proved - Whether he is cleared of his Disaffection to the public Service, 20 - For adhering to a former Vote, 2 Dec.