House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 29 May 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, Maii 29, 1643.


Petitions referred.

ORDERED, That the most humble Petition of Tho. Richardson, Gentleman, Waggon Master General, daily employed in the Service of the Parliament; and the humble Petition of Susanna Clerke Widow, both be referred to the Committee appointed to consider of Remedies in the Cases of Obstructions of Justice; to consider of them, and to report their Opinions to this House.

Money seized.

Ordered, That Sir Sam. Luke do detain in his Hands, upon Account, the Sixty-two Pounds, which he seized, that was going to Oxon, and belonging to one Justice Croke, who was formerly in the Parliament's Army, and now in the King's.

Army Affairs.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom, to send these Soldiers, stayed by Colonel Moore, to the Army; and, likewise, to acquaint the Lord General with divers Tickets, given from Captains in his Army, to Soldiers, to come to the Town, notwithstanding his Excellency's Proclamation to the contrary: And that they desire the Lord General, that some Course may be taken, by some Power derived from his Excellency, and deputed with some Persons here, that may be enabled to punish such as run from their Colours, by Martial Law.


An Ordinance to prevent the Abuses too frequently committed in the stealing of Customs, was this Day read; and, by Vote, upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence.

Repayment of Money.

An Ordinance to enable Sir Gilb. Gerard to repay such Monies as shall be charged upon him by any of the Commissioners of the Customs, or their Assigns, for Monies of their Collections paid in any of their Ports, for the Use of the Army; was this Day read; and, by Vote, upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence.

Chertsey Market.

Whereas there is, and hath been for time long since past, a publick Market kept in the Town of Chertsey, in the County . . . . which Market is not forborn to be kept on the Day the Publick Fast is appointed to be kept by publick Authority, to the Disesteem, and great Dishonour of that necessary and holy Exercise: It is this Day Ordered, That, in that Week, that the publick Fast is to be observed, That Proclamation be first made, that the publick Market be kept on the Thursday after; and that the Fast be kept on the Days appointed, with such Reverence and Observance, as is required by the Ordinances of Parliament, and as is due to so holy a Work: And that the Churchwardens take notice of this Order, and see it put in due Execution.

Benion's Debts.

Ordered, That the like Order be made concerning the Debts owing by Sir George Benion, as was, on Saturday was Sevennight, made concerning Mr. Rowden's Debts, owing by him.

Term at Oxford.

Ordered, That Mr. Smyth do bring in an Ordinance to prevent the Term being kept at Oxon; the like as was formerly brought in upon the like Occasion.

Affairs of Shropshire.

Sir Nevile Poole, and Sir Edw. Baynton, are appointed to speak with Colonel Horton; and the Business concerning the Business of Shropshire is re-committed to the same Committee; and they are to make Report of it To-morrow.

Town of Swanbourne.

Mr. Whittlock, Mr. Cage, and Mr. Waller, are appointed to bring in an Ordinance to assign Timber of the Inhabitants of the Town of Swanbourne, in the County of Bucks (for Repair of such Houses of the said Town, as were burnt by the King's Forces) out of Whittlewoode Forest, the Earl of Carnaroon's Woods, or other Woods of Delinquents, that lie most convenient.

Message to Lords.

Sir H. Mildmay carried up to the Lords the additional Committees to the Ordinances for weekly Assessments, &c.; the Ordinance concerning taking of Horses; the Ordinances concerning Sir Tho. Middleton; the Answer to the King's Message touching the Bill of Ireland: He is to put the Lords in mind of the Ordinances concerning an Assembly of Divines; concerning Saltpetre; concerning the Prisoners; and concerning the Restraint of People to go and come from Oxon.

Buckingham Committees.

Resolved, &c. That Sir Rich. Ingolesby Knight, Mr. Rich. Serjeant, and Mr. Edm. West, Esquires, be added as Committees to the Committees of the County of Bucks; and to have the like Power, to all Intents and Purposes, as the other Committees formerly named and appointed for that County, have, or ought to have.

Court of Wards.

Ordered, That Mr. Serjeant Wilde do, To-morrow, bring in the Ordinance concerning the Disposal of the Revenue of the Court of Wards to the Use of the Commonwealth.

Answer from Lords.

Sir H. Mildmay brings Answer that the Lords will return Answer to all the Orders and Ordinances carried up by him; and, likewise, to the Messages delivered by him, by Messengers of their own.

Affairs of Kent.

A Declaration and Ordinance for the better securing and settling of the Peace of the County of Kent, and for enabling them to associate with the City of London, or any other Counties adjacent; and, likewise, Instructions for the better putting in Execution the said Ordinance; were this Day read; and, by Vote, upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords, for their Concurrence.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Rob. Riche and Mr. Page;

The Lords have agreed to the Ordinance for raising of Horses, with a Proviso they have added to it: They have likewise agreed to the Order for the Committee at Haberdashers Hall, to call such before them, within Twenty Miles, with a Proviso which they have added: They do likewise agree to the Names of the Committees for the County of Huntington; with the Addition of Three Names for that County; viz. Rob. Payne of Wintringham, Rob. Vinter of Godmanchester, Jeroase Fullwood of Huntington:

Seizing Horses.

"Provided always, that this Ordinance shall not extend to the seizing or taking any Horses, Mares, or Geldings, of any of the Members of either of the Houses of Parliament, or any Peer, or of any of the Assistants of the House of Peers."


"Provided always, that this Ordinance shall not extend to the calling or assessing of any of the Members of either House of Parliament, or of any Peer, or of any Assistant of the House of Peers; but that the House of Peers only shall have Power to call and assess the Members and Assistants of that House, and every Peer whatsoever."

The first Proviso, as to the Order of Horses, is recommitted.

Answer to Lords.

Answer returned by the same Messengers;

The House has considered their Lordships Message; and, as to the Proviso to that Ordinance concerning the taking of Horses, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own: To the Addition of the Names of the Committees for Hunt', they do agree: And, to that for Assessments.

Person committed.

Ordered, That Mr. Edm. Browne, informed against for an Intelligencer, be forthwith committed in safe Custody to the Serjeant at Arms: And that the Examination of him be referred unto Mr. Millington, Mr. Gurdon, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Rous, Mr. Sallowdy, Sir Jo. ClotLorthy, or any Two of them.

Bills to be printed.

Resolved, &c. That the Bills specified and mentioned in the Propositions for the Treaty, be forthwith printed: And that the Clerk give Order herein forthwith; and see that they be well and speedily printed.

Money, &c. seized.

Ordered, That the Money, Plate, and Jewels, seized by some Officers of Mr. Marten, and belonging to Colonel Hollyland, and Colonel Beckman, Colonels in the King's Army, be delivered over to Mr. Marten, and by him detained; to be accountable for them, and to be employed towards the raising of his Regiment.

Delinquents Estates.

Ordered, That the Committee for seizing the Estates of Delinquents, seizable, do meet this Afternoon; and that Sir Arth. Haselrig be added to this Committee; to consider of raising Monies for Sir Wm. Waller.

Lord Scudamore's Goods.

Ordered, That the Goods seized, of the Lord Scudamore's, be forthwith sold; and the Proceed thereof employed for the Service of the Forces under the Command of Sir Wm. Waller.

Grant for Army.

Ordered, That a Thousand Pounds be forthwith paid to Sir Arth. Haselrig, upon Account, out of the Monies that shall come in upon the Ordinance of Sequestrations; to be employed for the Service of the Forces under the Command of Sir Wm. Waller.

Military Affairs.

Ordered, That the Nine Letters and Papers out of Devon, sent from my Lord General, and this Day read in this House, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom; to consider of the Proceedings of Serjeant Major James Chudleigh in the late Action of Stratton in Cornewall, and of all the Circumstances that accompanied it.

Irish Affairs.

Mr. Jepson, Sir Jo. Clotworthy, Sir Wm. Armyn, Mr. Whitlocke, Mr. Hollis, Sir Rob. Goodwyn, Sir Rob. Pye, Mr. Lisle, Sir Rob. Parkehurst, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Buller, Mr. Jo. Goodwyn;

This Committee, for the better expediting the Affairs of Ireland, have Power to sit when and where they please; and have Power to consider of, and report unto the House, the present Condition of the Army in Ireland; as also, their Opinions, how they may be disposed, for the future, to the better Advantage, for the Preservation of that Kingdom: And have Power to call to their Assistance the Committee of Adventurers in London, or any other that they shall think fit; and, after diligent Inquiry made upon the whole Matter, to report to the House the most probable Means for the present Supply, and future Preservation of that Kingdom.

Affairs of Pembroke.

Resolved, &c. That the Lord General be moved to send some Force into the County of Pembroke, according to the Desires of the Petitioners; and that the Names now read shall be Deputy Committees for that County.

Persons sent for.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Owen, the Herald, shall be sent for, as a Delinquent.