House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 6 June 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Martis, 6 Junii, 1643.


Obstructions of Justice.

THAT the Committee for Obstructions in Proceedings of Justice, shall have Power to examine all Acts done in Disobedience to the Ordinance for not going to Oxon; and to commit, as they shall see Occasion, and to discharge.

Affairs in the West.

Two Letters from Sir Rob. Coke, and from the Committee at Gloucester, and one from Sir Walth. Erle, and all of the Third of June, relating the Estate and Condition of the Affairs in . . . West; were all this Day read.

Money for Army.

Ordered, That the Hundred and Fifty Pounds to be this Afternoon paid upon the Sequestration of the Goods of the Earl of Bristoll, and the Lord Digby, be forthwith paid unto Sir Gilb. Gerard, Treasurer at Wars; and by him forthwith paid over unto Sir Arth. Heselrig, for the Service of the Forces under the Command of Sir Wm. Waller.

Ordered, That it be referred unto the Committee for Accompts, of Six, where Mr. Trenchard has the Chair, to take Course that the Monies upon the Starch Monopoly, in the Hands of certain Grocers, be forthwith brought in, and paid to Sir Arth. Heselrig, for the Service of the Forces under the Command of Sir Wm. Waller; and that the Committee shall have Power to consider of, and relieve the Necessities of some poor necessitous People, oppressed by that Monopoly.

Room to be cleared, &c.

Ordered, That the outward Room be cleared; and that no Member go out of the House without Leave.

Message to Lords.

Sir Wm. Armyn, Mr. Prideaux, Sir Nevile Poole, Mr. Holland, Mr. Long, Sir Rob. Harley, Mr. Hatcher, Sir Oliver Luke;

Sir Wm. Armyn is appointed to go up to the Lords, to desire them to sit this Afternoon, in regard that this House shall come to them upon Business of great Importance, that concerns the Safety of the Kingdom; and the other Members named are to accompany Sir Wm. Armyn: and all are enjoined Secrecy.


Sir Wm. Armyn brings Answer, that the Lords will sit this Afternoon at Three of Clock, as is desired.

Proceedings on the Plot.

Mr. Pym reports, from the Committee, the State of the Examinations taken upon the Discovery of the late horrid Plot,-of seizing the City,-forcing the Parliament,-and joining with the Armies raised by the King.

And the several Examinations of Mr. Waller, Mr. Thomkins, Mr. Hasel, Wm. Roe, Servant to Mr. Tomkins, Mr. Rob. Abbott, Mr. Rich. Chaloner, Mr. Wm. Blinkehorne, were all read; fully confessing the Plot.

There was likewise read, a Commission, under the Great Seal, signed C.R. and dated 16 Martii 18 Car. Rs. to some Seventeen Persons, named in the said Commission, with Power to make the Number up One-and-twenty; enabling and authorizing them to raise and lead Forces, and to appoint a General, and other Officers; and to resist and suppress the Forces raised by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, under the Command of the Earl of Essex, by killing, slaying, &c.

A Warrant from the King to Rich. Chaloner of London, Linen Draper, signed C.R. dated Maii 2, enabling him to receive Monies, Plate, &c.; and likewise a Judgment found amongst Mr. Tomkins his Papers, of the Proceedings of both Houses upon divers Points in the late Treaty, were likewise read.

He then presented some Observations made by the Committee upon the whole Matter:

1. That, under Pretext of Peace, they would have brought in Slavery and Ruin:

2. By Members of Parliament, they would have destroyed the Parliament.

They next observed, with what evil Conscience they undertook this Design.

They would have left all the good Party, and good Ministers, to be destroyed by the Papists, and other ill-affected Persons.

They next observed, that this was carried on by the Messengers that come hither under Pretext of bringing gracious Messages from his Majesty.

He then propounded some Propositions from the Committee:

1. That a Day might be appointed for a publick Thanksgiving to be given unto God by the Two Houses of Parliament, the City, and the whole Kingdom, for this Discovery and great Deliverance:

2. That some Course might be taken, by a Vow, to distinguish the good Party from the bad; and to unite faster together the good Party:

3. That present Notice be given to my Lord General of this Design; and the Vow, before-mentioned, to be taken by all the Officers and Soldiers of the Army:

4. That there may be a Publication of a free Pardon to all such as have been in this Plot, and shall voluntarily discover themselves, except such as are taken or fled; with such other farther Exceptions as the House shall think fit:

5. That better Care may be taken of admitting Messengers from his Majesty:

6. That it be recommended to the City, that there may be stricter Guards kept for a time, till Matters are better settled:

7. That Letters be sent to the Earl of Warwick, to inform him of the State of these Examinations; and the like Oath to be taken . . the whole Fleet, by the Officers and Mariners of the Fleet:

8. That the Lords be acquainted with the State of these Examinations, and with the Proofs of them; and to desire them to join in these Propositions; and in the Oath:

9. That some better Course be taken, that the Prisoners may be kept in stricter Custody.

Thanks were returned to my Lord Mayor, for his Love, and Care, and Trouble put upon him by the Committee: and He desired to return Thanks to the Citizens, who are put to the Trouble of receiving into their Custody the Persons apprehended and committed by the Committee upon this Design.

Resolved, upon the Question, That a particular short Day shall be appointed, whereon both Lords and Commons, and this City, shall meet, and give public Thanks to God for this Discovery, and great Deliverance; and another convenient Day appointed for the whole Kingdom to meet, to the same Purpose.

Resolved, &c. That an Oath be prepared to be taken; by both Houses, the City, and the whole Kingdom, for Discovery of such Designs as these; and to express a Detestation of all the like Nature; and to distinguish the good and well-affected Party from the bad; and to unite the good Party faster together among themselves.

Mr. Pym, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Gilb. Gerard, Sir H. Vane jun. Mr. Rous;

This Committee, or any Four of them, are to withdraw presently, to prepare this Oath.

Resolved, That Notice be forthwith given to my Lord General of this Design and Discovery: And the same Oath taken through the whole Army; and all the Officers and Soldiers thereof.

Resolved, That the State of this Design and Discovery, in general, shall be forthwith communicated to the City, by a Committee of both Houses; and the Covenant recommended unto them.

Resolved, That a free Pardon shall be granted, for this Offence, to all such Persons of the Cities of London, Westminster, and Suburbs, or elsewhere, as have been in this Plot, and are not yet taken, nor have fled, as shall come in voluntarily before the Fifteenth of this present June, and discover their whole Knowledge of this Design; and shall heartily join with the Parliament in the Defence of the Kingdom: This Discovery to be made to the Speaker of the House of Commons, or to the Lord Mayor.

Resolved, That it be commended unto the City, that there may be stricter and better Guards kept, till these Businesses are settled.

Resolved, That Letters be sent to the Earl of Warwick, to inform him of the State of these Examinations; and that the like Oath may be taken through the whole Fleet, by all the Officers and Mariners of the Fleet:

That some better Course may be taken for securing the Prisoners, and keeping them in streighter Custody:

That the Lords Concurrence be desired in all these Votes.

The Covenant

Mr. Pym presented from the Committee, the Vow and Covenant: The which was first read all together; and then Clause by Clause; and every particular Clause particularly debated; and, after mature Debate, particularly voted; and then the Whole voted; and Ordered to be presented unto the Lords for their Concurrence; and that they would all take it.

Resolved, That this Oath and Covenant shall be now tendered to all the Members of this House here present; and, hereafter, to all the other Members now absent, as they shall come into the House: And Mr. Corbett to put the House in mind hereof.

Whereas there hath been, and now is, in this Kingdom, a Popish and traiterous Plot, for the Subversion of the true Protestant Reformed Religion, and Liberty of the Subject; and, in pursuance thereof, a Popish Army hath been raised, and is now on Foot, in divers Parts of this Kingdom: And whereas there hath been a treacherous and horrid Design, lately discovered by the great Blessing and especial Providence of God, of divers Persons, to join themselves with the Armies raised by the King, and to destroy the Forces raised by the Lords and Commons in Parliament; to surprise the Cities of London and Westminster, with the Suburbs; by Arms to force the Parliament: And finding by constant Experience, that many Ways of Force and Treachery are continually attempted, to bring to utter Ruin and Destruction the Parliament and Kingdom, and That which is dearest, the true Protestant Religion; and that, for the preventing and withstanding the same, it is fit that all who are true-hearted, and Lovers of their Country, should bind themselves each to other in a sacred Vow and Covenant:

The Covenant.

I A. B. in Humility and Reverence of the Divine Majesty, declare my hearty Sorrow for my own Sins, and the Sins of this Nation, which have deserv'd the Calamities and Judgments that now lie upon it; and my true Intention is, by God's Grace, to endeavour the Amendment of my own Ways: And I do further, in the Presence of Almighty God, declare, vow, and covenant, that, in order to the Security and Preservation of the true Reformed Protestant Religion, and Liberty of the Subject, I will not consent to the laying down of Arms, so long as the Papists, now in open War against the Parliament, shall, by Force of Arms, be protected from the Justice thereof; and that I do abhor and detest the said wicked and treacherous Design lately discovered; and that I never gave, or will give, my Assent to the Execution thereof; but will, according to my Power and Vocation, oppose and resist the same, and all other of the like Nature: And, in case any other like Design shall hereafter come to my Knowledge, I will make such timely Discovery, as I shall conceive may best conduce to the preventing thereof: And whereas I do, in my Conscience, believe, that the Forces raised by the Two Houses of Parliament are raised and continued for their just Defence, and for the Defence of the true Protestant Religion, and Liberty of the Subject, against the Forces raised by the King; that I will, according to my Power and Vocation, assist the Forces raised and continued by both Houses of Parliament, against the Forces raised by the King without their Consent; and will likewise assist all other Persons that shall take this Oath, in what they shall do in pursuance thereof; and will not, directly or indirectly, adhere unto, nor shall willingly assist, the Forces raised by the King without the Consent of both Houses of Parliament: And this Vow and Covenant I make in the Presence of Almighty God, the Searcher of all Hearts, with a true Intention to perform the same, as I shall answer at the Great Day, when the Secrets of all Hearts shall be disclosed.

The Names of those Members that take the New Oath and covenant agreed on.

Mr. Speaker, Mr. White, Sir Robert Harley, Sir Nevill Poole, Sir Robert Pye, Sir Thomas Cheek, Sir Oliver Luke, Sir Beauchamp St. John, Mr. Oldsworth, Sir Wm. Armyn, Mr. Pym, Sir Henry Vane jun. Sir Benjamin Rudyard, Sir Arthur Hasilrig, Sir Gilbert Gerard, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Hatcher, Lord Ruthen, Mr. Samuel Browne, Mr. Valentine, Sir Harbotle Grimston, Colonel John More, Mr. Jenner, Sir John Evelyn jun. Mr. Holles, Mr. Downes, Mr. Blakiston, Sir Thomas Dacres, Sir John Wraye, Mr. Browne of Kent, Sir Henry Anderson, Mr. Barwis, Sir Peter Wroth, Mr. Cecill, Mr. Scowen, Mr. Bainton, Mr. Corbett, Sir John Harrison, Mr. Brett, Sir Christopher Yelverton, Mr. John Harvey, Mr. Harbotle Grimston, Mr. John Selden, Sir John Clotworthy, Mr. Perepoint, Sir Ralph Verney, Sir Henry Cholmley, Mr. Edmund Dunche, Mr. John Glyn, Sir Wm. Litton, Mr. Trenchard, Sir Wm. Cage, Sir Symonds D'Ewes, Mr. Gilb. Millington, Mr. Wm. Ellis, Sir Thomas Barrington, Sir Anthony Irby, Sir Thomas Jervais, Mr. Dowse, Mr. Hugh Rogers, Sir John Hippesley, Mr. Serjeant Wilde, Sir Dudley North, Mr. Lawrence Whittacre, Sir John Curson, Sir John Wasthall, Mr. Cornelius Holland, Colonel Walter Long, Mr. George Gallop, Mr. Wm. Bell, Mr. Skynner, Mr. John Nash, Mr. James Cambell, Sir John Young, Sir Rob. Parkhurst, Mr. Edward Exton, Mr. Edward Thomas, Mr. Herbert, Mr. Nathaniel Stevens, Mr. Moyle, Mr. Young, Mr. Michael Noble, Mr. Wm. Whittacre, Mr. Wm. Cawley, Mr. John Harris, Mr. Thomas Lane, Mr. Owner, Mr. Edward Poole, Mr. Arthur Jones, Mr. Campyon, Mr. Bulstrode Whitlock, Mr. Taylor, Mr. John Jepson, Sir John Potts, Mr. Richard Lee, Mr. Tho. Sandis, Mr. Thomas Eden Doctor of the Civil Law, Mr. Henry Lucas, Mr. Richard Harmon, Mr. John Lisle, Mr. Robert Goodwyn, Mr. Wm. Ashhurst, Mr. John Nutt, Sir Nathaniel Barnadiston, Mr. Thomas Hoyle, Mr. John Gourdon, Mr. Robert Reynolds, Mr. Henry Darley, Mr. Samuel Vassall, Mr. John Goodwyn, Sir Roger North, Mr. John Browne . . Dorset, Mr. Richard Rose, Mr. Gyles Green, Mr. Thomas Moore, Mr. Edmond Prideaux, Mr. Roger Hill, Mr. Will. Strode, Mr. Dennis Bond, Mr. Edward Ash, Mr. Richard Moore, Mr. Zouch Tate, Mr. Robert Nicholas, Mr. Wm. Smyth, Mr. Wm. Spurstow, Mr. Framlingham Gawdy, Sir Alexander Denton, Mr. Lowrey. Mr. Thomas Hodges, Mr. Humfrey Salloway, Sir Peter Wentworth, Mr. * Fountaine, Mr. * Jervaise, Mr. Wm. Wheeler, Mr. Fitzwilliams, Mr. Richard Jennings, Sir Henry Ludlow, Sir Edward Bainton, Sir Edward Littleton, Mr. Knightley, Mr. Francis Drake, Mr. * Jesson, Mr. Henry Pelham, Mr. Thomas Earle, Sir George Stonehouse, Sir Martyn Lister, Mr. Francis Rous, Mr. Ralph Ashton, Mr. Henry Martyn, Mr. John Roll, Sir John Dreydon, Mr. Philip Smyth, Mr. Squire Bence, Mr. Perigrin Pelham, Sir Anthony Beddingfeild, Mr. John Allured, Sir John Corbett, Tho. Lord Wenman.

The Names of such Members as desire further Time to consider of the Covenant, before they enter into it:

Sir John Franklyn, Mr. Snow, Mr. Winwood, Sir Jo. Holland, Mr. Fettiplace, Sir John Cooke, Mr. Maynard.

Sir Philip Parker, Mr. James Fines, Sir Amb. Browne, Lord Cramborne, Sir Norton Knatchbold, Mr. Bassett, Sir Guy Palmes, Sir Tho. Hutchinson, Sir Wm. Massam, came in late after the Debate of the whole Business, and after most of the Members had taken, and entered into this Covenant.

Ordered, That these Members that desire Time, be enjoined to be here on Friday next, to give Account to the House in this Business.

Ordered, That some Clause be inserted in Mr. Speaker's Prayer, for giving Thanks to God for this Discovery and Deliverance; and to beg Grace of God to perform what they had undertaken by this Covenant.

Ordered, That it be referred to the same Committee, to prepare this Covenant in a fit Manner to be taken by the whole Kingdom.

Ordered, That a fair Book be prepared, and this Vow and Covenant entered in that Book; and all the Members required, that enter into this Covenant, to subscribe their Names.