House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 20 June 1643

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 20 June 1643', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644, (London, 1802) pp. 136-138. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]


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Die Martis, 20 Junii, 1643.


Barnes Parsonage.

AN Order for putting Mr. Tho. Rutton, Master of Arts, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine, into the Parsonage of Barnes, in the Country of Surry, in the place and stead of John Cutts, Rector of the said Parish Church; and for sequestring the Rents and Profits into the Hands of the said Rutton; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto.

Ethelborough Parsonage.

An Order for putting Edward Archer, Master of Arts, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine, into the Parsonage of Ethelborough, within Bishopsgate, London, in the Place of John Clerke, Parson of the said Parish; and for sequestring the Rents and Profits of the said Parish into the Hands of the said Archer; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto.

Removing a Prisoner.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Vicars, now a Prisoner in Ely House, be forthwith removed, and committed Prisoner to the Lord Peter's House.

St. Martin's Orgars Rectory.

An Order for putting Richard Lee, Master of Arts, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine, into the Rectory of St. Martin's Orgars, London, in the place of Bryan Walton Doctor in Divinity, Rector of the said Parish Church of St. Martin's Orgars, London; and for sequestring the Rents and Profits of the said Parish into the Hands of the said Rich. Lee; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto.

St. Mary, Newington, Rectory.

An Order for putting H. Langley, Master of Arts, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine, into the Rectory of the Parish of St. Mary, Newington, in the County of Surry, in the place and stead of James Meggs, Rector thereof; and for sequestring the Rents and Profits thereof into the Hands of the said Mr. Langley; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto.

Army Pay, &c.

Ordered, That the Monies raised upon the Ordinance of Sequestrations, in the Country of Huntington, be paid by the Treasurers of the said Monies unto the Agents of Colonel Cromwell, upon Account, for the Pay of the Forces under his Command; all except the Thousand Pounds of the said Monies formerly assigned to my Lord Fairefax: And that an Acquittance, under the Hand of the said Colonel Cromwell, or his Agents, together with this Order, shall be a sufficient Discharge to the said Treasurers, for so much as they shall pay by virtue of this Order.

Digby's Pass.

Ordered, That Mrs. Dorothy Digby, Wife unto Simon Digby Esquire, Agent for his Majesty in Russia, shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to pass to her Husband, with her Three Children, and Three Servants, with such Necessaries for their Voyage as are lawfully exportable.

Persons committed.

Resolved, &c. That these Persons following, who, by the Committee of Examinations, were formerly committed to the Serjeant's Custody, or his Servants attending the said Committee, for not paying their Assessments assessed upon them, be forthwith committed Prisoners to the Lord Peter's House, in Aldersgate Street; viz. Mrs. Garraway, assessed at One hundred and Fifty Pounds; Tho Bingham, assessed at Twenty Pounds; Walth. White, assessed at Twenty Pounds; Tho. Violett, assessed at Seventy Pounds; Tho. Danvers, assessed at Twenty Pounds; Mr. Perrott, assessed at Fifty Pounds; John Woodbourne assessed at One hundred and Fifty Pounds; Rich. Owen, assessed at Ten Pounds; Matthew Hinde, assessed at Ten Pounds; Francis Lacy, assessed at Five hundred Pounds; Sir Roger Twisden, assessed at Four hundred Pounds; Rob. Campion, assessed at Eighty Pounds; there to remain, as Prisoners, during the Pleasure of the House.

Ordered, That the Information of the Persons aforesaid going at Liberty, notwithstanding their Restraint, be referred to the Examination and Consideration of the Committee for Dispatches.

Listing Horses.

Ordered, That my Lord General be desired to grant Commissions for the listing of Horses in and about London, and Twelve Miles Compass, according to the Tenor of the Ordinance passed this House: And that a Copy of the said Ordinance be sent to my Lord General.

Proceedings on the Plot.

Sir Rob. Harley is appointed to go to the Lords, to desire that the Committee appointed for examining the late horrid Plot may have Liberty to confer with the Lord of Portland, and the Lord Viscount Conway (without examining of them) at such times as they shall think fit; and to take such along with them as they shall think fit.

Message to Lords.

Sir Peter Wentworth carried up to the Lords the Ordinance for securing and repaying the Six thousand Pounds taken up at Interest by the Earl of Denbigh, for the Service of the Commonwealth.

He is likewise to put the Lords in mind of the Order for assigning Timber to rebuild the Towns burnt by the King's Forces in the County of Bucks.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Rob. Harley brings Answer, that the Lords have entered an Order; that whensoever Notice shall be given, that any of the Committee shall desire to confer with the Earl of Portland and the Lord Conway, that they will appoint Two Lords of their House to go along with them, to confer with them.

Colchester Fair.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Rob. Rich and Mr. Page;

The Lords, for preventing Riots and Tumults, which they suspect may be at a Fair which is shortly to be kept, at Colchester, they have conceived an Order: In which they desire the Concurrence of this House.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; that this House has considered their Lordships Message; and will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Lady Campden's Bequests.

An Ordinance for indemnifying of Mr. Tho. May, Executor of the last Will and Testament of the Lady Viscountess Campden, for Five thousand Pounds bequeathed to Persons in actual War against the Parliament, and by him paid to the Service of the Parliament.

Exception to Lords Answer.

Exception was taken to the Lords Answer (to the Message) brought by Sir Rob. 'Harley, as not being such an Answer as he ought to have brought: And this Business is respited to further Consideration.

Prisoners of War.

Ordered, That this Business, concerning the Irish and Scotts taken by Captain Rainsborough in . . Scotch Ship, parted from Leeth in Scotland, be referred to the further Consideration of the Committee for the Navy.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Peter Wentworth brings Answer, that, as to the Ordinance for securing the Six thousand Pounds borrowed by the Earl of Denbigh, for the Service of the State, they do agree unto it: And, as to the Order for assigning Timber to re-edify Swambourne, in the County of Bucks, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Town of Swanbourne.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Rob. Riche and Dr. Heath.

The Lords have taken Order to send down in Buckinghamshire, to inquire, and be informed, what Proportions of Timber will be sufficient for re-edifying the Town of Swanbourne; and that upon return of their Messengers, they will join with this House in a Course for assigning so much as shall be fitting for re-edifying the said Town.

Impeachment of the Queen.

Ordered, That the Articles of Impeachment against the Queen be brought in To-morrow.

Messenger to Ireland.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth appoint Mr. Traile to be Messenger to be sent from the House into Ireland for the Earl of Antrim, with such Instructions as he shall receive from this House.

Military Affairs, &c.

A Letter from the Lord General, of the Nineteenth of June, relating the Skirmish at Chinner, was this Day read; and ordered to be referred to Mr. Green, to give Order for the printing of it, together with a Declaration; the Report made by him concerning the Service done upon the Northern Coasts; and likewise the taking of the Admiral of Fallmouth, &c.

Irish Pirates.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Navy do write to the Earl of Warwick, to send for the Irish Pirates, taken and now Prisoners at Yermouth; and to try them by martial Law.

Invalid Soldiers.

It is this Day Ordered, by the Commons House of Parliament, That Wm. Greenchill, John Pocock, John Randall, and Richard Hutchinson, Citizens of London, or any One or more of them, shall have Authority hereby daily to repair to the several Hospitals in and about London, and elsewhere, where any Soldiers liesick, or wounded, which came out of the Army raised for the King, and Parliament; and there to take care for the due and orderly disposing of all Things necessary and fit for the said Soldiers: And, in case they find any Misdemeanors or Abuses there committed, which shall not, by their Directions, be forthwith redressed, they shall thereupon make the same known to the Committee for maimed Soldiers, that so the said Committee may forthwith take Order for Redress therein: And that the above-mentioned Citizens do take care, that the Ordinance of Parliament, dated the Sixth of March 1642, concerning the Relief of maimed Soldiers and Widows, in the several Parishes in and about London, be duly put in Execution; And that they shall hereby have Power to pay all such Monies, and order all other Occasions for the Relief and Disposal of the said sick and maimed Soldiers, according to such Directions and Instructions as they shall from time to time receive from the said Committee for maimed Soldiers.

Payment to Earl of Denbigh.

Whereas the Right honourable Basill Earl of Denbigh, Lord Lieutenant of the Counties of Warwicke, Denbigh, and Flynt, General of all the Forces raised and to be raised, in the Counties of Warwicke, Worcester, Stafford, and Salopp, to serve for the Defence of the King, Parliament, and Kingdom, hath, for the advancing and furnishing out of the said Forces into the said Counties, for the publick Service of the Kingdom, taken up at Interest upon his and his Friends particular Credits and Securities, the Sum of Six thousand Pounds; without which the said Forces cannot be raised for the said Expedition: It is therefore Ordered, by the Lords and Commons, in Parliament assembled, That the Treasurers at Guildhall, London, shall pay unto the said Basill Earl of Denbigh, or unto such Persons whom the said Earl shall assign to receive the same, the said Sum of Six thousand Pounds, with Interest according to the Rate of Eight Pounds in the Hundred for One Year (out of such Monies as they shall receive by Sequestrations, Subscriptions, or otherwise) by Five hundred Pounds Per Month; the first Payment thereof to begin upon Monday the Fourth of December next; and the said Payment of Five hundred Pounds by the Month to be continued upon the first Monday in every Month, then next following, until the said Six thousand Pounds, and Interest after the Rate abovesaid, shall be fully paid. And the said Earl shall give a particular Account of the several Disbursements of the said Sum of Six thousand Pounds to the Uses aforesaid, unto both Houses of Parliament, or to such others as they shall appoint.

Prisoner discharged.

Ordered, That Thomas Shapcott, a Prisoner, committed by this House to the Compter in Southwarke, shall be discharged from any further Restraint; provided a Certificate be first presented unto this House, that Captain George Kekwich, now Prisoner under Sir Ralph Hopton, is set at Liberty.

Maimed Soldiers.

The Order for the maimed Soldiers read; and assented unto.

Warrant to Flemminge.

Ordered, That Sir Wm. Flemminge shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to go into Scotland.

Artillery Train.

Ordered, That the Petition of the Officers and Artificers belonging to the Train of Artillery returned from Ireland, be referred to the Committee for Irish Affairs; for the Petitioners Relief.

Buckingham Sequestrations.

Ordered, That the Monies raised upon the Ordinance for Sequestrations, in Bucks, be forthwith brought up unto Guildhall, to be disposed of as the House shall appoint.

Regulating Printing.

The List of the Names of such Persons as was presented from the Committee to license Books, was read; and, upon the Question, assented unto, that these Persons following shall license the Books mentioned in the List, till the House take further Order:

Mr. Tho. Gattaker, Mr. John Downeham, Dr. Callibut Downing, Dr. Thomas Temple, Mr. Joseph Carrell, Mr. Edmond Callamye, Mr. * Carter of Yorkshire, Mr. Charles Herle, Mr. James Cranford, Mr. Obadiah Sedgewick, Mr. Batchelour, Mr. Jo. Ellis jun. or any Two of them, are to licence all Books of Divinity.

Mr. Jo. Bramston, Mr. Serjeant Rolle, Mr. Serjeant Feasant, Mr. Serjeant Jermine, or any Two of them, are to license all Law Books.

The President, and Four Censors, for the Time-being, or any Two of them; for Physick and Surgery.

Sir Nath. Brent, or by any Three of the Doctors of the Civil Law; for Civil and Canon Law.

One of the Three principal Kings of Arms; for Heraldry, Titles of Honour, and Arms.

Sir Nath. Brent, the Schoolmaster of Paul's, Mr. Langley, Mr. Farnaby; for Books of Philosophy, History, Poetry, Morality, and of Arts.

By Order of either House, or Committee for Printing; Declarations, Ordinances, Fast Sermons, and other Things agreed on by Order of the House.

The Clerk of the Company of Stationers; small Pamphlets, Portraictures, Pictures, and the like.