House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 21 April 1643

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 21 April 1643', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644, (London, 1802) pp. 54-56. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]


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Die Veneris, 21 Aprilis, 1643.


Jones' Claims.

THE humble Petition of Samuel Jones, of London, Merchant, concerning Arms provided and brought into this Kingdom by him, upon the Warrant from the Lord General, and the Committee for the Safety; and is resting due unto him, Two thousand One hundred Eighty-nine Pounds; was this Day read:

And it is Ordered, That this Petition be especially recommended from this House to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom; to give Order for the present Payment of the said Monies: And that it be likewise recommended unto the Committee appointed to consider of and peruse the Warrants for Payment of Money, to take care, that these Monies may be paid.

Payment to Bartlett, &c.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Navy, to take Order for the Payment of the Sum of Two hundred and Ten Pounds, to Captain Tho. Bartlett, and the Ship's Company belonging to the Confidence of Dublyn in Ireland, employed for Guard of the said Coast; for the Service done by the said Bartlett and Ship's Company, in bringing over the Committees sent from both Houses into Ireland: And that the Treasurers for Subscription Monies for Ireland do forthwith pay unto the said Captain Bartlett and Ship's Company, the Sum of One thousand three hundred sixty-six Pounds, Thirteen Shillings, and Four Pence; for Service done by the said Bartlett and Ship's Company, for Guard of the Coast of Ireland; as appears by a Certificate from the Commissioners of the Navy.

Debt to Gardner.

Ordered, That Sir Rob. Harley do bring in an Ordinance To-morrow Morning, for securing, upon the publick Faith, the Thousand Pounds borrowed of Samuel Gardner Mayor of Evesham, in the County of Worcester, by the Lord Brooke, and employed for the Service of the Kingdom, as appears by a Receipt, under the Hand of the said Lord Brooke.

Bill for Ireland.

Mr. Serjeant Wilde reports, from the Committee appointed to consider of the Amendments sent down from the Lords to the Bill for Ireland . . .

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth insist upon the Bill for Ireland, as it passed from hence, with the Amendments, as they came from the Committee; viz.: As to the first Amendment, concerning the Clerk, that he should be styled "Clerk of the Parliament of the House of Commons," they do insist upon the Bill, as it went from hence.

To the Amendments, in Lines 34, 39, 41, 43, 50, 52; they agree with the Lords.

Mr. Jepson is appointed to go to the Lords, to desire a Conference concerning the Amendments to the Bill of Ireland.

Mr. Serjeant Wilde is to deliver the Reasons at the Conference, why this House doth insist, that their Clerk should be styled "Clerk of the Parliament of the House of Commons."

Ordnance, &c.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom do forthwith cause to be delivered Six Pieces of Ordnance, to be sent down to the Lord Gray, with Equipage and Ammunition proportionable; and a Thousand Musquets to be delivered over into the Hands of Sir Christ. Yelverton; to be conveyed down with all Speed.

Removal of Capuchins.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to prepare a Declaration, to set forth the Matter of Fact, touching the Removal of the Capuchins, do meet this Afternoon, at Three of Clock, in the Inner Court of Wards; and bring in that Declaration To-morrow Morning.


Ordered, That no Committee sit any Morning, when the House sits, after Eight of Clock.

Intelligence from the Leaguer.

Ordered, That it be referred to Mr. Vassall, Mr. Rolle, and Mr. Hill, and Mr. Nicoll, to take Order, that Intelligence may come from the Leaguer every Day; and that the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom do, upon all Occasions, grant Warrants for the Issuing of Monies to defray the Charge of it: And that the Commissary for Horses provide Horses for this Service.

False Rumours.

Mr. Martyn, Mr. Lisle, Mr. Dowse, Mr. Rolls, Sir Jo. Corbett, Sir Wm. Strickland, Mr. Whittacre, Sir Chr. Yelverton;

This Committee is to consider of an Order to prevent the spreading of false Rumours; and for the punishing of those that shall spread the same, or speak against the Proceedings of Parliament.

Warrant to Duncombe.

Ordered, That Mr. Duncombe, of Gray's Inn, shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to come to Town from his Country House.

Information against Limberey.

Ordered, That the Consideration of the Contempt informed against Captain Limberey be referred to the Committee for the Navy.


Ordered, That the Commissioners and Collectors of the Customs do attend the Committee for the Navy this Afternoon, to give Answer to the said Committee, to the Proposition made by them, to give Leave to advance, upon the Credit of those Customs, Monies for the pressing Occasions of the Navy.

Seizure of Iron.

Ordered, That the Iron seized in Worcester House, be forthwith sold; and the Proceed delivered to the Collectors in the County of Middlesex, appointed by the Ordinance for seizing the Estates of Papists, and notorious Malignants; to the end that they may be accountable to the Committee for it: And that no Committee, or other Person, do grant out Warrants for seizing the Estates of Malignants, without the Knowledge of that Committee; in regard there is an Ordinance settled to that Purpose, and a Committee armed with Power for the Execution of the said Ordinance, in all the Points and Circumstances hereof.

Commissioners of Customs.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Navy, to consider what Power is granted to the Commissioners of the Customs, by former Ordinances; and to report it to the House.

Warrant to go to Oxon.

Ordered, That * * a Servant of the Countess of Exeter, shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to go to Oxon.

Affairs of Hantshire.

Ordered, That the Gentlemen of Hantshire do meet this Afternoon; to consider of some Order for the Payment and Repair of the Garisons in that County, and for the putting the Ordinances for raising of Monies in that County, in Execution; and that they provide to receive the King's Revenue in that County, to be applied to the Payment and Repair of the Forts and Garisons in that County.

Conference with Lords.

Mr. Jepson brings Answer, that the Lords will give a present Meeting at a Conference, concerning the Bill of Ireland, as it is desired.

Mr. Serjeant Wilde, Mr. Selden, Sir Jo. Clotworthy, are appointed Managers of this Conference.

Time of Meeting, &c.

Resolved, &c. That on Wednesday and Friday, in every Week, the House meet every Morning at Eight of Clock, and rise at Nine; to the end that the Residue of those Days may be applied in the Committees; especially the Committees for raising, bringing in, and disposing of Monies.

Lord Forbes', &c. Accompts.

Ordered, That Mr. Hoyle, Mr. Trenchard, Mr. Darley, Mr. Bedingfield, Mr. Bond, Sir Jo. Clotworthy, do consider of and receive the Lord Forbes and his Officers Accompts: And to approve and disapprove, as they shall see Cause; and to make Report of all to the House.

Mr. Collins the Auditor is appointed to attend the Committee in this Service.

They are likewise to consider how the said Lord Forbes, and his Officers, may be paid what shall be found to be due unto them.

Merchant Adventurers.

Ordered, That Mr. Whitlock be added to the Committee for the Merchant Adventurers last Petition.

Southell's Horses.

Ordered, That the Petition of Tho. Southell, of St. Martins in the field, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee of Westminster; to consider of Satisfaction to be given to the Petitioner, for the Four Horses taken from him, or of the Delivery of the Horses back again; and to report the same to the House; and that the Horses be stayed where they are, in the mean time.

Making Farthings.

Ordered, That Mr. Playter, formerly intrusted with the making of Farthings, do bring in to the Committee at Haberdashers Hall the Acquittances for all such Monies as he hath disbursed or received in the said Service since the Beginning of July last past.

Farthing Token Office.

Ordered, That Mr. Harrington and Mr. Peter Hasard Merchant be added to Mr. Est, to be Overseers of the Accompts concerning the Farthing Token Office.

Queen of Bohemia.

The Draught of a Letter, to be sent to the Queen of Bohemia, with the Letter inclosed, sent from her Majesty to the Prince Rupert, was read; and recommitted to the same Committee.

Lords desire a Conference.

A Message from the Lords by Sir Edw. Leech and Dr. Bennett;

The Lords desire a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, To-morrow at Ten of Clock, in the Painted Chamber, concerning Sheriff Langham.

Lord Stanhope's Pass.

Ordered, That the Lord Stanhope shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to pass, with his Wife, Children, and ordinary Servants, into France; the Servants Names to be specified in the Warrant.

Apprehending suspected Persons.

Ordered, That the Persons, named in the Schedule hereunto annexed, taking with them the Constables of each several Parish, shall be authorized, and are hereby required, to make diligent Search, in all such Houses and Places in their several and respective Parishes, as they shall think fit; for the finding, apprehending, and disarming, of such dangerous, and other suspected Persons, as do remain and lurk within the said Parishes, and cannot give an Account of any just Cause of their being there: And that they bring them before the Committee of Examinations, there to be further dealt withal, as the Case shall require. And it is further Ordered, That, for the better Execution of this Order, Colonel Manwaring, Captain Harvey, and Captain Titchbourne, and every of them, with a competent Number of Soldiers, shall be aiding and assisting to the said Parishioners upon all Occasions; timely Notice being first given to the said Colonel and Captains, by the said several and respective Parishioners.

Invalid Soldiers.

Whereas many well affected People, out of Zeal and Faithfulness to the Preservation of the true Protestant Religion, Laws, and Liberties of this Kingdom, have gone forth under the Command of his Excellency the Earl of Essex, in the Army set forth by the Parliament; and divers of them have, in several Battles and Fights with the Enemies of the King and Kingdom, been sore wounded and maimed; and others fallen into several Disasters and Sickness, by reason of Watching, and other Casualty in War; whereby they are, for the present, disinabled from the said Service, or relieving themselves any other Way, till it shall please God they be recovered:

It is this Day Ordered, by the Commons in Parliament, That a general Collection, by way of Contribution, for and towards defraying the Charge of relieving the said maimed and sick Soldiers, during the Time of their Cure, be made in every Parish Church of all those Parishes, that are mentioned in the weekly Bill of London, together with the Counties of Middlesex and Surrey, by the Churchwardens, Collectors for the Poor, Sidesmen, or Constables, of each of the aforesaid Parishes, on the next general Fast Day, being the Six-and-twentieth of this instant April: And the Monies so collected by them, to pay unto Mr. Holland and Mr. Jennour, Members of the said House of Commons, or their Deputies, at Goldsmiths Hall, London, on the Friday next after the said Fast Day; by them to be disposed of, to the Uses aforesaid, in such manner as the Committee appointed by the House of Commons for maimed Soldiers, shall from time to time direct. And it is further Ordered, That the Minister of every the said Parishes shall publish this Order in their Churches, immediately after Sermon, on the said Fast Day; and shall exhort the People to a liberal Contribution, in this so pious and charitable a Work.

Captives at Algier.

Upon the humble Petition of Elizabeth Chickley, Susan Robinson, Mary Savage, Katharine Swanton, Mary Taylor, Julian Morris, and Lucy Mitchell, on the Behalf of themselves, and many others, setting forth, that their Husbands, and others, were taken by Turkish Pirates, carried to Algier, and there now remain in miserable Captivity, having great Fines imposed on them for their Ransoms; and that the Petitioners have endeavoured, by Sale of their Goods, and Help of their Friends, to raise what Part they can of the said Fines; but, being very poor, and having great Charge of Children, are no ways able to make up the said Fines, without some other Relief; so that their said Husbands, with the other Captives, and themselves, for want thereof, are like to perish; for Relief wherein, the Petitioners humbly implore the Aid of the Parliament; as by the said Petition may appear: And whereas the Parliament did heretofore take Course for the setting forth of a Fleet of Ships, for the suppressing of those Pirates, and Deliverance of those poor Captives, which hath not taken that Success which could be wished, in respect of the Rebellion in Ireland, and Distempers in this Kingdom; the Safety of both which Kingdoms have enforced the Parliament to employ several Fleets of Ships for the Defence, Preservation, and Safety of his Majesty's Dominions, and clearing the Seas of Pyrates, and other Enemies to the State, near Home: It is therefore thought fit, and so Ordered, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, that Collections be made in the several Churches within the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Borough of Southwark, and the Suburbs, and Liberties of the said Cities, of the charitable Benevolences of well-disposed Christians, for and towards the Relief of the said Captives: And the Monies then collected to be returned and paid, by the Churchwardens and Collectors, into the Hands of the Commissioners of the Navy, appointed by both Houses of Parliament; who are to take care of the Distribution and Employment thereof, for and towards the Redemption of the said Captives: The Lords and Commons not doubting of a free and liberal Contribution of all his Majesty's People, to so good and pious a Work: the great Pressures being upon the State at present, disabling, or not permitting, them to afford them any other Relief.