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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'Index - O', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644, (London, 1802) pp. 64-65. British History Online [accessed 25 April 2024]

-, Mr. 1644, appointed Colonel of a Troop to be raised at his own Expence; Saddles, Arms, and Pistols, to be allowed, 13 Sept.

-, 1643, Petition of Inhabitants concerning Monies disbursed for Provisions for Lord General's Army, read, 25 Nov. - Order for 200 £ to supply the Necessities of the Town, and pay Part of Arrears for Billet, 17 Feb.

-, Owen, 1644, Member to search Journals concerning the Pension granted him, 23 Oct.

-, Baroness of, 1643, Petition read; Committees in Warwickshire to forbear levying Assessments upon her Lands, 11 May.

-, 1643, Petition of several out of Employment, referred to the Committee at Merchant Taylors Hall, 28 July.
-, 1644, Order against exchanging any that deserted the Parliament Service in Ireland, 10 Oct. - Petition of several out of Employment, from Lords, with special Recommendation, 14 Nov.

-, 1643, a Committee to prepare Ordinance to annul Offices given by the King since he withdrew from his Parliament; Instruction to annul Honours conferred since that time, 3 July. To displace Judges with him at Oxon, 11 - House to take a Day's Time to consider any Motion for conferring an Office, and the Order to be made in full House, 29 Jan.
-, 1644, a Committee to inquire into the Value and Nature of Offices bestowed by the Parliament; Members to acquaint them with the Profits of their Places, 14 Nov. Order for their Meeting, 16 & 19. Members concerned therein to attend them, 19.

-, Sir John, 1643, to be sent for in safe Custody, 18 Sept.
-, Mr. 1643, Information concerning him referred to a Committee, 22 Mar. Vide Carne, Colonel.

-, Sir William, 1643, voted incapable of sitting during this Parliament - To be discharged from his Employment in Ireland, 24 June.

-, Colonel. Vide Quarrel - 1643, his Petition referred to the Committee for Safety, 11 July.

-, St. Southwark, 1642, Ordinance for sequestering the Living, read, and agreed to; Lords Concurrence to be desired, 16 Mar. Day appointed by them for hearing Proofs against the Parson, 17.

-, Francis, 1643. Vide Privileges.

-, George, 1643, to attend a Committee - The Cause of his Commitment to be certified to the House, 24 Jan.

-, Dr. 1643, Order to forbear admitting him into the Divinity Lectureship at Cambridge, and for removing him to the Tower; Member to prepare Ordinance for that Purpose, 2 Oct. To send it to the University with a Letter, 5.
-, Michael, 1644, Motion for appointing him Register of the Prerogative Court; Member to prepare Ordinance with a Blank, 21 June. Vide Prerogative Court.

-, Captain Francis, 1643, Letter from Dunkirk, relating his taking a Ship by Pretence of a Commission from the Irish Rebels, and that they were both taken by the Holland Admiral, and sent into Holland; Lord Admiral to be desired to write to the Governor of Dunkirk to proceed against him as a Pirate; Mr. Strickland to be desired to send over Copies of his Commission and Instructions, and desire the States to proceed against him as a Pirate, 24 May.

-, High, 1643, Order for sequestering the Living, read, and agreed to, 21 Oct.

-, 1643, concerning the Time for Motions for Discharge of Prisoners, 1 Apr. - Concerning the Time for Rising of the House, 6 Apr. - 8 Aug. - For private Petitions to be moved, or private Motions made; the Time of making new Motions, or beginning new Business, 6 Apr. - 14 Feb. - Concerning the Time of Committees Sitting, 21 Apr. - The Time of Rising and Sitting of the House, 21 Apr. - 14 Feb. - Execution of an Order dispensed with, 3 May - Order for clearing the outward Room - Against Members going out of the House without Leave, 6 June - Concerning Members absent without Leave, 17 June - 20 Aug. - Concerning repairing the House, 16 Oct. - Concerning the Time of Speaker's leaving the Chair, 18 - For mulcting Members coming after 9 o'clock, 9 Dec. - 14 Feb. - Concerning Members coming in during Prayers, 16 Feb.
-, concerning Members not attending at Church on Fast Days, 24 Apr. - Revoked, 18 Mar. 1643 - 1 July 10 & 19 Aug. - 7 Sept. - 2 Dec. 15 Mar. 1643 - 4 Nov. 1644 - Suspended, 8 & 14 Apr. - 17 June - 10 Aug. 1643 - To be printed, 14 Apr. 1643 - Vacated, 9 Mar. 1643 - 26 Mar. 1644 - Amended, 19 July 1644 - Renewed, 10 Sept. 1644.

-, 1643, none to be brought in or read without a Brief, 2 Nov.
-, 1644, One rejected, 8 May - Resolution that it is unparliamentary for Lords to send down Reasons in another Paper to any Ordinance, at the Beginning thereof, 11 - A Committee to prepare List of Ordinances and Bills to be presented to the King, with the Propositions of Peace, 24 July - List presented, 1 Aug. - Order for printing all passed since the Publication of the last Volume, 5 - Ordinances reported from Commitment, to be read Third time before passing, 24 - No private Ordinance to be passed, or sent to Lords, till the accustomed Fees are paid, 13 Dec. - All the Members to go up to Lords with an Ordinance, 19.

-, Vide Church Government - 1643, Information of Persons that ordain, referred to the Committee for plundered Ministers, 20 Nov.

-, Office of, 1643, Ordinance appointing a Lieutenant, agreed to by Lords, 22 Feb. - Order touching Indentures for the Delivery of Stores, 21 Mar.
-, 1644, a Committee to consider of Abuses in the Office, 28 Mar. - Order for paying 1,500 £ Monthly for furnishing the Stores with Arms and Ammunition, agreed to by Lords, 24 June. Commencement thereof, 22 - Ordinance for that Purpose, read and agreed to; Lord Concurrence signified, 6 July - Disposal of the Clerk of the Deliveries Place, referred to the Committee, 19. Order for making Report, 20 - Order for taking the Remains of all Stores; the Committee to appoint a proper Person, 24 Aug. - Ordinance reinforceing the former Ordinance for paying 1,500 £ Monthly for furnishing the public Stores, 2 Sept. Agreed to by Lords, 3 - Order for receiving 118 Barrels of Powder into the Stores, and paying for them, 10 - for receiving more, 18 - Ordinance for paying Monies to the Lieutenant, for providing a new Train for Lord General's Army, 30 - Sent to Lords, 4 Oct. Order for paying it out of the Arrears of the Weekly Assessments, 5 - Order for delivering out several Pieces, sent to Lords, 4. - Order for delivering Sarcenet sufficient to make 60 Colours, 12 - For advancing 250 £ to the Lieutenant for buying Drums, 14. - A Committee to examine Patents granted to former Lieutenants, and compose the Differences between the present Lieutenant and inferior Officers, 23 - Order for paying him 318 £ for providing Match, Eullet, &c. 6 Nov. - The Committee for regulating the Office, and for examining the Lieutenants Patents, to be joined, 8.

-, Marquis of, 1643, Draught of a Letter to him and Lord Lisle, read, and agreed to, 29 June - Lords Concurrence signified, 4 July - Resolution for impeaching him of High Treason; Impeachment sent to Lords - No Commissions or Orders from him to be of Force, 15 Feb.

-, John, 1643, Report concerning him; Question that he be discharged, Neg. 8 May.

-, Sir Peter, 1642, a Committee to prepare Ordinance for sequestering his Estate, 21 Mar. Ordinance read, and recommitted, 24.
-, 1643, Petition against him, read, and referred to a Committee, 19 June - Order for Sale of his sequestered Goods, 29 - For Payment of Fees belonging to him, 16 Aug. - A Committee to inquire into the Entry of a Memorandum in his Office, 4 Nov.
-, William. Vide White, Richard.

-, Edward, 1643, to be sent son as a Delinquent, for refusing to serve, after receiving Preft-money, 25 Mar.

-, 1643, Order for sequestering the Living, read, and agreed, to, 18 Oct.

-, Derrick van, 1643, to have Warrant to pass with his Wife; &c. into Holland, 8 Aug.

-, 1644, Letter concerning taking the Town and Castle, with a List of Prisoners and Arms, 18 June - Another concerning the Defeat of the Enemy at the Siege thereof, 10 July.

-, Sir Charles, 1643, Ordinance for repaying him and others Monies advanced for the Service of Gloucester, read twice, and committed, 23 Mar.

-, Sir Hugh, 1643, Lord General to be moved to propound a fit Person in Exchange for him, 5 Feb.
-, Mr. 1643, to be sent for, as a Delinquent, 29 May.
-, Richard, 1643, committed to Lord Petre's House, 20 June.
-, Captain Richard, 1644, Lord Admiral impowered to discharge or continue him, 4 Apr. - His Letter from Lords, 17 May.

-, Mr. 1644, House takes notice of his voluntary Contribution for Relief of Lyme, 16 May.

-, Mr. 1643, Order for paying his Legacy to the Parliament, for the Service of Wem, and erecting a Monument to him, 7 Mar.
-, 1644, Ordinance for paying it to Colonel Mitton, read, agreed to, and sent to Lords, 7 Aug.

-, County, 1643, Appointment of High Sheriff respited, 30 Dec.
-, 1644. Relation of the State of Oxon, and Parts thereabouts; Orders for sending several Troops of Horse into Oxfordshire; a Committee to consider of Ways for raising Monies for paying them, and how Horses may be taken up in and about London, and how the Owners of Carts employed to carry Provisions may be paid, 6 June. Committees added, 7. Resolutions touching the Pay of the Troops, 7 & 8. A Committee to prepare Ordinance for that Purpose, 7. Order for their Meeting, 8. Ordinance for appointing Committees in the Counties of Oxon, Bucks, and Berks, read twice, and committed, 15. Reported, 21. Sent to Lords, 22. Returned from them, with Amendments; Amendments agreed to, 25 - House to consider of Ways and Means for raising Forces, and Money to pay them, 19 - Order for employing Horses seized by Order of the Committee for Examinations, to the Service of the County, 21 - Report of the Necessity of a standing Army there; Ordinance for that Purpose, read twice; Day for the general Rendezvous, and Rates of Men and Horses set upon the several Counties, agreed to; several Cities added; Ordinance committed, reported, and passed, 6 July. House desire Lords to pass it, 10. Ordinance returned, with Amendments; Amendments agreed to; Ordinance to be printed, and sent to the several Counties, 12 - The Committee of both Kingdoms to send Letters to the Committees, to hasten their Proceedings - Ordinance for pressing Men, 17 - The Committee of both Kingdoms to dispose the Forces into speedy Action, and take some Course for sending down all the Officers, 3 Aug. - Committees added, 2 Sept. - Committees Propositions read, and agreed to; the Committee to prepare Ordinance to the Purpose thereof, with a Proviso, touching Compositions, 1 Oct. The Committee impowered to treat with, and present the Names of, Persons desirous to compound, 15 - House to consider of their Relief, 17 Dec. A Committee to consider of it, 19.
-, City, 1643, a Committee to examine a Person who was going thither with a French Letter written in Characters, and inquire out the Writer - Members to search the Waggon, and to stay Money, &c. if there be any, 30 Mar. - Letter from thence, referred to the Committee for Safety, 22 Jan. - Votes of Persons calling themselves the Commons of 12th March, referred to the Committee of both Kingdoms, 18 Mar.
-, University, 1643, Petition of Scholars, referred to the Committee for plundered Ministers - Papers from the Assembly concerning the University, to be considered, 30 Nov. - A Committee of both Houses to consider of a proper Place to settle Scholars in that are come from thence, 5 Dec. - Order for Stay of Rents due to the Colleges and Halls - A Committee to consider former Orders relating thereto, 19 Mar.
-, 1644, Order for depositing their Revenues in the Committees Hands of the several Counties where they lie; Member to prepare Ordinance for that Purpose, 14 Oct.