House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 4 May 1643

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 4 May 1643', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644, (London, 1802) pp. 70-71. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]


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Die Jovis, 4 Maii, 1643.


Flemming's Arrears.

THE humble Petition of Mary Flemming, Wife of Captain Jo. Flemming, deceased;

Ordered, That the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom do grant their Warrant to the Treasurer at Wars, forthwith to pay unto Mrs. Mary Flemming, the Widow of Captain John Flemming, taken Prisoner at Keinton Battle, and since deceased, all such Arrears as shall appear due unto him: And that the Committee for regulating Payments do sign the Warrants for Payment . . the said Arrears.

Money raised in Essex.

Ordered, That Captain Long, or any other in whose Hands the Monies raised by him in the County of Essex are, shall be required, forthwith, upon Sight hereof, to send up the said Monies, according to the Order of the Two-and-twentieth of April, 1643.

Irish Affairs.

Letters from the Lords Justices of Ireland, of the Two-and-twentieth of April, and likewise the Copies of Two Letters from Londonderry and Coleraine, were this Day read; and ordered to be referred to the speedy Consideration of the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland.

Relief of Irish Protestants.

A Letter from Bristoll of the Twenty-ninth of April, with some Invoices of the Particulars sent into Ireland, for the Relief of the Protestants there, by the Charity of the well-affected Inhabitants of that City, and the neighbouring Parts of the adjacent Counties, was this Day read: And it is Ordered, That this Letter and Invoices be printed; and that the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland, do return a Letter of Acknowledgment and Thanks to the said Inhabitants for their good Affection and Charity; and likewise, that the said Letter an l Invoices be entered in the Journals of this House, for a perpetual Testimony of their Charity and good Affection.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland, do prepare some Instructions for the Gentlemen that are appointed to go into the several and respective Counties, for the Employments of the weekly Assessments; to take care for the bringing in the Arrears and Collections for Ireland; and to stir them up to the charitable and voluntary Contribution of Provisions; according to the late Ordinance.

Declaration on the Treaty.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Declaration upon the Treaty at Oxon do meet this Afternoon at Two of Clock in the Exchequer Chamber: And that Mr. Glyn do give an Account of such of this Committee as shall not attend this Service.

Irish Affairs.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland do forthwith bring in a List of what Provisions, and of what Money, has been sent into Ireland upon Certificate, and otherwise, or into any Parts thereof; and of what Value those Provisions do amount unto; and that they do write unto the Lords Justices, that they send a List hither, what Money, Provisions, Victual, or Ammunition, they have received from this Kingdom, since the Rebellion first brake forth: The Committee is especially required to bring in a List of what Money, Provisions, Victual, or Ammunition, hath been sent into Ireland, upon the charitable Contribution of the City of London.

Ordered, That on Saturday next, at Nine of Clock, the House do take into further Consideration the Affairs of Ireland, and do receive an Account from the Committees for those Affairs, of the State of the Affairs of that Kingdom.

Ordered, That the Matter concerning the Money deposited in the Hands of Mr. Reade and Mr. Oxewick, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland; to examine the true State of it, and to make some Order in it; and to report it to the House.

Ship Confidence.

The humble Petition of the Master, Officers, and common Seamen, under the Command of Captain Bartlett, in the Ship called the Confidence, of Dublyn, was this Day read: And it is Ordered, That Captain Bartlett shall have an Ordinance of both Houses, for the publick Faith of the Kingdom, to pay him such Monies as are due unto Him and Company, for his Irish Service; and that he shall undertake to pay and satisfy the Master, Officers, and Seamen, such Pay as is due unto them: And that Mr. Goodwyn do prepare an Ordinance to this Purpose.

Irish Accounts.

Mr. Goodwyn reported from the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland, these several Sums following, due to several Persons (whose Names he likewise reported) for Victual and Cloaths delivered for the Army in Ireland; as appears by several Certificates perused and allowed by the Committee, as was affirmed by the Reporter; viz.

£. s. d.
Unto Tho. Prince, for Cheese sent to Munster 563 2 6
Unto Tho. Fossan, for Pease, sent thither 50 13 4
Unto Jo. Cooke and Geo. Young, for Fish, sent thither 135 9 2
Unto Tho. Radbord, for Butter, sent thither 220 17 6

These Provisions bought here.

Unto Mr. Maurice Thompson, for Powder and Shot, delivered at Youghall 42 0 0
Unto Sir Jo. Hippisley, for Fish, delivered at Corke 297 18 0
Unto Sir Jo. Hippisley, for Iron, delivered at Cork 32 0 0
Unto Mr. Jo. Baker, for Oatmeal and Wheat, delivered at Corke 11 11 0
Unto Wm. Smart, Mariner, for Provisions, delivered there 156 0 0

All certified to be delivered, and received, by the Lord Inchiquin and the Commissary.

Unto Nicholas Bagbier, for Provisions, delivered at Youghall 132 16 6
Unto Fr. Rowland, for Beef delivered, at Youghall 312 10 0

Certified by the Earl of Corke, and the Commissary.

Unto Mr. Jacob Ablyn, for Herrings, delivered at Dublyn 88 10 0
Unto Rob. Lawson, for Provisions, delivered at Londonderry 240 15 2
Unto Mr. Christopher Dew, for a Thousand Coats 491 0 0
Unto Mr. Jo. Pocock, for a Thousand Coats 428 10 0

Bought here, and sent to Munster.

Unto Mr. Wm. Pennoyer, for the Remainder of an Account ordered by the House 86 3 7
Unto Jo. Read and Jo. Gilbert, for Cheese, delivered at Dublyn, by one Worseley 85 0 0

Resolved, &c. That the particular Sums, to the particular Persons abovenamed, according to the several Certificates, and the Orders, brought from the Committee, be paid out of the Subscription Monies for Ireland, already received:- And that the Lords Concurrence be desired berein.

Commissioners of Customs.

Ordered, That the Commissioners and Collectors of the Customs be forthwith summoned to attend the House To-morrow Morning at Nine of Clock.


Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Navy, to bring in the State and Condition of the Navy, what Ships are already set forth.

Raising Money.

Ordered, That the Committee for raising Monies, by laying Charge upon Commodities, be enjoined to meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Star Chamber: And that they, or any Four of them, shall have Power to meet this Afternoon; and so from time to time, as they shall think fit; and to act, resolve, and report what they shall do therein.

Not to publish King's Proclamation.

Ordered, That the Mayor of the Town of Petersfield do not publish, or suffer to be published, within any of his Liberties or Jurisdictions, his Majesty's Proclamation, intituled, "A Proclamation prohibiting the assessing, collecting, or paying any weekly Taxes, and seizing or sequestring the Rents or Estates of Our good Subjects, by Colour of any Orders, or pretended Ordinances, of one or both Houses of Parliament:" And, for his Obedience herein, he shall be protected, and saved harmless, by both Houses of Parliament.

Persons sent for.

Resolved, &c. That the High Sheriff and Under Sheriff of the County of Southampton, be forthwith sent for, as Delinquents, by the Serjeant at Arms attending on this House.

Relief of Irish Protestants, &c.


THE Provisions which, by a free Benevolence, hath been gathered in this City, and brought in from Part of Gloucestershire and Somersetshire, is imbarqued upon two Vessels; the one is the Mermaide of Bristoll, and the other is the Sampson, of this Place also; the latter whereof is a Ship of good Defence, and goeth a Convoy unto what we send, and That from Mynhead: They will be ready to set sail on Monday next. We thought good to render the Parliament an Account of the Quantity, and several Sorts, of which we have inclosed: We hope it will come timely to their Relief. It is consigned unto my Lord Inchaqueen, the Earl of Cork, and to Mr. Richard Ward Commissary; and have left it to their Wisdoms, to proportion to each Place what is fitting. Sir, having this Opportunity, we heartily desire you to present to the House of Commons our thankful Acknowledgment of their Care of this City, in sending Colonel Fiennes to command the Forces here: He is a Gentleman of unwearied Pains and Watchfulness, not omitting any thing which may conduce to our Safety. Our Fortifications are in a good Forwardness, and hath cost us very much Monies: Mr. Fiennes is the sole Director thereof; who, in Person, followeth it daily: Which, being perfected, we hope (under God) may be the Preservation of us, and our Neighbour Counties; whose Assistance, in this extraordinary Charge, (by the Favour of the honourable Houses of Parliament) we hope to attain; craving Your Furtherance and Help, when the House shall be moved thereunto. For present, we conclude, with Tender of Our humble Service; and rest

Bristoll, 29th April, 1643. Your assured Friends and Servants,
Richard Aldworth, Mayor.
John Goning,
Humphrey Hook,
John Tomlinson,
Andrew Charlton,
Richard Long,
Wm. Jones,
Hu. Browne,
Joseph Jackson,
John Lock.

Invoice of several Sorts of Provisions laden upon Ship Maremaide, Wm. Lambert Master, for the Relief of the Protestants in Ireland, from the City of Bristoll, 14 April', 1643.

Imprimis, Two hundred and One Bushels of White Pease.

Two hundred and five Bushels of Grey Pease.

Eighty-two Bushels of Beans.

Three Hogsheads, Fifteen Barrels, and Two Kilderkins, of Beef.

Two Hogsheads, and One Butt, of Dry Fish.

Ten Bundles of Dry Fish.

One Hogshead, One Barrel, and Two Kilderkins, of Corn Fish.

Twenty Couple of Bank Fish.

One Hogshead, and Two Barrels, of Herrings.

Five Tuns of Cheese; being 1,648 Cheeses in Bulk:

Two Hogshead of Cheese

One Hogshead of Bacon.

Thirty-four Flitches of Bacon.

One Barrel of Beef and Bacon.

One Kilderkin of Pork.

Seven Kilderkins, Seven Firkins, and One Half Firkin; of Butter.

One Puncheon of Prunes.

Three Tuns, and Three Hogsheads, of Beer.

Forty-seven Hundred, One Quarter, Nineteen Pounds, of Bread.

Invoice of several Sorts of Provisions laden upon Ship Sampson, Thomas Goodyer Master, for the Relief of the Protestants in Ireland, from the City of Bristoll; 27 April', 1643.

Imprimis, One Barrel of Beef.

One Barrel of Meal.

One Hogshead, and Three Barrels, of Wet Fish.

One Barrel of Dry Fish,

Two Kilderkins of Herrings.

Three Barrels of Bacon.

Twenty Flitches of Bacon.

One Butt of Beef and Bacon:

Twenty-three Kilderkins, Seventeen Firkins, One Tub; and Five Pots of Butter.

Eighty Bushels of White Pease.

Three Hundred and Seventeen Bushels of Grey Pease.

Four hundred and Forty-three Bushels of Mang Corn.

Three Tuns, Fifteen Hundred, of Cheese; being 1,369 Cheeses.

One Barrel of Cheese.

One Bag of Hops; Weight, Two Hundred, One Quarter, and Two Pounds.

One Barrel, and Eleven Kilderkins, of Oatmeal.

One Butt of Malt.

One Puncheon of Prunes.

One Dry Fat of Shoes.

Fifty Hundred Weight of Bread.

Eight Hundred Weight of Corn Fish.

More in Money, Thirty Pounds, which will be laid out in Provisions, and sent upon this Ship: And, this Day, brought in out of the Country, about Five Tuns of Corn, and other Provisions.

Playfere's Arrears.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom, do grant their Warrant to the Treasurer at Wars, forthwith to pay unto Mrs. Judith Playfere, the Widow of Captain Playfere, late Prisoner in the Castle of Oxon, deceased, all such Arrears as shall appear due unto him; and that the Committee for regulating Payments do sign the Warrant for Payment of the said Arrears.