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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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-, William, 1643. Vide Privileges.

-, Lord Viscount, 1643, to be examined by the Committee for Irish Affairs, 31 Aug.

-, Mr. 1644, Order for 100 £ to him out of the Sequestration Monies in Westminster, 8 Oct. Agreed to by Lords, 9.

-, Francis, 1643, Order for permitting his Wife, &c. to pass beyond Sea, 9 Aug. Revoked; Copy of the Revocation to be sent to Officers of the Out-ports, 10.

-, Sir Henry, Senior, 1643, Order for restoring his Money, Books, &c. seized in the Cofferer's Lodgings at Whitehall, 2 Sept. - For delivering to him Money in the Cofferer's Hands - For his detaining Money due to Sir John Harrison, 5 Oct. - No Member to relate any Passages in the House concerning him, 13 Nov. - Order for Payment of Arrears due to him upon Grants from the Crown, and for future Payment thereof, 13 Mar.
-, 1644, Ordinance for Reparation of Damages sustained by Colonel Heron, and others, out of their Estates, read, and committed, 8 Nov.
-, Sir Henry, junior, 1643, dispatched into the North upon important Occasions, 6 June - Report of the Passages of his Journey, the State of the Forces, and his Instructions from the Committee of both Kingdoms with the Scots Army; Thanks thereupon, 1 July - His Return from Scotland approved; thanked for his Services, 26 Oct.

-, Madam, 1643, a Committee to search her Goods seized by the Sequestrators, 20 Sept.

-, Mr. 1644, the Committee for the Navy to consider his Sufferings for not paying Tonage and Poundage, 14 June.

-, Henry, 1643, Order for his Discharge, upon taking the Protestation, 11 Apr. - Voted incapable of fitting during this Parliament, 5 Feb.
-, Charles, 1644. Vide Privileges.

-, alias, Faustus, St. 1643, Order for sequestering the Living, read, and agreed to, 22 Aug.

-, Colonel, 1643, Order for paying the Arrears of his Regiment, 14 & 15 Apr. - For delivering him Powder, &c. 9 Aug. - His Account of Monies raised for Relief of the Garison at Windsor Castle, referred to the Committee for Examinations, 27 Nov.
-, 1644, Member to acquaint him, by Letter, of Informations concerning him, 14 June.

-, Peter, 1643, voted incapable of sitting during this Parliament, 22 Jan.

-, Duke of, 1642, to be discharged from paying the One per Cent. 15 Mar. - Question for a Conference concerning passing his Goods and Horses - Order for searching his Trunks, &c. - To have Warrant to transport 50 Horses into France, Custom and Impost free, 16.

-, Lady, 1643, appointed Governers to the young Princes, 28 June.

-, Sir Phelibert, 1643, ordered into Custody for being in Arms against the Parliament - To pay the Soldiers that brought him up, 2 May.

-, Sir Robert, 1643, to have Warrant to go to Oxon, 9 May.

-, Mrs. 1643, Order for restoring her Goods, 9 Sept.

-, 1644, the Committee for plundered Ministers to consider of raising a proper Maintenance for them out of impropriate Parsonages, &c. 7 Oct. - The Committee for Sequestrations to consider of an Allowance to them out of sequestrable impropriate Livings, 3 Nov.

-, Richard, 1643, Petition referred to the Committee for the Navy, 9 Oct.

-, 1644, Amendments to the Ordinance from Lords for him, reported, read twice, and agreed to; Conference to be desired thereupon; Manager appointed, 29 Aug.

-, Marquis of, 1643, Conference desired by Lords about Things concerning him, agreed to; Reporters appointed; Conference held, and reported - To have Warrant to pass into France with Plate brought from thence - Another Conference with Lords concerning his transporting Horses, agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, 11 Apr. To have Warrant for transporting Sixteen, 15 - Message from Lords, acquainting House they had granted his Sons a Pass for France with 12 Horses, 11 Aug. - One of them to have Warrant for transporting Six, 19 Oct.

-, Mr. 1643, committed to Lord Petre's House, 20 June.

-, Richard, and Edward Godfrey, 1643, Articles against them to be copied by Clerk, and sent to Gentlemen, with Power to take their Answers, and examine Witnesses, 18 Apr.
-, Mr. 1644, Petition desiring he may be Vicar of Coventry, read; nothing done thereupon, 13 June - Desired to preach, 8 July - 18 Oct. - Thanked, and to print his Sermons, 19 July - 22 Oct. - Ordinance appointing him Master of the Temple, read, agreed to, and sent to Lords, 19 Aug.

-, 1643, the Committee for the Navy to certify to the Committee at Haberdashers Hall such as were Delinquents upon the Wine Project, and the Sums due from those that have submitted to the Parliament; the Committee to appoint Days of Payment, 10 May - Ordinance enforcing them to pay in their Arrears of Excise, read, and passed; returned from Lords, with an Amendment; Amendment agreed to, 7 Nov.
-, 1644, Petition of Retailers, for moderating the Excise upon French Wines, read; nothing done thereupon, 1 Apr. - A Committee to prepare Ordinance for raising Monies from the Adventurers and Sharers in the Wine Project, 22 - Ordinance for that Purpose - The Committee at Gloucester to prepare Order to enable them to compound with such whose Restitution-monies have been ascertained, and coerce the Payment thereof, 29 - Ordinance amended pursuant thereto, 11 May - Vintners Propositions reported; Resolution for accepting 4,000£ offered by them, upon the Conditions expressed, 20 June - The Committee to examine the Business concerning the Actors and Contrivers in the Wine Project, 22.

-, Thomas, Vide Ryley, Theophilus - 1643, committed to Lord Petre's House, 20 June - Close Prisoner to the Tower, 6 Jan.
-, 1644, Ordinance for sequestering his Estate, 4 Nov. Sent to Lords, 9. Agreed to by them, 11.

-, 1644, the Committee for the Navy to consider of reducing it to the Obedience of the Parliament, 10 June - Petition of Merchants for Liberty to transport Cloaths, Victual, &c. Custom-free, agreed to; Part thereof concerning the Sequestration of Planters Estates, referred to the Sequestrators, 26 Aug.

-, Sir Richard, 1643, voted incapable of sitting during this Parliament, 22 Jan.

-, Vide Ireland.

-, 1643, Ordinance for raising them within the Bills of Mortality, read, agreed to, and to be printed; Conference desired with Lords thereupon, agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, 12 Apr. Message desiring them to pass it; Answer, that it is passed, and printed, 13 - Ordinance for them read; Question for passing it, Neg. 13 July.

-, Johannes Gerardus, 1644, Member to give Account of an intercepted Letter concerning him; gives Account; Order for continuing his Pension, and paying the Arrears thereof, 31 Oct. - Person appointed to receive the Monies, 13 Nov. Lords Concurrence to be desired, 25.

-, Mr. 1643. Vide Privileges.

-, Castle, 1643, Order for removing the Ordnance, and discharging the Guards, 21 Oct. - Deputy Lieutenant's Letter; assigning Reasons for the Continuance of them, read, and referred to the Committee for Safety - Declaration that the House never intended to disband the Twenty old Soldiers and Eight Cannoneers, 18 Dec.

-, Colonel, 1643, Order concerning him, agreed to by Lords, 5 Oct.

-, Sir John, 1644, Letters concerning his coming in, read - Leave given him to go beyond Sea, 10 Nov.

-, Mr. a Printer, 1642, to have the Benefit, of his own Copy of a Book, intituled, "A Collection of Declarations, "Votes," &c. 24 Mar.
-, 1643, Member to prepare Ordinance for paying him for printing the Covenants and Declarations, and other Services, 9 Feb. - A Committee to examine the Matter of Fact touching his printing the Declaration of both Kingdoms, 12. Message to Lords, acquainting them he is appointed to print 4,000, and desiring he may be forthwith discharged; Answer thereto, 13. Order for printing 2,000 more, 22.

-, Barnard, 1643, Information touching his fraudulent Landing Goods at Lyme; Governor to be desired to summon him to appear, and, upon Refusal, to send him up in safe Custody, 5 Oct.
-, Richard, 1643, Petition; a Prisoner to be brought to a Committee, to be Witness in his Cause, 23 Oct.

-, Jonas, 1644, a Committee to prepare Ordinance appointing him Minister of Braybrooke, 23 Aug. - Ordinance for that Purpose, 6 Sept. Sent to Lords, 9. Returned, with an Amendment; Amendment agreed to, 24.

-, Sir William, 1644, the Committee for Portsmouth to certify the State of his Health, 28 Mar. - The Committee for absent Members to examine the Case of his Absence, 22 Apr. - Report; Question for re-admitting him, Neg.; Report re-committed, 14 May - His Petition read; Order for making Report, 28 Oct. Report; Order for re-admitting him, 31.

-, 1643, Ordinance for paying the Garrison, to be presented, 9 Dec. Read, and committed, 15 - House put Lords in mind thereof, 5 Feb. Ordinance returned, with a Proviso; Proviso read, and agreed to, 17.

-, 1643, Letter from thence read, 27 Mar.