House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 18 May 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 18 Maii, 1643.


Affairs in Kent.

A LETTER from divers of the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Kent, of the Seventeenth of May; concerning some Parliament-men, whom they name, that do not concur with them in the Execution of the Orders and Ordinances of Parliament; was this Day read: And Ordered, That Sir Tho. Walsingham do return them Thanks for their Letter; and for the great Pains they have taken in collecting the Monies, and returning the Accounts.

Kent Committees.

Ordered, That Sir Edw. Partheriche, Sir Norton Knatchbull, Sir Tho. Peyton, Sir F. Barnham, be added to the Committees named in the Ordinances, for the weekly Assessments; for Sequestrations; and for assessing such as have not contributed, or not in proportion to their Estates; in the County of Kent: And that they shall have as full and ample Power to all Intents and Purpose, as the other Committees, named in the said Ordinances, have, might, or ought to have; And that the said Persons be enjoined forthwith to go down into the County of Kent, to put the said Ordinances in Execution.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Morley is appointed to carry up the additional Names to the Committees of Sussex; additional Committees to the Committees in Kent; the Ordinance concerning Devon, for levying of Monies for Payment of the Forces there; the Ordinance for the Five associated Counties of Norfolk, Sussex, Essex, Cambridge, and Herts', for levying Monies for Payment of the associated Forces; the Order concerning the Earl of St. Albans and Clanricard; the Ordinance concerning the Usage and Exchange of Prisoners.

Cruelties by King's Forces.

A Letter from Aylesbury, of the Sixteenth of May, from Mr. Jo. Whitteronge and Mr. Tho. Tirrill; concerning the barbarous Cruelties committed in the County of Bucks by the King's Forces.

Lords to sit.

Sir Anth. Irby is appointed to go to the Lords, to desire them to sit awhile; in regard that this House shall have Occasion to come to them upon Matters of great Importance.

Declaration of Parliament.

Mr. Glyn, Mr. Jepson, Mr. Reynolds, Sir Peter Wentworth, Sir Ben. Rudyer, Mr. Hatcher, Mr. Prideaux, Sir Jo. Clotworthy, Mr. Rous, Mr. Pym, Mr. Noble, Mr. Lawrence Whittacre, Sir H. Anderson;

This Committee is appointed to prepare a Declaration, to set forth, That the Rebellion in Ireland, and this in England, spring from one Head; and are managed with concurrent Counsels to one End; for the utter Overthrow and Extirpation of the Protestant Religion: And are to meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Exchequer Chamber: And it is especially recommended unto Mr. Glyn, and Mr. Rous, to take care of this Business.

Lords to sit.

Sir Anth. Irby brings Answer, that the Lords will sit awhile, as is desired.

Conference with Lords.

Sir H. Mildmay is appointed to go to the Lords, to desire a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, touching some Matters of Importance, that concern England and Ireland.

Resolved, That the Letter from Aylesbury shall be delivered at this Conference; and the Lords desired to join with this House, that it may be forthwith printed and published.

Resolved, &c. That the Narrative, made by Mr. Jepson, concerning Letters from the Lord Taff; and the Lord Dillon, to the Lord Muskerry, a Papist, and in actual Rebellion in Ireland; be communicated to the Lords at this Conference.

Inviting Counties to rise.

Resolved, &c. That this House shall invite the several Counties, under the Power of the Parliament, at the moveing of my Lord General, to Rise, and join with his Excellency, with all their Force and Strength, in the Maintenance of this Cause of Religion; for the Preservation of the Protestant Religion; and to prevent the setting up of Popery in England and Ireland; and to redeem themselves from the Rapines, Cruelties, Spoils, and Murders, committed upon them by the King's Forces: And that the Lords Concurrence be desired herein: and Letters sent from both Houses to this Purpose, into the several Counties.

Proceedings against Papists.

Resolved, &c. That Proceedings shall be had against all Papists as Traitors, that have been in Arms, or actual War, against the Parliament; or have furnished the King with Horse, Arms, Ammunition, or Money, to the Maintenance of this War.


Mr. Pym, Mr. Jepson, Mr. Reynolds, are appointed Managers of this Conference.

Sir H. Mildmay brings Answer, that the Lords will give a Meeting at a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, presently, in the Painted Chamber.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Morley brings Answer, that the Lords do agree to all the Orders and Ordinances carried up to the Lords by him; excepting the Ordinance concerning the Usage and Exchange of Prisoners; and the Ordinance concerning the levying Monies in the County of Devon, for Maintenance of the Forces there: To which they will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Great Seal.

Resolved, &c. That the Votes already passed this House concerning a Great Seal, be carried up to the Lords To-morrow, at a Conference; and their Concurrence desired in them.

Mr. Pym, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Serjeant Wilde, Mr. Hill, are appointed Managers of this Conference.

Inviting Counties to rise.

Ordered, That, together with the Letters to be sent into the several Counties, to invite them to Rise with the Lord General, upon his moving, printed Copies of the Letter from Aylesbury, of the Sixteenth of May, be likewise sent.

Langham's Currans.

According to an Order made on Tuesday last, the House fell into Consideration of the Report formerly made, of a Conference with the Lords, concerning Sheriff Langham's landing and disposing of his Currans;

And, after long Debate.

The Question being put, whether this House should concur with the Lords in the Report concerning Sheriff Langham, that he shall have Liberty to land his Currans, and dispose of them, notwithstanding any Ordinance formerly made, that prohibits the Importation and Landing of Currans;

The House was divided:

The Yeas went forth.

Mr. Holles, Sir Jo. Evelyn, Tellers for the Noe: With the Noe, 47
Sir H. Mililmay, Sir Christ. Yelverton, Tellers for the Yea; With the Yea, 49

Resolved, &c. That this House doth concur with the Lords, in the Report concerning Sheriff Langham, that he shall have Liberty to land his Currans, and to dispose of them, notwithstanding any Ordinance formerly made, prohibiting the Importation and Landing of Currans.

Soames' Currans.

Ordered, That the Consideration of the Case, concerning Sir Tho. Soames' Currans, brought upon the same Ship with Sheriff Langham's be referred to the Examination of the Committee for the Navy; to certify the State of it to the House.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Rob. Riche and Mr. Page;

The Lords do agree to the Two Votes, brought up at the last Conference; leaving out, in the last Vote, the Word "whatsoever."


Answer returned by the same Messengers; that this House has considered their Lordships Message; and do agree to leave out the Word "whatsoever."

Seicure of Horses.

Whereas John Pennyfather, John Kinge, and Samuel Leadebetter, were authorized, by Warrant from the Lord General, to seize Horses for the Service of the Army; and, as this House is informed, indicted at the Sessions, now held in the Old Baily, for stealing of Horses: It is this Day Ordered, That the Examination of the Business be referred to the Committee for Examinations; and that, in the mean time, all Proceedings upon the said Indictment, against the said Pennyfather, and the Persons above named, be stayed.