House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 20 May 1643

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 20 May 1643', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644, (London, 1802) pp. 93-96. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]


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Die Sabbati, 20 Maii, 1643.


Salop Committee.

ORDERED, That all will come shall have Voices at the Committee for the County of Salop.

Rawdon's Creditors.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Sir Edmund Wright Knight and Alderman, Sir Jo. Gayer Knight and Alderman, and others, Creditors of Marmaduke Rawdon Merchant, this Uay read, be referred to the Committee for Sequestrations; to take care that the Debt due to the Commonwealth be first paid; and that, out of the Remainder of the Estate, the just Debts due to the Creditors be then satisfied; the first incurred, first paid.

Horses, &c. seized.

Ordered, That the Horses seized of Greenland's the Carrier, be detained and kept for the Use of the State; and the Bonds taken upon him returned to the Committee of Haberdashers..., to dispose of, for the Benefit and Service of the State: And the Wine, and the rest of the Goods, disposed of as Colonel Moore shall direct, and think fit.

Bartlett's Impeachment.

Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Whittlock, Mr. Smyth, are appointed to prepare themselves to manage the Proofs against Judge Bartlett, on Wednesday next, as to that Part of the Impeachment against him, as concerns the Judgment given in the Matter of Ship Money.

Affairs in Berkshire

Mr. Starkey (appointed Solicitor by the Committee of Lords and Commons for Sequestrations for the County of Berks) came and informed the House, of the Way taken for the raising of Monies in the County of Berks, by some Officers of the Army: Who informs, that they levy Monies upon all Persons indifferently, without Distinction of those that are well-affected and those that are ill-affected: That they proceed by the Rule, of the Twentieth Part of Mens personal Estate, and the Fifth Part of Mens yearly Value and Rent; and that they do not express in their Acquittances, that it is to satisfy the Ordinance of the Twentieth Part, though they were desired unto it.

Baker's Horses.

Ordered, That Mr. Baker of Chisleherst, who had his Horses taken from him by Henry Carrick, by Pretence of an Order from Colonel Maleurer, shall have his Horses restored unto him.

Seizing Horses, &c.

Ordered, That the Committee, where Mr. Reynolds has the Chair, concerning the Abuse in taking of Horses, shall have Power to consider what Abuses have been committed by Soldiers, or other Persons, that have raised Monies, or seized the Horses, or other Goods, of the Subject, without Authority of both Houses of Parliament; or that have abused That, or any other Authority, in the raising of Monies, or seizing of Horses, &c.; and how the same may be prevented for the future; and to provide that an Account may be had, what Sums have been so raised, and what Horses or other Goods have been so seized; and to receive Information of all Complaints of this Nature: And are to meet this Afternoon at Three a Clock, in the Exchequer Chamber; and so, from time to time, when and where they please: And Mr. Maynard, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Whitlock, SerjeantWilde, Mr. Grimstone, Mr. Holland, Sir Jo. Ivelyn, Sir Wm. Litton, Mr. Lisle, Mr. Waller, Mr. Cage, Sir Hen. Vaine, Lord Wenman, Sir Pet. Wentworth, Mr. Bond, Mr. Strode, Mr. Hill, Mr. Goodwyn, are added to this Committee: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Writings and Records.

Pixe Money.

Sir Rob. Harley brings Answer, that the Lords do agree to the Ordinance concerning the Trial of the Pixe Money; and have appointed Three Lords of their House to meet with a proportionable Number of this House, to make Trial of the Pixe Money:-They do agree to the Order concerning Devon.

Mr. Pym, Mr. Holles, Mr. Holland, Sir Tho. Soame, Mr. Greene, Mr. Cage;

This Committee is appointed to meet with a Committee of a proportionable Number of the Lords, on Monday-come-Sevennight, to try the Pixe Money.


Ordered, That the Report concerning Ireland shall be made on Monday Morning, the first Business.

Church Government.

Mr. Rous reports the Ordinance for an Assembly, with Amendments: Which were read; and assented unto; and ordered, that it be ingrossed in Parchment, and sent up unto the Lords for their Concurrence.

Transactions with Scotland.

A Paper presented from the Scotch Commissioners: Which was read: And Mr. Pym is to prepare an Answer.

Ordered, That a Conference be had with the Lords, on Monday Morning next, concerning the Paper presented from the Scotch Commissioners, concerning the Scottish Army in Ireland: And also, about the naming of Commissioners to be sent into Scotland.

Taking of Stafforde.

Two Letters were read, dated at Stafford 17 Maii; one from Sir Wm. Bruerton, and another from Lieutenant Colonel Chadwicke; informing the House of the taking of Stafforde; and of the Names of the Prisoners they took there.

Resolved, That Mr. Ralph Sneed, a Member of this House, taken Prisoner at Stafforde, be disabled for being a Member of this House, during this Parliament.

Colonel Ridgeley was called in; and Mr. Speaker told him, by Command of the House, that this House did take special Notice of the good Services he had done both at Lichefeild and at the Battle with the Earl of

Northampton where he shew'd great Valour and Judgment; and Now, for the good Service done by his Lieutenant Colonel Chadwicke, and the Forces under his Command, in the taking of Stafford.

Raising Money.

Ordered, That the Ordinance now read, for the raising of Monies for Sir Wm. Waller, shall be re-committed to the same Committee; and are to bring the same in, To-morrow Morning.

Prisoners discharged.

Ordered, upon the humble Petition of Wm. Humble and Roger Price, and producing the Certificates of their Conformity to Payments and Assessments for the Parliament, That they shall be forthwith discharged upon Bail.

Flower's Imprisonment.

Ordered, upon the humble Petition of Wm. Flower Grocer, desiring Leave to prosecute at Common Law against Sir Jo. Lamb, and others, for Reparation for his Nine Months Imprisonment, That he shall be at Liberty to proceed at Common Law, notwithstanding the Business is here depending.

Marquis of Hambleton's Pictures, &c.

The Question being put, whether Leave shall be given for the conveying of the Pictures and Trunks of Marquis Hambleten into Scotland;

It passed with the Negative.

Ordered, That a Stay be made of the said Goods, until this House take further Order.

Suffolk Committee.

The Question being put, whether Four Names should be added to the Committee for Sequestrations, for Suffolk;

The House was divided:

The Yeas went out.

Sir Wm. Armyn, Sir Arth. Haselrigg, Tellers for the Noe, 30.
Mr. Lisle, Mr. Goodwyn, Tellers for the Yea, 36.

Whereupon, the said Names, and all the rest of the additional Names for other Counties, were put to the Question; and assented unto; and ordered to be sent up to the Lords, for their Concurrence; and to be printed.

Prisoner discharged.

Mr. Jo. Brooke was called to the Bar; and, kneeling upon his Knees, acknowledged his Offence to the House, in sending a Challenge to Mr. Hill, a Member of this House: Whereupon he was, by Order of the House, discharged from any further Restraint.

Debts due to the State.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Navy do bring in an Ordinance, to be made for the Recovery of the Debts following:

£. s. d.
Sir Thomas Dawes, by the Account of the Old Commissioners 474 16 8
Thomas Nevitt oweth, upon the Accounts 332 5 2
More, upon the Ordinance 547 8 0
By Sir Nich. Crisp, per Account of the Acts 16,314 18 9
Sir Antho. Parcivall, per Account of the Acts 4,220 1
More, upon the Acts 2,304 13 0
£. 24,194 3

Ordered, That the Red Wood formerly seized (of Sir Nicholas Crispe's) and carried to Guildhall, be sold; and the proceed thereof paid to Sir Henry Vane jun. Treasurer of Navy, to be employed for the Service of the Navy, upon Account.

The Names of such Merchants as owe Moneys upon Bills at Sight, from the Five-and-Twentieth of May 1641, until the Three-and-Twentieth of January 1642; with their several Debts; as followeth:

£ s. d.
Adam Edwards 25 14 1
Thomas Bowyer 34 10 0
Nicholas Crisp 61 17 3
Elizabeth Harvey 33 9 3
Wm. Pennoyer 173 15 8
Henry Twentyman 55 11 3
Rowland Wilson 330 7 11
Humphry Aldington 97 12 6
Richard Middleton 413 2 3
Timothy Cartwright 41 2 6
Marmaduke Royden 20 5 0
Humphry Whitman 31 12 6
SirPeter Ricault 150 4 11
Roger Vivian 150 6 0
Robert Garland 56 7 6
Thomas Wynn 59 5 0
Baldwyn Mathews 19 12 0
Gilbert Graves 21 16 4
James Mane pd. 430 6 7

The Names of such as have not paid their Customs; whose Bonds the Old Commissioners gave in to the Committee for the Navy:

£. s. d.
Thomas Hall, in College Hill Yard 591 12 6
Christopher Maynard, per Three Cranes 234 10 0
Henry Crone, in Cheapside 2,821 14 1
Jeremy Spry, not yet found 70 5 5
John Dingley, in Bearbinder Lane; Paul Bailey is bound with him for it 114 19 1
Wm Oldbury and Rich. Craddock 105 2 0
Tho. Jack, dead; but there is now in Sir Job. Harbie's Hands 55 14 0
Wm. Leader, the lower End of Canning Street, by the Church, next to Dowgate 72 7 6
Saunders and Tavernor 106 0 0
George Riddle, and Young bound, in Mark Lane 35 6 0
Arnold Mestmeere, Edward Amery 31 16 8
Francis Sanders 10 0 0
Tho. Willoughby and Webster, at the Duke's Place 15 7 6
Edward Bancome, at Galley Key 8 6 4
Thomas Fuller, Bishopsgate 21 13 4
Robert Page, at Rattcliff 71 4 0
Thomas Lawle, Queen Hive, 14 3 4
Humphry Street, in Broadstreet 14 11 1
Richard Wood 151 0 0
Joseph Beamont 25 10 0
Richard Robinson and George Clarke 231 18 6
Michael Gatwood 66 14 0
Amys Johnson 61 10 0
Wm. Leachland 398 5 0
Captain Mathew Foster 159 15 0
Mr. Birtbye

Ordered, That Colonel Manwaring, by himself or Deputies, shall by Seizure or Distress, levy such Monies as the several Merchants mentioned in the Paper hereunto annexed, do owe upon several Bonds for Customs to the old Commissioners, out of their several and respective Estates: For which Purpose, they shall have Power to break open any Doors and Locks: Of which several Debts, the Committee for the Navy are to give a Particular unto Colonel Manwaring: And for his and their so doing, he or they shall be saved harmless, and indemnified.

Outrages in Hertford.

Whereas the House of Commons was this Day informed, that divers rude People have, in the Nighttime, assembled themselves together, and in a riotous manner, and gone to certain Grounds, called Blackheath, lying in Shenley Parish, in the County of Hertford (being the Inheritance of Captain Edward Wingate) which are now sown with Wheat and Oats; and have sawn asunder the Gates, and carried them away; and do threaten to destroy the said Corn, by turning in their Cattle, there being now a very hopeful Crop upon the Ground; and also to dig down the Banks and Fences, and lay all, to the said Grounds, Common: It is therefore Ordered, that the Deputy Lieutenants of the said County, and all Justices of the Peace, Constables, and other Officers, do, from time to time, use their utmost Endeavours, by all lawful Ways and Means, to attach and apprehend the Bodies of all the said disorderly riotous Persons, that have cut the said Gates, or threatened to commit the said Outrages, or that at any time hereafter shall attempt to do or commit any such unlawful Act; and to bring them in safe Custody to the Parliament; to be proceeded against according to Law.

Grant to Earl of Essex.

Whereas Robert Earl of Essex, General of the Forces raised by the Parliament, hath been plundered, robbed, and spoiled, of his Goods and Estate, amounting to a great Value, by divers Traitors and Rebels, who, by colour of his Majesty's Authority, have levied War against the King, Parliament, and Kingdom: And whereas the Debts due to, and Rents of the said Earl, are, by Warrant from Wm. Cumberford, the pretended High Sheriff of the County of Stafford, commanded to be paid to himself; who thereby suggesteth to derive his Power for the doing thereof, by special Command from his Majesty; stiling the said Earl an active Rebel: The Lords and Commons taking this into their serious Consideration, have thought fit (that the said Earl may receive Satisfaction, in some measure, for his great Losses he bath sustained, occasioned principally by his Conformity to the Commands of both Houses of Parliament, by whose Authority he bears that Place) to order and ordain; and be it Ordered and Ordained, by the Lords and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, that Ten thousand Pounds of lawful Money of England, be yearly paid to the said Earl, and his Assigns, out of the Monies raised, or to be raised, by virtue of an Ordinance of the Lords and Commons, now assembled in Parliament, for seizing and sequestring of the Estates, both real and personal, of notorious Delinquents, and other Persons named in the said Ordinance: And it is further Ordered and Ordained, by the said Lords and Commons, that the Treasurers at Guildhall London, entrusted and deputed by the said Ordinance to receive the said Money due upon the said Sequestrations, shall pay the said Sum of Ten thousand Pounds, monthly, unto the said Earl, by equal Portions: And the Acquittance and Discharge of the said Earl, under his Hand and Seal, or of such Person or Persons as he shall depute, under his Hand and Seal, to receive the said Monies, shall be a sufficient Warrant and Discharge for the said Treasurers deputed and entrusted by the said Ordinance, for the Payment of the said Monies.

Southwark Guards, &c.

Whereas there is a Necessity of keeping a constant and considerable Guard of Soldiers in the Fortifications and Courts of Guards, in the Parishes of St. Olave's, St. Saviour's, St. Thomas and St. George's, St. Mary Magdalen's Bermondsey, St. Mary Newington, and the Parishes of Rotherhith and Lambeth, all being in the Borough of Southwark, or near thereunto, for the Safety of the said several Places; wherein, That of the Parliament and City of London is also very much concerned: And whereas divers of the Inhabitants in the said Places are poor labouring Men, and cannot be tyed to a constant and due Attendance on the Courts of Guard, without much Prejudice to their Families depending on them, unless there be some Allowance paid them for the said Service: And forasmuch as the Burden, both of making divers Fortifications, and other Services, hath hitherto lain almost wholly on the well-affected Party in the aforesaid Places; which in Reason, as it refers to common Safety, ought to be borne indifferently by all the Inhabitants: It is therefore now Ordered, by the Lords and Commons, in Parliament assembled, that, for the better Encouragement and Maintenance of the said Courts of Guard, during the Continuance of these Distractions, and for the Payment of such Debts as are behind and unpaid, for the said Fortifications, and other Services, there be a weekly Assessment, of One hundred Pounds per Week, commencing from the First Day of June, and to continue for Three Months from thenceforth, to be indifferently assessed and raised on the forementioned Parishes and Places; and that Sir John Lenthall Knight, Cornelius Cook, Captain Thomas Hudson, Captain Daniel Mercer, Captain John Hardwick, Captain George Snelling, Richard Wright, Robert Haughton, Wm. Hiccox, Joseph Collier, Edmund Austin the elder, Samuel Lynn, * Martin, * Hackett, John Goad, or any Five of them, shall have Power, and are hereby authorized, to do all such Things, for the well, speedy, and effectual raising of the said weekly Sum of One hundred Pounds, as any Committees, appointed by a late Ordinance of Parliament, for the raising and levying of the Weekly Assessment, for the Payment of the Army under the Command of his Excellency the Earl of Essex, may, might, or ought to do, to all Intents and Purposes. And be it also hereby Ordered, That all the Trained Bands, and Companies of Volunteers, together with all such Companies as shall be raised and resident in the said Borough in Southwark, and other the forementioned Parishes and Places, do duly and carefully attend the said Courts of Guard, and Fortifications, and other Military Forces, under such Pains and Penalties, in every Degree, as is enjoined and specified in any Ordinance of this present Parliament already made for the due Keeping and Attendance on the Courts of Guard, and military Services, in the Cities of London and Westminster or either of them.

Delinquents Estates, &c.

Whereas by several Ordinances, made by the Lords and Commons, now assembled in Parliament; the one intituled, "An Ordinance for the speedy raising and levying of Money for the Maintenance of the Army raised by the Parliament, and other great Affairs of the Commonwealth, by a weekly Assessment upon the Cities of London and Westminster, and every County and City of the Kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales;" and one other intituled, "An Ordinance for the seizing and sequestring of the Estates, both real and personal, of certain kinds of notorious Delinquents, to the Use, and for the maintaining of the Army raised by the Parliament, and such other Uses as shall be directed by both Houses of Parliament, for the Benefit of the Commonwealth;" and a third, intituled, "An Ordinance for the speedy raising and levying of Money throughout the whole Kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales, for the Relief the Commonwealth; by taxing such as have not at all contributed or lent, or not according to their Estates and Abilities, towards the Army raised for the Defence of the Parliament, and good People of the Kingdom, who receive Benefit by the said Army, as well as any others:" And whereas divers Persons who have been assessed, and whose Estates ought to be sequestred, by virtue of the said Ordinances, have not only withdrawn themselves from the Defence of the Commonwealth, and have contributed, both by personal Assistance, and Supply of Monies, to the Maintenance of the Army, raised against the Parliament; but have either esloined and imbezelled their Monies and Goods to Places unknown; or into the Hands and Custody of their Friends, and others, who are not within the Reach of the said Ordinances, in Deceit of the Commonwealth: For Prevention of the Mischiefs for time to come, the Lords and Commons, in Parliament' assembled, do order, ordain and declare, that it shall be lawful for the several Committees in the respective Ordinances mentioned, in manner as in the said Ordinances is expressed, to seize and take the said Goods and Estates, wherever it may be found as forfeited; and the same to dispose to the Uses in the said Ordinances mentioned, without any Account rendering for the Whole, or any Part thereof: And that all and every such Person and Persons, as shall receive, harbour or keep any Monies, Goods, or Estate, of any Person whatsoever, who are or ought to be assessed, or whose Estates are or ought to be assessed, seized, or sequestred, by any of the said Ordinances, shall be taken and reputed, to all Intents and Purposes, as Persons illaffected; and he or they, and his or their Estates, shall be liable to the like Assessments, Seizures, and Sequestrations, for the Use of the Commonwealth, in like manner, as he, her, or they, or his, her, or their Estates were, and shall be, by any of the said Ordinances: The Profit and Benefit whereof to go to the Uses, and for the Purposes, in the respective Ordinances mentioned. And, lastly, it is Ordered and Ordained, and the said Lords and Commons do hereby Declare, that such Person or Persons as shall find out or discover, to one or both Houses, any such Money, Goods, or Estates, so esloined or imbezelled us aforesaid, shall not only do an acceptable Service to the Commonwealth, but shall have and receive, in Allowance for his Pains and Charges, Twelvepence in every Pound, and such other Recompence for his extraordinary Pains herein, as by the Lords and Commons shall be ordered and appointed.