House of Commons Journal Volume 4: 24 September 1645

Page 284

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 4, 1644-1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 284

Die Mercurii, 24 Septembris, 1645, Die Publicæ Humiliationis.

ORdered, That Sir Robert Harley do give Thanks to Mr. Rutterford, for the great Pains he took in praying, in the Morning of this Day, before the Commons, in St. Margaret's, Westminster.

Ordered, That Sir Symonds D'Ewes and Mr. Holles do give Thanks, from this House, to Mr. Gibson and Doctor Temple, for the great Pains they took in the Sermons they preached this Day, at the Intreaty of this House, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, it being the Day of Publick Humiliation; and to desire them to print their Sermons: And they are to have the like Privilege in Printing of them, as others in the like kind usually have had.

Ordered, That Sir Walter Erle and Mr. Holles do, from this House, desire Mr. Taylour and Mr. Strickland to preach before the Commons, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, the next Fast-Day.

Ordered, That Sir Robert Harley do, from this House, desire Mr. Gower to pray, in the Morning of the next Fast-Day, before the Commons, in St. Margaret's, Westminster.

Ordered, That, on Saturday next, in the Afternoon, the Members of this House, that are of the Long Robe, do attend at the Committee for plundered Ministers; to the end that a Report concerning the Blasphemies of Paul Best, now Prisoner in the Gatehouse, may be prepared and made ready to be presented to this House.

Ordered, That all Members that have not taken the Covenant in this House, and all such as shall be elected, and sit as Members in this House, before the next FastDay, be injoined, on the said next Fast-Day, immediately after the publick Exercises are ended, to attend the House; to the end, they may, as well as the rest of the Members, take and subscribe the said solemn League and Covenant.