House of Commons Journal Volume 4: 28 January 1646

Page 420

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 4, 1644-1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 420

Die Mercurii, 28 Januarii, 1645, Die Publicæ Humiliationis.

ORdered, That Mr. Long and Mr. Holland do give Thanks, from this House, to Mr. Vines and Mr. Caryll, for the great Pains they took in the Sermons they preached this Day, at the Intreaty of this House, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, it being the Day of Publick Humiliation; and to desire them to print their Sermons: And they are to have the like Privilege in Printing of them, as others in the like Kind usually have had.

Ordered, That Mr. Holland and Mr. Purefoy do, from this House, desire Mr. Thomas Goodwyn and Mr. Burges to preach before the Commons, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, the next Fast-Day.

Mr. Millington, according to former Order, reported the Opinions and horrid Blasphemies of Paul Beast, who was examined the Seventh of July 1645, before the Committee of plundered Ministers, and at several times after; denying the Trinity of the Godhead, the Deity of Christ, and of the Holy Ghost, with several other monstrous and unheard-of Blasphemies: In all which he continued pertinacious and obstinate. He further reported, What had been done upon Offenders, in like Cases, in former Ages; and particularly in the Case of one Legatt, who was burned in Smythfield; together with the Opinion of the Committee 27 Septembris 1645: Which was, That they, taking into Consideration the Case of Paul Beast, concerning the prodigious Blasphemies charged against him, and upon Examination of the said Commitmittee, in pursuance of an Order of this House, proved; and finding that the former Course of Proceeding against Hereticks is, by the Taking away of the Power of Ecclesiastical Courts, defective; . . . that the Matters concerning him being reported to the House, the Judgment of the House be desired in it.

Ordered, That the Keeper of the Gatehouse Prison, here in Westminster, do keep Paul Best, committed unto him by Authority of this House, under close Restraint; and suffer no Recourse whatsoever unto him.

Resolved, &c. That an Ordinance be prepared, and forthwith brought in, for punishing with Death Paul Best, for his abominable, prodigious, horrid Blasphemies: And that it be referred to the Committee of plundered Ministers, to prepare and bring in this Ordinance: And all the Lawyers of the House are added to this Committee, as to this Business; and are injoined to give their Attendance upon this Service: And the Report hereof is to be made on Wednesday next, peremptorily: And Mr. Speaker is to put the House in mind hereof.

They are further then to state unto the House the Matter of Law, How it stands at present in Cases of this Nature.

Sir John Burgoyne, Sir Charles Egerton, Mr. Wm. Sydenham, Mr. John Lenthall, Mr. John Barker, Mr. Francis Thorpe, Mr. Wm. Stephens, Mr. Thomas Grove, Mr. John Bond, Mr. Edw. Leigh, Mr. James Ashe, Mr. Richard Sallway, Mr. Nath. Bacon, Mr. Francis *, Mr. George Horner, Mr. John Swinsen, Sir Robert Nedham, Mr. Nico. Love, this Day took the National League and Covenant.