House of Commons Journal Volume 4: 19 May 1645

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 4, 1644-1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, Maii 19, 1645.


THE humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Fenn-Drayton, in the County of Cambridge, was this Day read. And

It is Ordered, That it be in especial Manner referred and recommended unto the Consideration of the Committee of the Lords and Commons for Sequestrations, to make a fit and competent Addition of Means to the Minister of the said Parish, one Mr. Gryffyth, a learned, orthodox, and pious Divine, out of some such sequestred Estate, as they shall think most sit and convenient.

The humble Petition of Sir David Watkins was this Day read. And

It is Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of Examinations, to be speedily taken into Consideration as to the Matter of Fact: And that, in the mean time, all Process out of the said Court against Sir David Watkins shall be staid; and no Proceedings had thereupon. And

It is further Ordered, That the Master of the Court of Wards do give Order, That full, legal, and usual Discharges may be given to all such Persons, as have or shall pay in any Monies upon any Ordinance of Parliament.

Mr. Ellys reported from the Committee, the Business concerning the raising and maintaining Five hundred Horse by the Eastern Association, for the strengthening the Garison of Grantham, in the County of Lincolne.

Resolved, &c. That Five hundred Horse shall be provided and paid by the Seven Associated Counties for Four Months, if there shall be Occasion so long to continue them; to lie at Grantham, or thereabouts, for the Defence of the Association. This to be secured and charged upon the Credit of the Excise; to be repaid in its Course, after the Assignments, already set upon the Excise, shall be satisfied. And

It is Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the Association to meet this Afternoon, to consider of the present Raising and Maintaining of these Horse upon their own particular Credits; to be repaid, together with the Consideration of Eight Pounds per Cent. for the Forbearance, out of the Excise, after the Assignments already set upon those Receipts.

A Letter from Pembroke, of Maii 9 1645, from Colonel Langherne, was this Day read. And

It is Ordered, That it be in especial Manner recommended to the Committee of both Kingdoms, to take this Business into their speedy Care, as being important, and much concerning the Safety of the Kingdom.

Ordered, That Colonel Herbert's Propositions be referred to the Committee of both Kingdoms.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth approve of Colonel William Herbert to be Governor of Mountgomery-Castle, in the place of Sir John Price.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

A Message from the Lords, by Doctor Aylett and Doctor Heath;

That the Lords have sent a Petition of Sir Theodore Mayherne's to the House of Commons: And that the Lords have expressed their Desires, in a Paper delivered by them, concerning the promoting his Petition.

The Question being put, Whether this House will concurr with the Lords in their Desire, expressed in their Paper, concerning Sir Theodore Mayherne;

The House was divided.

The Yeas went forth.

Mr. Holles, Tellers for the Yea: 69.
Sir Jo. Clottworthy, With the Yea,
Sir Edw. Aiscough, Tellers for the Noe: 66.
Sir Hen. Mildmay, With the Noe,

So that the Question passed in the Affirmative.

The Paper of the Lords Desire concerning Sir Theodore Mayherne was this Day read; and assented unto; and was in hæc verba; viz.

"The Lords, having formerly, out of their Respect unto Sir Theodore Mayherne, declared their Wishes, that he might continue (as he hath done for many Years) free from all Taxes and Sessments; do now desire, That a Man so eminent in his Profession, and so useful to very many Persons in this Kingdom, may receive all Encouragements to reside still here amongst us: He being contented to pay the Moiety assessed upon him; the Remainder which is required can be of no great Advantage unto the Parliament: Nor will those Sessments, which may, for the future, be expected from him, assist much towards the Carrying on of the War; yet is he willing, that his Land should continue liable to all Taxes, as hitherto it hath done."

"The Lords Desire is, That the House of Commons would join with them, in expressing their Esteem of a Man, whose extraordinary Abilities would make him welcome in any Part of Christendom: And as he is singular for his Knowledge in his Profession, so he may be singular in being, by the Favour of the House, exempted from all Payments, which others are subject unto; it being but a Continuation of that Favour, which he hath here enjoyed for above Thirty Years, without Interruption."

Ordered, That Mr. Nicoll do, To-morrow Morning, the first Business, make the Report concerning the Earl of Essex: And that no other Business intervene, after Mr. Speaker come to the Chair.

Ordered, That the Petition of Major Oconnelly be read on Wednesday Morning next, peremptorily.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House has considered their Lordships Message; and does agree with them in their Desires expressed in their Paper, concerning Sir Theodore Mayherne.

WHereas, by Order of both Houses of Parliament, Wm. Colemore Esquire is appointed Sheriff of the County of Warr'; who cannot, with Safety and Conveniency, reside in any Place within the Country, but in the City of Coventry: It is therefore Ordered, by the Lords and Commons, in Parliament assembled, That the said Wm. Colemore, during the Time he shall continue Sheriff of the said Country of Warr', shall have Leave, and may dwell and reside within the Country of the City of Coventry, without incurring any Penalty, or Danger.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Army shall have Power to issue their Warrants to the Mustermaster of Sir Wm. Waller's Army, to certify the State of the Accompts of the Officers of that Army, that are now laid aside.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Army shall give Warrant to the Treasurers at Wars to pay Two hundred Pounds a Week, for Six Months next ensuing, unto the Commissioners that reside in the Army; to be by them disbursed for the Buying of Horses to recruit the Army. And

It is further Ordered, That the Horses so bought shall be disposed, by Order of Sir Thomas Fairfax, to such Soldiers, as the Commissioners, upon Examination How the Soldier came to lose his Horses, shall think fit to be supplied.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Army do consider, Where they may, with the best Conveniency, depasture any Horses to be bought, or provided, for the Service of the Parliament, in any Lands of any Persons that are sequestred: And they are herein to advise with the Committee of the West.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Army do provide One hundred Dragoon-Horses for the Service of Sir Thomas Fairfax his Army.

Ordered, That the Instructions passed both Houses, to the Commissioners appointed to reside in the Army, shall be forthwith printed.

Upon a Report of a Case, by Mr. Lisle, from the Committee at Haberdashers-Hall, concerning certain Conveyances made by Mr. Wm. Murray, upon Trust, for the Benefit of Mrs. Murray, and their Children;

It is Resolved, That this House is of Opinion, That the Estate, mentioned in those Conveyances, is, upon the whole Matter, sequestrable.