House of Commons Journal Volume 4: 4 December 1645

Pages 364-365

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 4, 1644-1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 4 Decembris, 1645.

THE Grand Committee met, to take into further Consideration the Propositions for a safe and wellgrounded Peace.

Sir Thomas Widdrington in the Chair.

Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Upon Sir Thomas Widdrington's Report from the Grand Committee, to whom the further Consideration of the Propositions for a safe and well-grounded Peace is referred;

It is Resolved, &c. That Mr. Grimston, Sir Robert Pye, Mr. Thorpe, Mr. Sallway, Mr. Rolle, Colonel Tompson, Mr. Westrowe, Sir Tho. Dacres, Mr. Whittacre, Sir Martin Lumley, Mr. Leamon, Mr. Corbett, Mr. Toll, Mr. Trenchard, Mr. Buller, Mr. Scott, Mr. Drake, Mr. Morley, Mr. Holland, Mr. Sands, Sir Rich. Onslowe, Sir Amb. Browne, Sir Wm. Massam, Mr. Whitlocke, Mr. Wheeler, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Mr. Greene, Mr. Hayes, Sir Beauch. St. Johns, Sir Henry Vane junior, Mr. Edward Stephens, Mr. Rich. Browne, Sir John Danvers, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Ellys, Mr. Pierrepont, Mr. Holles, Sir Wm. Armyn, Mr. Robert Goodwyn, Alderman Atkin, Mr. Sayer, Lord Lisle, Sir Arthur Haselrigg, Mr. Tate, the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses of London, Middlesex, Westminster, Surrey, and Southwarke, formerly a SubCommittee of the Grand Committee, be made a Committee of the House; to confer with the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Council of the City of London, or such as they shall appoint, touching the Proposition and Desire of the City of London, for the Militia of the said City of London; and to acquaint them with the Debates of the Grand Committee, and the Reasons and Grounds of their Debates upon this Business: And are to meet To-morrow at Two post meridiem, in the Star-Chamber: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Papers, Records, &c. And the Care of this Business is especially recommended unto Mr. Recorder, Mr. Corbett, Mr. Ellys, and Mr. Grimston.

Ordered, &c. That Doctor Twisse shall have the Sum of One hundred Pounds bestowed upon him, towards his Support, and present Maintenance: And that the same be advanced and paid unto him out of the Revenues of the Archbishoprick of Canterbury. And the Committee of Revenue are desired to take care, that this One hundred Pounds may be speedily paid unto him, accordingly.

A Message from the Lords, by Doctor Aylett and Doctor Heath;

The Lords are advertised of some Difficulties in the Province of Munster in the Kingdom of Ireland; and therefore desire you would be pleased to take into speedy Consideration an Ordinance, lately returned to you from their Lordships, with some Amendments. Their Lordships have sent you down the Petition of Sir Rivett Eldred, with a special Recommendation: The Petition of the Widows of the Officers of the Train of Artillery, which have been slain in the Service: The Petition of the Inhabitants of Little-Chart in the County of Kent: The Lords do agree to it; and desire your Concurrence:-The Petition of John Poyer, Governor of the Town and Castle of Pembroke; which is especially recommended to your Consideration: And desire to put you in mind of the Ordinance concerning the Meeting of the Assembly at Nine of the Clock in the Morning; and their finishing the Catechism.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth agree with the Lords in the Amendments to the Ordinance returned from the Lords, for Two thousand Pounds out of the Excise, for the Service of Munster.

The Ordinance for the Meeting of the Assembly of Divines at Nine of the Clock in the Morning was read; and, upon the Question, assented unto.

Answer returned by the same Messengers;

The House hath considered your Message: And, as to the Amendments to the Ordinance for Munster; and the Ordinance for the Meeting of the Assembly of Divines; they do agree: And, as to the rest, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Ordered, &c. That Mr. Dalston, Mr. Whistler, and Mr. Alestree, be referred to attend the Committee of Goldsmiths-Hall; and to proceed in, and perfect their Compositions with the said Committee: And are discharged from the Serjeant at Arms, and their further Attendance on this House.

IT is this Day Ordered, by the Lords and Commons, assembled in Parliament, That the Assembly of Divines be hereby desired to hasten the Completing of a Confession of Faith, and common Catechism, with all convenient Speed: For which Purpose they are to sit by Nine of Clock in the Forenoon, every Day of their Sessions, and to continue until Twelve. And

It is further Ordered, That all the Divines, Members of that Assembly, do come thither before Nine of Clock, and to continue there until the Rising of the Assembly, every Day wherein they sit, unless in case of Sickness, or other urgent Necessity, to be allowed by the Assembly: Wherein so often as any fail, they are not, for those Days, to receive the Allowance appointed by Ordinance for their Attendance there.

The Prolocutor and Scribes are to give notice thereof to all that are absent; and to certify their Names who shall not attend, accordingly, to one or both Houses of Parliament.