House of Commons Journal Volume 4: 17 February 1645

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 4, 1644-1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, Februarii 17, 1644.


UPON the humble Petition of Edw. Michell, Executor of the last Will of Sir Tho. Nightingale Baronet, deceased;

It is Ordered, That the Petition of the said Sir Tho. Nightingale, formerly referred to the Committee of Bucks, Berks, and Oxon, be revived: And that the said Committee do proceed upon the said former Petition so referred, notwithstanding the Petitioner Sir Tho. Nightingale be deceased.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of John Swynfen, Edw. Broughton, Thomas Pudsey, Wm. Foxall, and John Symcox, of the Committee of Strafford, this Day presented, and read, be taken into Consideration on Thursday next.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Sam. Avery be a Commissioner of the Customs, according to the Propositions approved of on Saturday last.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Rich. Bateman be a Commissioner of the Customs, according to the Propositions.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Christopher Packe be a Commissioner of the Customs, according to the Propositions.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Charles Lloyd be a Commissioner of the Customs, according to the Propositions.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Walt. Boothby be a Commissioner of the Customs, according to the Propositions.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Sam. Avery, Mr. Rich. Bateman, Mr. Christopher Packe, Mr. Charles Lloyd, and Mr. Walt. Boothby, do come to the House To-morrow Morning, to subscribe and sign the Propositions presented for entering upon the Collection of the Customs.

Ordered, That Mr. Green do, To-morrow, bring in an Ordinance for the collecting and carrying on the Receipts of the Customs, according to the Propositions approved of on Saturday last; with a Blank for a Time for the same to commence.

A Letter, from the Commissioners at Uxbridge, of February 15., with divers Papers included, relating the Proceedings of the Commissioners on both Parts, upon the Propositions concerning the Militia of both Kingdoms.

Mr. Browne, Mr. Selden, and Mr. Maynard, are appointed forthwith to prepare a Letter, to be sent to the Commissioners at Uxbridge; to desire, That if they doubt of any Particulars, in which they desire the Resolution of this House, that they would advise with the Scotts Commissioners; and propose their Doubts particularly, and jointly.

Mr. Knightly is appointed to go to the Lords, to acquaint them, That this House does agree to the Amendments, sent by the Lords, to the Ordinance concerning the new Model: And likewise carried up, for the Lords Concurrence, an Order concerning One hundred and Forty Pounds for furnishing the Surgeons Chests, &c. that are to go with Sir Wm. Waller into the West; and the Order concerning the Time of the Treaty.

Ordered, That the Gentlemen of the several and particular Counties and Places, charged with Sums of Money by the Ordinance concerning the new Model, do meet To-morrow post meridiem, in the Duchy-Chamber; to consider of some speedy Course for putting the said Ordinance into effectual Execution; and for levying and bringing in the Monies charged upon the several Counties and Places with all Speed and Certainty: And that they do report their Opinions to the House, with all Speed.

Mr. Knightly brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Orders carried up by him.

Mr. Scawen, Mr. Jephson, Mr. Pelham, Mr. Arundell, Colonel Ven, Lieutenant-General Cromwell, Sir John Evelyn, Colonel Walton, Captain Wingate, Mr. Baynton, Sir Wm. Lewis, Mr. Knightley, Sir Gilbert Gerard, Mr. Whitehead, Mr. Purefoy, Colonel Long, Sir Wm. Litton, Sir Thomas Dacres, Mr. Pyne, Colonel Popham, Mr. Nicoll, Mr. Theloall, Sir John Francklyn, Mr. Pury, Mr. Wheeler, Sir Jo. Merrick, Sir Christopher Wray, Sir Phil. Stapilton, Mr. Buller, Sir Edw. Hungerford;

This Committee is appointed to consider of recruiting the Army, according to the new Model, and of all Things requisite and necessary thereunto; and what else shall conduce to the setting-forth and enabling the Army to march, and do Service: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Records; and for the Lists of the several Armies, upon their last Muster: And are to meet at Two of Clock this Afternoon, in the Duchy-Court; and so from time to time, as they shall think fit.

A Message from the Lords, by Doctor Aylett and Doctor Heath;

That the Lords do desire your Concurrence in this Paper concerning the Swedish Agent, in referring it to the Committee of both Kingdoms. They do consent, That these particular Provisions in the List may be sent to the King; and desire the Concurrence of this House.

They likewise desire a Concurrence in this Ordinance for Jersey; which they send you. Likewise they have sent you downa Pardon for certain Men condemned at Northampton; and desire your Concurrence. They have sent you likewise an Ordinance concerning Newport-Pagnell; and desire your Concurrence. They have likewise sent the Petition of James Duppa; which they hold very reasonable; and consent unto it; and desire your Concurrence.

Ordered, That, on Friday next, the House take into Consideration the several Messages now and formerly sent from the Lords at several times; to the end some Answer may be returned to them.

Ordered, That the several Reports from the Committee of both Kingdoms, now lying in the Hands of divers Members of the House, be made To-morrow Morning.

Ordered, That no Member do presume to go over the Seats, or cross the House, or discourse, or whisper, during the Sitting of the House, to the Disturbance of the House; or read any printed Book in the House: And that such Member, as shall so offend, shall pay Twelve-pence to the Box, for the Use of the Poor.

Ordered, That the Committee of Lords and Commons shall have Power to hear the French Resident upon such Matters as are referred and depending before the said Committee.

Ordered, That a Message be sent to the Lords, to desire them to expedite the Ordinance concerning Martial Law.

Ordered, That the Paper this Day presented from Monsieur Sabran, Resident for the French King, and read in this House, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee of both Kingdoms.

ORdered, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That their Committee, appointed to treat at Uxbridge, be hereby authorized and required, in pursuance of the Propositions concerning Ireland, to demand of the Commissioners sent from his Majesty, Whether any Peace or Cessation of Arms in Ireland be consented unto by the King, to and for what Time; and whether a Commission be now on foot, or other Authority given by his Majesty, for that Purpose: And to desire, That no Cessation of Arms or Peace in Ireland may be concluded, or treated on, without Consent of both Houses of Parliament.

ORdered, by the Lords and Commons, That the Power that hath been given to the Committee of both Kingdoms, concerning the Receiving of the Propositions of the Swedish Agent, may be inlarged to a Power to treat with him; and prepare Things to be offered to both Houses, if the Houses shall so think fit.