House of Commons Journal Volume 4: 20 March 1645

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 4, 1644-1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, Martii 20, 1644.


THE List of the Officers of the Ships to be employed in this Summer's Fleet was read; and the particular Commanders approved.

Resolved, &c. That Captain Edward Hill is approved and recommended to my Lord Admiral, to be employed in this Summer's Service.

The Merchants Ships were approved of as to the Number.

The humble Petition of the Soldiers of Lieutenant-General Cromwell, acknowledging the Heinousness of their Offence in refusing to march with Sir Wm. Waller into the West, was this Day read: And

It is Resolved, &c. That this House doth accept of the Acknowledgment and Submission of the said Soldiers; and do admit them into their former good Opinion and Favour.

Sir Arthur Heselrig, Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Pierepoint, and the Lieutenant of the Tower, are appointed to prepare a Letter, to be written from Mr. Speaker, to Lieutenant-General Cromwell, in Answer of His: They are likewise to prepare a Letter to be sent to the Committee at Shrewsbury.

Resolved, &c. That Money be provided, from time to time, as the Committee for the Army shall direct, for bringing about the Arms that are in the Magazine at Lynne, both fixed and unfixed, leaving Five hundred Arms for the Use of the Garison; and for fixing those Arms there that are unfixed.

Ordered, That Sir Beauchamp St. John do earnestly write unto the Committee of Bedford, to quicken them to bring in with all Speed the Monies upon the Ordinance for maintaining the Forces under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax: And that he give Account to the Committee for the Army, What Proceedings the Committee, makes in this Business.

Ordered, That Colonel Stapeley and Mr. Cawley do write to the Committee of Sussex, earnestly pressing them to quicken and speed the bringing in the Monies upon the Ordinance for maintaining the Forces under Sir Thomas Fairfax.

Ordered, That Fifteen hundred Pounds be forthwith paid upon the Order of the Committee for the Army, for satisfying the first Contract made by Order of the said Committee, for Horse.

Resolved, &c. That the Twelve hundred Foot ordered to march under Major-General Crawford, to the Assistance of Sir Wm. Brereton, shall have Three Weeks Pay allowed them out of the Arrears of the Monies that are to come in from the Associated Counties: And that the Treasurers of the said Associated Counties do advance the same; and repay themselves out of the Arrears of the said Monies.

Ordered, That those Persons as shall be appointed to receive the Monies upon the Ordinance for maintaining the Forces under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, shall undertake for Payment of such Sums of Money as shall be contracted for by the Committee of the Army, for Horse, Arms, Ammunition, and Cloaths, according to the Times agreed on; and those Persons to have Allowance thereof upon their Accounts: The Money to be paid for the Horses, by Order of this Committee, upon the Certificate of Sir Thomas Fairfax, subscribed by such Persons as shall be appointed by him to receive and allow of the Horses, and their Prices: And the Money for Arms, and Ammunition, to be paid by Order of this Committee, upon a Certificate from the Officers of the Ordnance, that the Provisions are delivered in: And the Money for the Cloaths to be paid by Order of this Committee, upon Certificate under the Hand of the Commissary-General of the Army for Provisions.

An Ordinance for bringing in the Arrears of the Monies in the Associated Counties of the Earl of Manchester's Association, was this Day read the First and Second time; and, upon Question, committed unto the Committee where Mr. Scawen has the Chair.

A Letter from Major-General Browne, from Abingdon, of March 17, 1644, desiring a Supply of Monies, and a Recruit of Three hundred Dragoons, was this Day read.

Resolved, &c. That Sir Thomas Fairfax be desired to send Three hundred of his Dragoons to Abingdon; to lie there, till Sir Thomas Fairfax shall take the Field; and to be paid upon the new Establishment: And that it be referred to the Committee for the Three Associated Counties of Oxon, Bucks, and Berks, in the mean time, to raise and provide Three hundred Dragoons, to be sent to Major-General Browne to Abingdon, in lieu of Sir Thomas Fairfaxe's, when they shall be called off.

Resolved, &c. That Three thousand Pounds be forthwith provided, and charged upon the Excise, for the Service of Major-General Browne, and the Garison at Abingdon.

Mr. Green and Mr. Whitelock are to press the Commissioners of Excise herein.

Mr. Whitelock and Mr. Lane are appointed to prepare a Letters, to be signed by Mr. Speaker, and sent to Major-General Browne.

Resolved, &c. That it be referred to the Committee, where Mr. Scawen has the Chair, to consider of some Order, and present it to the House, for keeping all Officers and Commanders to their Charges.

A Message from the Lords, by Dr. Aylett and Dr. Heath;

The Lords have commanded us to deliver unto you the Petition of Captain Reeve Williams: The Lords do think fit to refer the Petition to the Lord Admiral, and the Committee of the Navy: Who are to examine the Contents; and make Report thereof, What they conceive fit to be done thereupon: And desire this House to agree with their Lordships herein.

The Lords have likewise commanded us to deliver unto you a Petition from the Earl of Nottingham: The which Petition the Lords conceive to be very just and reasonable; and desire this House to settle some certain Way of Payment to his Lordship of his Pension and Arrears.

Ordered, That these Petitions be taken into Consideration on Tuesday next.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House will take this Message speedily into Consideration; and send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Resolved, &c. That Sir Thomas Hoogan, Sir Miles Hobart, Colonel Mountague, and Colonel Russell's Regiments shall have a Fortnight's Payallowed them, upon their reducing, and recruiting, upon Muster by Poll; and paid by the Treasurers of the Earl of Manchester's Association, out of the Arrears of the said Monies: And it is referred to the Committee, where Mr. Scawen has the Chair, to call the several Counties of that Association to account, Where the Obstruction is, that those Arrears come not in; and to settle some Course, that those Monies may be speedily brought in; or otherwise, to report the Obstructions to the House.

Ordered, That the Business concerning the Church, in such manner as is appointed by former Order, be taken into Consideration To-morrow, the first Business, peremtorily: And Mr. Speaker to put the House in mind thereof.

A Letter from the Commissioners at Newcastle, of March 12, 1644; and a Petition inclosed, in the Name of the Masters of Ships now in the Town of Newcastle upon Tine, in the Behalf of themselves and Owners, with others trading to those Parts for Coals; were both read: And, upon the Consideration of them; and the Report made by Mr. Green, from the Committee, of the Business concerning the Trade of Coals;

It is Resolved, &c. That, upon Perusal of the Instructions to the Commissioners of Parliament residing in the Scotts Army; and of the Ordinance of Parliament of the Sixteenth of October 1643; the Five Shillings imposed upon every Chaldron of Coals, by the Commissioners of both Kingdoms, at Newcastle and Sunderland, is without any Authority or Power: And the said Imposition of Five Shillings the Chaldron is hereby taken away, and not to continue any longer.

Ordered, That Sir Anthony Irby do make Report, To-morrow, from the Committee at Goldsmiths-Hall.

Ordered, That the House do proceed in the Business of Newcastle on Saturday next.

FOR the better Securing of the Island, and North-Sea-Fishing, and Conveying of Vessels from Port to Port between London and the River of Humber; It is Ordered, by the Lords and Commons, assembled in Parliament, That Five Ships, or more, of convenient Strength, be, with all Speed, provided with Men, and Victuals for Six Months; the said Ships not employing above the Number of Three hundred Men; which are intended to be above the Number of Shipping appointed for the Summer's Fleet: The Charge of Victualling-Part to be borne by the State, and paid out of the Monies appointed for the Use of the Navy. And, for Freight and Mens Wages, It is Ordered, That the same shall be paid out of Fifteen hundred Pounds to be raised out of the Estate of Mr. Charles Walgrave, a Popish Recusant: And the Residue of the Charge to be paid in such manner as shall be hereafter directed by the House of Commons. And the Committee of the Navy, upon Conference with my Lord Admiral, are to take care for the putting this Order in -Execution.