House of Commons Journal Volume 5: 30 April 1647

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 5, 1646-1648. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Veneris, 30 Aprilis, 1647.


Clotworthy's Accompts.

ORDERED, That the Committee of Accompts be hereby required and enjoined with all Speed, to certify and return to this House, stated, the Accounts of Sir John Clotworthy.

Business to be done.

Resolved, &c. That on Thursday Morning next, the first Business, the Examination concerning the Indicting of Captain Kenrick for stealing Horses; and the Ordinance for the Indemnity of Persons that have acted by Authority of Parliament; be read: And likewise that then the Report concerning Serjeant Clerk's Proceedings at the Assizes of Lincoln, be made.

Bishop of London.

Ordered, That the Bishop of London's Petition be read on Thursday Morning next.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Mr. Holcroft, a Member of this House, have Leave to go into the Country.

Justice of Com. Pleas.

Mr. Samuell Browne is appointed to go the Lords, to put them in mind of the Vote Yesterday sent unto them, for appointing Serjeant Bramston to be one of the Justices of the Common Pleas; and to press the Passing of that Vote; with Reasons, from the Necessity of it, in relation to the publick Justice of the Kingdom.


Mr. Lisle reports from the Committee a Clause to be added to the Propositions, in relation to such as have been compounded with: The which was twice read.

Earl of Stamford.

Mr. Pierrepoint reports, That he acquainted the Lords, that this House hath concurred with the Lords, in giving Liberty to the Earl of Stamford to return: And that the Lords do agree with this House, in giving Liberty to Mr. Robert Goodwyn and Mr. Wm. Ashurst to return.

Message to Lords.

Resolved, &c. That a Message be forthwith sent to the Lords, to desire their speedy Answer to the Propositions concerning the Borrowing of Two hundred thousand Pounds, in regard of the Necessities of the Kingdom of Ireland; and to acquaint them that this House has resolved to fit this Afternoon, to expect their Answer; and to desire them to sit also this Afternoon, if it may stand with their Conveniency.

Mr. Holles went up with this Message.

He likewise carried to the Lords for their Concurrence, the Order for bestowing the Sum of One thousand Pounds upon Field Marshal Skippon, out of the Receipts of Goldsmiths Hall: The Order for continuing Mr. Walter Long Register of the Court of Chancery, according to his Patent formerly granted unto him: Ordinance for Payment . . . certain Sums of Money to divers Messengers, out of the Surplusage of the Four hundred thousand Pounds in the County of Bucks.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords by Sir Edward Leech and Dr. Aylett;

The Lords have commanded us to deliver unto you an Order for Mr. Serjeant Godbolt to be one of the Justices of the Common Pleas: Another Order for renewing of the Commission to hear and determine Causes in Chancery; and for the Adding of Two Masters of Chancery in that Commission: A Report from the Committee of the Admiralty, for Captain William Branley to be Captain of one of the Ships for this Summer's Guard: In all which they desire the Concurrence of this House.

Justice of Com. Pleas.

The Order for appointing Mr. Serjeant Godbolt to be one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas was read the First and Second time; and, upon the Question, assented unto; with Two Alterations; viz.

One, That, whereas, in the Order, the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery is required to prepare a Commission in usual Form: It is Ordered, That he do prepare a Commission to him, quam diu bene se gesserit. The other was, That, whereas, by Order, the Commissioners of the Great Seal are authorized: It is Ordered, That this Word "required," should be added, as well as "authorized."

Sir Wm. Strickland carried . . to the Lords, for their Concurrence to these Alterations.

Be it Ordained, by the Lords and Commons, in Parliament assembled, that John Godbolt Serjeant at Law be one of the Justices of the Common Pleas: And that the Clerk of the Crown in the Chancery do prepare a Commission, quam diu bene se gesserit: And that the Commissioners of the great Seal are hereby authorized and required to pass the same, under the great Seal of England.

Causes in Chancery.

The Order for renewing the Commission to hear and determine Causes in Chancery; and for the Adding of Two Masters of Chancery to that Commission; was read; and, upon the Question passed; and is as followeth:

It is this Day Ordered, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled That the Commission to hear and determine Causes in Chancery shall be renewed: And that Edwyn Rich and Wm. Hakewill Esquires be added therein unto the former Commissioners: And the said Commission shall continue and be in force for the Space of Ten Days after Easter Term next insuing: And the Commissioners of the Great Seal shall pass the said Commission, under the said Great Seal accordingly: And this shall be their sufficient Warrant in that behalf.

Navy Appointment.

A Report from the Committee of Lords and Commons for the Admiralty and Cinque Ports, for recommending to the Approbation of both Houses Captain William Branley, who hath faithfully served the Parliament, to have the Command of the The Tenth Whelp, during this Summer's Service, sent this Day from the Lords with a Desire, that this House would concur therein, was read: And

It is Resolved, &c. That this House doth concur with the Lords in approving and appointing Captain Wm. Branley to have the Command of The Tenth Whelp during this Summer's Service.

Answer to Lords.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House has considered their Lordship's Message: And, as to the Order for Mr. Serjeant Godbolt to be one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own: To the Ordinance for renewing the Commission for hearing and determining Causes in Chancery, and for adding Two Masters in Chancery, and for making Captain Wm. Branley Captain of one of the Ships, this House doth agree.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Holles brings Answer, That the Lords will fit this Afternoon, as is desired: That they do agree to the Three Ordinances carried by him.


Ordered, That the Propositions be re-committed to the former Committee, upon the whole Debate of the House: And are to bring them in this Afternoon, the first Business: And that it be likewise committed to this Committee to bring in a Proviso concerning Sir Thomas Alston.

Justice of Com. Pleas.

Sir Wm. Strickland brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Alterations made by this House in the Order for making Serjeant Godbolt one of the Justices of the Common Pleas.

Petitions from the Army.

The humble Petition of the Officers of the Army under the Command of his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairefax, on the Behalf of themselves, and the Soldiers of that Army, together with a Paper annexed, declaring their Intentions concerning the Carriage of a late Petition in the Army, were this Day both read.

A Letter, directed to Major General Skippon, and subscribed by divers Persons, under the Title of Agents of several Regiments of the Army, was this Day read.

A Letter of almost the very same Words, directed to Lieutenant General Cromwell, was by him delivered to Mr. Speaker.

It was informed, the like was delivered to the General.

Field Marshal Skippon informed the House, that the Letter was delivered by Three Men, of no Command in the Army; who, as he believes, were at the Door.

They were called in: Their Names are Edward Sexby, Wm. Allin, Thomas Shepperd.

And, upon their Answers they gave, the House fell into Debate of the Business.

House to sit.

Resolved, &c. That this House shall sit To-morrow, notwithstanding the former Order.

Resolved, &c. That the Lords be acquainted, That this House has resolved to sit To-morrow, notwithstanding the former Order: And that they be likewise desired to sit To-morrow, if it may stand with their Conveniency.

Sir Walter Erle went with this Message to the Lords.

Sir Walter Erle brings Answer that the Lords are resolved to sit To-morrow.

Persons to attend.

Resolved, &c. That Edward Sexby, Wm. Allen, and Thomas Shepperd, be enjoined to attend this House upon Summons.


Resolved, &c. That Field Marshal Skippon, Lieutenant General Cromwell, Commissary Ireton, and Colonel Fleetwood, be enjoined forthwith to go down to their Charges in the Army, and employ their Endeavours to quiet all Distempers in the Army: And that the General be desired to give Order, that the Officers of the Army, that are in Town, may forthwith repair to their Charges in the Army.

Resolved, &c. That the Gentleman appointed to go down to the Army, do acquaint them, That this House has appointed an Ordinance to be brought in very suddenly for their Indemnity, and for the Indemnity of all that have acted in Obedience to the Authority of Parliament: And that an Ordinance to this Purpose is lying before them.

Resolved, &c. That these Gentlemen appointed to go down to the Army, do acquaint them, that this House has resolved that a considerable Proportion of their Arrears shall be paid them upon their Disbanding: That they will take care, that the Remainder may be paid at such convenient Time as may stand with the Necessities, and other great Occasions, of this Kingdom: And that, in the mean time, Course shall be taken for the auditing their Accompts, and giving them Debentures.