House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 28 December 1649

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 339

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Die Veneris, 28 Decembris, 1649.


Irish Affairs.

A LETTER from Sir Charles Coote, from Belfast, of 8 Decembris 1649; another Letter from Sir Charles Coote, from Carrickfergus, 13 Decembris 1649; were both this Day read.

Ordered, by the Parliament, That One hundred Pounds be given unto Captain Oliver St. George, who brought the News of taking Carrickfergus, in respect of his Pains and Charges: And that the Council of State do take care, that the same be forthwith paid to him accordingly.

Ordered, That the Committee, formerly appointed for bringing in an Act for settling Lands, of Five hundred Pounds per Annum, on Sir Charles Coote, be revived: And that they bring in an Act to that Purpose with Speed.

Ordered, That the Consideration of these Letters be referred to the Council of State, to take care therein.

Commrs of Assessment.

Ordered, That Sir Thomas Barnardiston be added to the Commissioners for the monthly Assessment in the County of Suffolk.


Resolved, &c. That, before the House rise, Colonel Wauton do make a Report from the Committee of the Navy.

The Engagement.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Corbett do now make a Report of the Bill for subscribing the Engagement.

Mr. Myles Corbett reports from the Committee to whom the Act for subscribing the Engagement was committed, the Amendments to the said Act: Which were twice read.

Resolved, That this House doth agree to the Preamble of the said Act.

The Question being propounded to agree, That these Words, "Demandant or Demandants," be added to the Clause in this Act, beginning with these Words; viz.; * * * * and ending with these Words; * * * *

And the Question being put, That this Question be now put;

It passed with the Affirmative.

And the main Question being put, To agree to the Clause so amended;

It was resolved with the Affirmative.

A Proviso was tendered to the said Act; viz. "Provided that the Penalties in this Act, shall not extend to such Persons that have constantly adhered to the Parliament, and were never aiding or assisting to the late King, or any other the Enemies of the Commonwealth, in the late unhappy Wars, who shall not take and subscribe the said Engagement; so as they shall satisfy the Council of State, or such as they shall appoint, of their good Assection to the Publick Peace; and give them sufficient Security before the First of March 1649; that they, for the Time to come, shall and will live quietly and peaceably under the present Government of this Commonwealth; and that they will neither directly or indirectly contrive or practise any thing to the Disturbance of the same: Which Satisfaction and Security the said Council, or such as they shall appoint to take the same, shall certify, under their Hand, in Writing, to the Clerk of the Parliament, before the First of April 1650:" Which was this Day read the First time.

And the Question being put, That the same Proviso be read the Second time;

It passed with the Negative.

And the said Proviso was, upon the Question, rejected.

Resolved, by the Parliament, That the said Bill be ingrossed.

Report deferred.

Ordered, That Mr. Dove do make the Report for the poor Irish Ladies and Gentlemen, on Wednesday Morning next, the first Business.

Publick Business.

Ordered, That this House proceed only upon publick Business for One Month longer: And that no private Business be taken up in the mean time.


Resolved, That the House, at the Rising, do adjourn itself until Tuesday Morning next.

Navy Estimate.

Colonel Wauton reports an Estimate of the Charge for sitting and setting out Ships for the next Summer's Guard.

The House, according to former Order, did adjourn itself till Tuesday Morning next, at Eight of Clock.