House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 21 December 1648

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 21 Decembris, 1648.


Serjeant at Arms.

ORDERED, That Serjeant Middleton do attend this House in the place of Serjeant Birkhead, during the Sickness of Serjeant Birkhead.

Pennyngton's Debt.

An Ordinance for Discharge of Alderman Isaac Pennyngton from the Debt due by a Recognizance, dated Sixand-twentieth of April 1643, whereby he stands bound unto Sir John Pennyngton Knight, deceased, a Delinquent, was this Day read; and, upon the Question, passed; and ordered to be sent to the Lords for their Concurrence.

Sale of Guns.

Ordered, That a Letter be written to Mr. Strickland, to be signed by Mr. Speaker, for preventing the Mischief that may ensue to the Kingdom, by Sale of the great Guns by the revolted Ships.

Ordered, That Sir Henry Mildmay, Mr. Miles Corbett, and Mr. Scott, do prepare the said Letter: And have Power to send for Dr. Dorislaus, and confer with him thereupon.

Navy Supply.

Whereas the Sum of Twenty-eight thousand Pounds was borrowed of the Treasurers of Weavers Hall; which Money was intended for the Use of the Navy; but hath been since paid to the Use of the Army, and is to be repaid out of the Arrears due by the City to the Army: It is Ordered, That some of the Committee of the Navy do repair to the General; and desire him to send to the City, that the said Money be forthwith collected, and paid over unto the Treasurers of Weavers Hall, for the present Use of the Navy.

Derby House Committee.

Ordered, That Mr. Humphry Edwards, Sir Gregory Norton, Colonel Walton, Mr. Lisle, and Sir Henry Mildmay, be added to the Committee at Derby House.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Publick Revenue.

Ordered, That a Committee be nominated, to view the several Treasuries; and see how their Books stand; and what Monies stand charged thereupon; and what Arrears are due to them; and what Anticipations have been made; and Monies given out, and to whom; and give an Account thereof to this House.

Sir Henry Mildmay, Mr. Hum. Edwards, Sir Gregory Norton, Mr. Scott, Colonel Walton, Colonel Purefoy, Mr. Dove, Mr. Clement, Mr. Oldesworth, Colonel Boswell, Colonel Venne, Mr. John Corbett, Mr. Richard Oldesworth, Mr. Fr. Allen, Captain Skynner, Mr. Leman, Mr. Hodges, Mr. Cowley, Mr. Blagrave, Mr. Miles Corbett, Mr. Boone, or any Three of them, are to meet this Afternoon, in the Exchequer Chamber; and so de die in diem: And have further Power to send for Persons, Witnesses, Papers, Records: Colonel Walton and Mr. Scott are to take care of it.

Summersett Petition.

The House being informed, that some Gentlemen of the County of Summersett were at . . . Door;

They were called in; and there presented a Petition: Which was intituled, The humble Petition of divers Gentlemen, Ministers, and well-affected Inhabitants in the County of Summersett.

Which (after the Petitioners were withdrawn) was read.

The Petitioners being afterwards called in; Mr. Speaker gave them this Answer;

Gentlemen, The House has read your Petition; which consists of three Points: Which sheweth your great Care of Justice, Safety, and Religion: Wherein you deserve extraordinary Thanks: And the House has commanded me to give you Thanks; and I do give you Thanks accordingly.

And the House has commanded me to tell you, That it is their Resolution, with all Speed, to take into their serious Consideration the Three Points of your Petition, consisting of Justice, Safety, and Religion.

Ordered, That the said Petition be printed and published.

Members Dissents.

To the Vote of 5 Decembris instant, Sir James Harrington declares his Dissent; Sir Henry Mildmay declares his Dissent; Colonel Hutchinson declares his Dissent.

Jason's Petition.

The humble Petition of Robert Jason Esquire, was this Day read.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Gentlemen of Hampshire, to examine and consider of the Matter of Fact: With Power to send for Persons and Witnesses: And they are to report the same to the House, on Saturday next.

Peck's Claims.

Ordered, That present Stay be made of the Payment of the Money ordered, in or about October last, to be paid to Mr. Pecke: And

It is Ordered, That a Committee be nominated, to examine and state the Matter of Fact touching the Obtaining of the said Order: And that the Execution of the said Order be stayed in the mean time.

Mr. Cowley, Mr. Miles Corbett, Sir Greg. Norton, Mr. Hump. Edwards, Sir Henry Mildmay, Colonel Jones, Mr. Millington, Mr. Fry, Mr. Carey, Colonel Stapeley, Lord Mounson, Colonel Temple, Mr. Scott;

This Committee, or any Three of them, are to examine the State of the Business concerning Mr. Pecke, in obtaining the Order made in or about October last; and to report the same to the House: And the Execution of the said Order to be stayed in the mean time: With Power to the said Committee to send down Order for Stay to be made of Payment of the Money: The said Committee are to meet this Afternoon, in the Queen's Court.

Mr. Miles Corbett is to take care of it.

Army Assessments.

Ordered, That the former Order touching the last Six Months Assessments for the Army, be renewed: And that the Committee of the Army do forthwith prepare and bring in an Ordinance, impowering them, and the Treasurers at Wars, for the speedy Bringing in and Issuing forth of the last Six Months Assessments for the Army, so as may be most for the Safety of the Kingdom, and further Satisfaction of the Army.

Sheriff of Rutland.

Ordered, That the Sheriff for the County of Rutland have Liberty to come to London about his Occasions; provided he take care that his Office be carefully discharged in his Absence.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Sheriff of Surry.

Ordered, That Thomas Moreton, of Croydon, Esquire, be nominated and appointed Sheriff for the County of Surry.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Dr. Aylett and Dr. Heath;

The Lords have commanded us to let you know, That, instead of Mr. Bond, they have nominated Mr. Rawlinson to preach To-morrow, at Margaret's, Westminster: To which they desire the Concurrence of this House. The Lords have returned Lieutenant Colonel Lilbourne's Ordinance, with some Addition: To which they desire the Concurrence of this House.

Whereas Major Oliver Cromwell hath been long employed by the Parliament, both in Attendance on the Person of the King, and in several other Services to his great Charge and Expence; for which he hath not received, as yet, any thing: The Lords do therefore recommend the Consideration thereof to this House.

The Lords desire a Conference, on Saturday next, at Eleven of the Clock, in the Painted Chamber, about the Order for the Lancasheire Forces.

Col. Lilbourno.

The Amendments, sent down from the Lords, to the Ordinance for Payment of Three thousand Pounds to Lieutenant Colonel John Lilbourne, was this Day read; and, upon the Question, assented unto.

Answer to Lords.

Answer returned by the same Messengers: That, as to the Amendments in the Ordinance touching Lieutenant Colonel John Lilborne, and to the Conference on Saturday at Eleven a Clock, this House doth agree: To the rest of the Particulars of the Message, this House will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Major Cromwell, &c.

Ordered, That it be recommended to the Committee of the Revenue, to consider of Major Oliver Cromwell, and the rest of the Gentlemen that are commanded to attend the King; and to take Order for their Satisfaction, according to the Establishment.


Ordered, That this House doth adjourn itself till Saturday Morning at Eight a Clock.