House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 24 November 1648

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 24 November 1648', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651, (London, 1802) pp. 85-86. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]


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Die Veneris, 24 Novembris, 1648.


Sheriff of Flint.

RESOLVED, &c. That this House doth nominate and approve of Edward Lloyd, of Pentrehoben, Esquire, to be Sheriff of the County of Flint: And that the Commissioners of the Great Seal of England do issue a Commission to him to be Sheriff of the said County, accordingly.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Debt to Heywood, &c.

Whereas Richard Heywood and Joseph Saxton, of Alisbury, did voluntarily lend to Colonel Henry Bulstrode the Sum of Three hundred Fifty-two Pounds, for the Satisfaction of Alisbury, and Pay of Soldiers and Gunners entertained to secure that Place against the Enemy, upon Promise of speedy Repayment, or the Publick Faith to be procured them: Neither of which being done; it is Ordered, That the Publick Faith be given them: And that the Committee of Haberdashers Hall, appointed to receive the Advance for the Pay of the Horse Guards now attending the House, do allow the same accordingly.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Walmer, &c. Castles.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the County of Kent, and Colonel Rich, to consider of, and certify the State of, the Breaches, Defects, and Decays, in the Three Castles in Kent, viz. Walmer, Deale, and Sandowne; and the Charge the Repair of those Breaches and Defects will amount unto; and of the Usefulness of the said Castles; and of the Charge of Maintaining of them; and to consider of an Establishment for Maintenance of them: And that Colonel Rich do command, as Captain, the Company appointed, by the Committee of Kent, for the better Security and Safety of those Castles.

Revolted Ships.

A Letter from the Lord Admiral, from aboard The St. George, riding off Helvoettsluce, of 15 Novembris 1648, was this Day read; giving an Account of the State and Condition of the revolted Ships; and offers to Consideration, to take care for the Providing of Monies to pay off the Mariners that are come, and coming in: And likewise the Business touching the Two Months Gratuity, promised to such Mariners as should effect the Reduction of the revolted Ships.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the Navy, to consider of, and confer with the Commissioners of the Customs, or any other such Persons as they shall think sit, How the Sum of Twenty thousand Pounds may be advanced, by way of Loan, upon the Credit of the Customs.

Resolved, &c. That it be referred to the Committee of the Navy, to take care for making Provision of Victuals for Four thousand Men to be employed upon the next Summer's Fleet.

Earl of Arundell's Fine.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth accept of the Fine of Six thousand Pounds of the Earl of Arundell and Surrey, for the Pardon of his Delinquency, and Discharge of the Sequestration of his Estate: And the House doth expect, that the said Earl do confirm, to the Maintenance of the Minister, all such Estate he hath in the Impropriation of Arundell.

Resolved, &c. That one Moiety of the Earl of Arundell's Fine of Six thousand Pounds be paid in Hand to the Treasurer of the Navy, and the other Moiety secured to the Committee of the Navy, to be paid on the last Day of December next: And that this whole Fine of Six thousand Pounds be employed, by Order of the Committee of the Navy, towards the Payment of the Mariners only, that are or shall come in; and to no other Purpose.

Resolved, &c. That an Ordinance be brought in, for Pardon of the Earl of Arundell's Delinquency, and Discharge of his Sequestration, in usual Form and Course.

Resolved, &c. That, in regard, the Parliament hath made use of Monies, to the Value of Fifteen thousand Pounds, assigned, by the late Earl of Arundell, for Payment of his Debts; that, upon the Paying of the Six thousand Pounds Fine, the now Earl of Arundell be discharged from Payment of any Fifth, or Twentieth Part.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired in these Votes.

Treaty with the King.

A Letter from the Commissioners, from Newport in the Isle of Wight, of 22 Novembris 1648, with divers Papers therein inclosed, giving an Account of their Proceedings since their last Letter, were this Day read.

Prideaux to be Solicitor.

An Ordinance for constituting and appointing Edmund Prideaux Esquire his Majesty's Solicitor General, and for enabling him to do and execute all Matters and Acts in as full and ample Manner as Oliver St. John Esquire, his Majesty's late Solicitor General, did or executed by any Authority of Parliament, was this Day read; and, upon the Question, passed; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence.

Mr. Nicoll carried it to the Lords.

He likewise carried the Order for making Mr. Waller Steward of the Isle of Elye: The Order, this Day passed, touching some Monies for the Horse Guards.

Treaty with the King.

Resolved, &c. That the King's Answer, contained in a Paper of 21 Novembris 1648, to the late Proposition concerning the Church, in all the Parts, except wherein he hath declared his Consent, is not satisfactory.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein: And that it be sent to the Commissioners, to acquaint them.

Lords to sit.

Sir Robert Pye is appointed to go to the Lords, to desire them to sit awhile.

Sir Robert Pye brings Answer, That the Lords will sit awhile, as is desired.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Nicoll brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Ordinance for constituting Mr. Prideaux his Majesty's Solicitor General: To the Ordinance for making Mr. Waller Judge of the Isle of Elye: To the Order for giving the Publick Faith for Three hundred and Fiftytwo Pounds, to be advanced for the Horse Guards.

Treaty with the King.

The Question being put, That the Treaty be continued till Monday next, at Night, the Twenty-seventh of this Instant November; and that the Commissioners be injoined to come away on Tuesday Morning, with such final Answer as they shall receive from the King to what remains:

The House was divided.

The Yeas went forth.

Mr. Amesley, Tellers for the Yea: 94.
Mr. Gerard, With the Yea,
Colonel Ludlow, Tellers for the Noe: 60.
Mr. Robert Goodwyn, With the Noe,

So that the Question passed with the Affirmative.

Resolved, &c. That a Letter be sent to the Commissioners in the Isle of Wight, and signed by the Speakers of both Houses, to inclose these Votes; with Power to them to acquaint the King therewith.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Colonel Booth carried this and the other Votes to the Lords.

Lady Fairfax, &c.

Ordered, That the Ordinance concerning the Lady Fairfax, and the Petition of the Lord Viscount Hereford, be read on Wednesday Morning next.