House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 27 July 1653

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Wednesday, the 27th of July 1653.

Army Committee, &c.

AN Act appointing a Committee for the Army, and Treasurers at War, was this Day read the Third time.

A Clause in Parchment, was tendered to this Bill, to be inserted in the Fortieth Line of the Second Press, after the Words "the Use of the Navy, and shall," in these Words; viz. "together with all other Sums remaining unpaid, of the Monies formerly appointed for the Use of the Navy, out of the last Six Months Assessment of One hundred Twenty thousand Pounds a Month, ending the 24th of June 1653:" Which was twice read; and, upon the Question agreed, and ordered to be Part of the Bill.

Another Clause, in Parchment, was tendered to this Bill, to be inserted in the Fifth Line of the last Press, after the Words "Charges incident thereunto," in these Words; "and also for receiving, paying, and issuing forth of all other Monies, that, by any Act or Order of the late Parliament, have been since the 16th of December 1651, appointed for the Use of the Army; and which have not been, or shall not, before the 29th of July 1643, be received by the Treasurers at War, formerly appointed to receive the same:" Which was twice read, and, upon the Question, agreed, and ordered to be Part of the Bill.

And the Bill, with those Clauses, was, upon the Question, passed, and ordered to be printed and published.


Colonel Blunt reports from the Committee of the Law, Amendments to the Acts for constituting Commissioners for ordering and managing the Affairs of the Admiralty and Navy: Which were twice read; and, upon the Question agreed: And the Bill, so amended, ordered to be ingrossed.

Duresme Assizes.

Colonel Blunt reports from the Committee for the Law, An Act for holding the Assizes at Duresme: Which was this Day read the First and Second time; and, upon the Question, committed to the Committee of the Law, Who are to meet To-morrow at Two of Clock in the Afternoon, in the Exchequer Chamber.

Publick Treasuries.

Resolved, That there be Five Persons constituted Inspectors for the Treasury.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Committee of the Treasuries, to present to the House, the Names of Five Persons, to be Inspectors of the Treasuries, whereof Three to be of Persons not Members of Parliament: And also to consider of the Powers to be given to those Inspectors: And report the same To-morrow Morning: And Colonel Sidenham is added to that Committee for that Purpose.

Trade with Ireland.

Colonel Hewson presents from the Council of State, That the Intercourse betwixt England and Ireland (if they shall so think fit) may be free; and that no Imposition of Custom or Excise may be laid upon any Cattle, or other Goods, or Merchandize, which shall pass between the Two Nations; the Council being of Opinion, that it will conduce much to the Advantage both of England and Ireland.

Resolved, That the Act touching Ireland be reported with all Speed.

Essex Petition.

The House being informed, that there were divers Petitioners at the Door, they were called in: And, being come to the Bar, they presented a Petition: Which, after they were withdrawn, was read; and was intituled, The humble Petition of several well-affected Persons, in the County of Essex.

Resolved, That this be referred to a select Committee of Five; viz. Sir Charles Wolseley, Colonel West, Major-General Desborow, Colonel Sidenham, Colonel Barton, or any Three of them, to consider of this Petition: And are to meet in Whitehall, in the Chamber where the Council of Officers usually sit, at Two of the Clock this Afternoon: And this Committee have Power to send for Persons, Papers, and Witnesses; and to examine upon Oath.

Resolved, That three of this Committee be of the Quorum.

The Question being propounded, That the Consideration of the general Liberty of preaching in the publick Meeting-Places be referred to this Committee;

And the Question being put, That that Question be now put;

The House was divided.
The Noes went forth.

Colonel Mountague, Tellers for the Noes: 56.
Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, With the Noes,
Mr. Anlaby, Tellers for the Yeas: 45.
Mr. Carew, With the Yeas,

So it passed in the Negative.

The Petitioners were called in: And, being come to the Bar, the Speaker, by the Command of the House, acquainted them, That the House had read their Petition; and referred the same to a Committee, that Justice might be done therein.