House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 19 November 1651

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Wednesday, the 19th of November, 1651.


Isle of Jersey.

A LETTER from Colonel James Heane, from the Leagur before Elizabeth Castle in Jersey, of the First of November 1651, touching the Surrender of Mount Orguile Castle in the Isle of Jersey, and the Articles for Surrender thereof, made between the said Colonel Heane and Colonel Phil. Carterett, were this Day read.

Resolved, That the Parliament doth approve of the Articles for Rendition of the Castle of Mount Orguile in the Isle of Jersey, and do confirm the same.

Resolved, That a Letter of Thanks be sent to Colonel Blake and Colonel James Heane, and their Officers and Soldiers, for their good Service in the taking in of the Isle of Jersey, and the Castles there; and that Mr. Speaker do sign the said Letter; and that Colonel Thompson do prepare the said Letter.

Scotch Affairs.

Mr. Love reports, from the Council of State, a Letter from Wm. Garnett, from Lieth, of the Eleventh of November 1651: Which was this Day read: And also, that the Council is informed, that there are many of the Scottish Prisoners that do repair into Scotland, and there endeavour to raise new Troubles: That the Parliament will be pleased to consider of some Act to be passed upon this Occasion for the present Punishment of such as shall be taken there, and of such other of the Prisoners here as shall endeavour to go out of England without Leave, in such Manner as the Parliament shall think fit.

Resolved, That such Scotts Prisoners who have been placed or disposed of by the Parliament or Council of State, or by their Authority, or by any of the Officers of the Army, as have, or shall run away from the Places where they are so disposed, or go into Scotland without Leave or Licence had from the Parliament, or Authority under the Parliament, shall suffer Death, and shall be proceeded against by Martial Law, and punished with Death; And that Mr. Solicitor-General do prepare and bring in an Act to that Purpose.


A Letter from Dundee from Wm. Clerk, of the Ninth of November 1651; with a Copy of a Letter and Commission from some Scotts Gentlemen at Edenburgh; were this Day read.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, to take Care to prevent all publick Meetings of any Persons in Scotland, for the Exercise of any Jurisdiction there, other than such as is, or shall be, derived from the Parliament of England, or from such Persons as shall have Authority under them, for that Purpose.

Council of State, &c.

Colonel Wauton reports, from the Council of State, that the Time of the Power of the Council of State doth determine the First of December next: And that the Power of the Admiralty doth then also determine; and also the Power of the Judges of the Admiralty.

Resolved, That in the Choice of the Council of State for the Year ensuing, only One-and-twenty shall be chosen of those that are already Members of that Council.

Resolved, That each Member of this House do present in one Paper, the Number of One-and-twenty only of the present Members of the Council of State, to be continued of that Council for the Year ensuing; and that the same Paper be put by each Member into one Glass, to be borne by the Clerk for that Purpose.

Resolved, That at the same time each Member of the House do likewise present in other Paper the Number of Twenty other Persons, not being now of the Council of State, to be of that Council for the Year ensuing; and that the same be put into another Glass by themselves.

Ordered, That Monday next be appointed to bring in the Names of such Persons to continue of the Council of State, and to be new-elected of that Council; And that the House do, for that Day only, dispense with the Order for the not Sitting of the House on Saturdays and Mondays.-

Ordered, That the Instructions to be given to the Council of State be taken into Consideration To-morrow Morning, the first Business.-

Ordered, That the Names of the Persons of the Council of State, and likewise the Names of the Members of Parliament, be written out, and set up in this House before To-morrow Morning.


Ordered, That the whole Business of the Admiralty be taken into Debate on Friday next.

Ordered, That the Business touching the Judges of the Admiralty be then also taken into Consideration.

Allowance to Francklyn.

Ordered, That the Commissioners for Compounding be authorized and required to issue their Warrants to the Treasurers of Goldsmiths-Hall, to pay unto Mrs. Deborah Francklyn, late Wife of Mr. John Francklyn, late of Marleborough in the County of Wiltes, the Sum of Four Pounds, Weekly, until the Parliament take further Order; together with the Arrears thereof due upon the Orders of the 7th of October 1646, and of the 7th of May 1649, out of the Profits of sequestred Estates for the Relief of her, and her Children: And that that the Acquittance and Acquittances of the said Mrs. Deborah Francklyn, and her Assigns, shall be a sufficient Discharge to the Treasurers, or such Persons as shall pay the same.

Business depending.

Ordered, That it be referred to a Committee, to consider of those Things that lie under the Consideration of the House, or any Committee; and to offer to the House such of them, or any others, as are of most Importance, to be first taken into Consideration, viz. Sir Peter Wentworth, Mr. Solicitor, Sir James Harrington, Sir Henry Vane, Col. Marten, Mr. Hodges, Mr. Chaloner, Mr. Aldworth, Sir Henry Mildmay, Sir Wm. Masham, Sir John Bouchier, Alderman Atkins, Mr. Say, Mr. Lechmere, Mr. * Edwards, Col. Wauton, Mr. Masham, Col. Lassells, Mr. Gurdon, Col. Fielder; and all that come to have Voices; or any Five of them: And that Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Say, and Mr. Gurdon, or any One of them, is to take Care of it: And this Committee are to meet To-morrow Morning, in the Speaker's Chamber; and so de die in diem.


Mr. Stephens reports, from the Committee of the Navy, Amendments to the Bill for Payment of the Sum of One hundred and Fifty thousand Pounds, charged upon the late Farmers of the Customs: Which were Twice read; and, upon the Question, recommitted.