House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 28 December 1659

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Wednesday, 28th of December, 1659.


Windsor Castle.

THE House being informed, That Colonel Henry Ingoldsby was at the Door;

He was called in: And, being come to the Bar, he made a Relation to the Parliament of the Securing of Windsor Castle for the Parliament.

Resolved, upon the Question, by the Parliament, That this House doth approve of the Action of the Forces in securing the Castle of Windsor for the Parliament: And that the Thanks of this House be given them for their good Affection and Service therein: And the House doth declare, That they will take into Consideration their good Service in due time.

Colonel Henry Ingoldsby was again called in: And Mr. Speaker acquainted him with the said Vote; and gave him, and the said Forces, the Thanks of this House accordingly.

Army Committee, &c.

Upon Colonel White's Reports from the Committee of Inspections;

Resolved, That the Committee for the Army, and Treasurers at War, be continued, and authorized to act according to such former Powers and Instructions as are mentioned in the Act of Assessments for all Monies therein mentioned, and for any other Monies that shall be, before the Tenth Day of January next, appointed for Pay of the Army.

Army Pay.

Resolved, That the Non-commissioned Officers, both of Horse and Foot, and all Officers under the Degree of Captains, be comprehended within the Vote of the Parliament for one Month's Pay.

Delinquents Estates.

Ordered, That it be referred to a Committee to look into the Acts touching Delinquents and Popish Recusants; and give an Account to the Parliament, What they think fit to be done therein touching the Monies and Rents payable thereupon; with Power to bring in a Bill for Supply of any Defect in the said Acts, if they see Cause: Viz. unto Sir Tho. Widdrington, Mr. Weaver, Mr. Baron Hill, Lord Chief-Baron Wild, Baron Nicholas, or any Two of them: And they are to meet this Afternoon at Two of the Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber.

Raising Loans.

An Act for the Borrowing of Twenty thousand Pounds for the Service of the Commonwealth was this Day read the First and Second time.

Resolved, That this Act be now read the Third time.

The said Act was this Day read the Third time accordingly; and, upon the Question, passed.

Committee of Inspections.

Ordered, That Mr. Say be added to the Committee of Inspections.

Absent Members.

Ordered, That Five be the Quorum of the Committee touching absent Members: And Mr. Corbet is desired to take care of that Business: And the said Committee are to fit in the Speaker's Chamber, this Afternoon, at Two of the Clock.

Admiralty Judges.

A Bill appointing Judges of the Admiralty was this Day read the First time.

Indemnifying Soldiers.

Ordered, That a Committee be appointed to bring in a Bill for indemnifying all such Soldiers as have returned to their Obedience to the Parliament; viz. Mr. Scott, Mr. Weaver, Mr. Ralegh, Mr. Solicitor Reynolds, Sir James Harrington, Mr. Martyn, Colonel Fagg, Mr. Say, Mr. Robinson, Colonel Thompson, or any Three of them: And are to meet this Afternoon, at Three of the Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber.

Committee for Peace.

Ordered, That it be referred to Mr. Weaver, Colonel Thompson, and Mr. Scott, to present Names of Persons to be a Committee for the Peace of the Nation, to this House, To-morrow Morning.

Army Commissioners.

Ordered, That Mr. Weaver be added a Commissioner for the Management of the Forces of the Army.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Commissioners for the Army, to take care for the Recruiting of Dunkirke.