House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 27 July 1652

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Tuesday, the 27th of July, 1652.



MR. Garland reports from the Commissioners for Compounding, certain Queries made by the Commissioners; wherein they desire the Resolution of the Parliament: Viz.

THE Commissioners for Compounding, &c. having directed several Cases depending upon particular Circumstances, to be prepared for the Parliament's Directions, whether the same be within the General Pardon, or excluded by the Exception Page 1555; whereby all Sequestrations are excepted upon which any Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Debts, Goods, or Chattels, did, the 1st of December 1651, stand actually sequestred: And the Commissioners, besides those special Cases, meeting with many other falling under a more general Consideration, whether they be within the said Exemption or not, have taken the Boldness to represent them, in all Humility, to the Parliament, for their Directions: Viz.

First, If Lands, Goods, or Debts, were once actually sequestred; and afterwards the Sequestration, upon Composition with the Committee in the Country, be discharged; or that the Sequestration be suspended, or de facto discharged by any Committee, and continues so till after the 1st of December 1651; whether such Lands, Debts, or Goods, shall be adjudged to stand actually sequestred within the Intention of the said Exception?

Secondly, If, after Lands or Goods were once actually sequestred, the Party sequestred, or any other, by colour of any Order, or by Permission, Connivance, or Negligence of publick Ministers, or otherwise, happen to get the Possession of the said Lands, or Goods, receives the Rents, disposes of the Goods, and continues so to do, without any Interruption on Behalf of the Commonwealth till after the 1st of December, whether such Lands or Goods shall be adjudged to stand actually sequestred within the Intention of the said Exception?

Thirdly, If a Delinquent be seized of several Manors or Lands, lying in one or divers Counties; and one of those Manors, or Part of those Lands, is actually sequestred before the 1st of December and the rest not discovered till afterwards; whether such Manors and Lands, not discovered formerly, shall be adjudged to stand actually sequestred within the Intention of the said Exception?

Fourthly, If, upon a Charge of Delinquency, Omission, or Undervaluation, the Parties Estate be seized and secured, and Judgment given against him, but, through Casualty or Negligence of Under-Officers, nothing more done before the 1st of December 1651, whether such Estate shall be adjudged to stand actually sequestred within the Intention of the said Exception? Haberdashers-hall, 1 Julii 1652. Edward Winslow, Wm. Molins, James Russel, Richard Moore.

Resolved, That these Queries be committed; and that the Committee do consider of them, and of the Act of General Pardon: And have Power to send for the Commissioners for Compounding, or any other Persons whom they shall think fit to conser with herein: And to report their Opinion to the House, upon the Whole: Viz. to Aldermen Allein, Major Salwey, Colonel Marten, Sir Arthure Hesilrige, Mr. Scott, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Garland, Colonel Fielder, Mr. Bond, Colonel Thomson, Colonel Fenwick, Mr. Love, Mr. Oldesworth, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Mr. Trenchard, Major-General Harrison, Sir Richard Lusey, Colonel Bossevile, Sir John Trevor, Mr. Darley, Colonel Purey, Lord Grey, Colonel Purefoy, Mr. Edward Ash, Mr. Dove, Mr. Strickland, Mr. James Ash, Mr. Westrow, Alderman Atkins, or any Five of them: Who are to meet this Afternoon, in Mr. Speaker's Chamber, at Two of Clock.


Sir Arthur Hesilrig reports from the Commissioners for Compounding and Advance.

THE Commissioners for Compounding and Advance taking into serious Consideration, that, whiles they had Power to allow a Fifth Part unto Informers, Charges of Delinquencies were much more effectually prosecuted, than they have been since that Time; so that divers Persons who have been guilty of Delinquency, committed since the Change of Government, and not included within the gracious Act of General Pardon, have escaped, and many more are like to escape, unpunished, to the great Loss of the Commonwealth, except some Remedy be speedily applied; May it, therefore, please the Parliament, to allow unto every Person and Persons, that shall discover any Offence, or Person offending against any Ordinance for Sequestration, shall have One Part of all such Benefit and Profit as shall grow due unto the Commonwealth, by reason of such Offence so discovered.

And for avoiding and punishing vexatious Prosecutions, May it, likewise, please the Parliament, to give Power unto the said Commissioners to give reasonable Costs and Damages unto every Person and Persons that shall be unjustly and vexatiously prosecuted by any such Informer, in such Proportion as the said Commissioners shall conceive to be agreeable to Justice and Equity: And, if it fully appear, that any Person be found guilty of Conspiracy in such unjust and vexatious Prosecution, or if any Person or Persons be proved to have corrupted or suborned any Witness, the said Commissioners may have Power to punish such Offender and Offenders, by reasonable Fine, not exceeding; and by Imprisonment, not exceeding Sam. Moyer, Wm. Molins, J. Russell, Ar. Squibb, Edw. Winslow.

Resolved, &c. That this Paper be committed to the former Committee: And that Sir Henry Mildmay take care of it.

Public Revenue.

Major Salawey reports from the Council of State,


That the Parliament be humbly moved, from the Council, to take into Consideration the Business of the Treasury of this Commonwealth; and likewise, the executive Part of the Admiralty; to the end the same may be disposed of and settled, in such manner, that the many Difficulties and Inconveniences daily arising from the Way they are now in, in the Management of the Affairs of this Commonwealth, relating to those Particulars, may be for the future prevented.

Resolved, That it be referred to a Committee, to look upon the Bill, Papers, and Instructions before the House, touching the bringing all the Treasury into one Channel, and consider of them; and to offer something to the House, how the same may be speedily put into such a Way as may be most for the Advantage of the Commonwealth; and present it to the House, with all convenient Speed: Viz. Mr. Carew, Major Salwey, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Bond, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Mr. Leman, Mr. Scott, Sir Henry Mildmay, Colonel Purefoy, Colonel Sidney, Lord Commissioner Whitelock, Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Stephens, Colonel Bennett, Colonel Marten, Mr. Edw. Ashe, Mr. Trenchard, Colonel Fielder, Major General Harrison, Lord General, Lord Commissioner Lisle, Mr. Pierpoint, Mr. Westrow, Lord Grey, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Nelthrop, Mr. Gurdon, Sir John Trevor, Colonel Harvey, Sir Arthure Hesilrig, Alderman Allein, Colonel Thompson, or any Five of them: And are to meet To-morrow, in the Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber; and report it with all convenient Speed: And that Major Salwey do take care of it.

Ordered, That it be referred to a Committee, to consider how the Business touching the executive Part of the Admiralty and Navy now stands upon the Bill, formerly committed; and consider what is fit to be done for the Carrying-on the Business, for the best Advantage of the Commonwealth; and report their Opinion to the House.

Ordered, That it be referred unto the Committee appointed for the Business of the Treasury: And that Colonel Fielder have Care of this Business.

Letter read.

A Letter from the Queen of Sweden, dated at Stockholme Castle, the 2d Day of June 1652, was this Day read, in Latin.