House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 4 November 1652

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Thursday, the 4th of November, 1652.


Assault on Mr. Speaker.

MR. Speaker, by Way of Report, informed the Parliament, That, as he was coming to do his Duty in Parliament, one Solomon Arnold threw a Brick, which hit the Serjeant's Mace, and narrowly escaped hitting the Serjeant on the Head, as he waited on Mr. Speaker; and threw another Stone, which hit Mr. Speaker on the Face.

Resolved, That the said Solomon Arnold be brought to the Bar, as a Delinquent.

The Serjeant brought him to the Bar, accordingly: And, being come to the Bar, Mr. Speaker asked him his Name: He answered, Solomon Arnold.

Being asked, where he was born; he answered, He was a Lincolnshire Man, born at Grantham.

Being asked, who persuaded him to throw the Stones; he answered, Nobody persuaded him to throw the Stones.

Being asked, why he threw the Stones; he answered' That they might try him.

Ordered, That the said Solomon Arnold be committed to Bridewell, London, there to be kept to hard Labour, and daily corrected, until the Parliament take further Order:

And that the Keeper of Bridewell do take him into his Custody, accordingly.

Ordered, That it be referred to Alderman Pack to take especial Care, that this Order be carefully put in Execution.

Attendants on Mr. Speaker.

Ordered, That the former Order be continued for Lancelot Emott, and such other Persons as Mr. Speaker hath appointed to attend him, as Marshal and his Men, not exceeding the Number of Six; and for their Pay, according to the former Order, until other Order by the Parliament: And that the Committee of the Revenue do take care for the Payment of their Arrears, and their Allowance for the future, until the Parliament take other Order.

Navy Estimate.

Colonel Thompson reports from the Committee of the Navy, An Estimate of the Present Debts of the Navy; as also what Monies will be requisite for carrying on the Service at Sea, until the 25th of March next, according to a Particular thereof received from the Commissioners of the Navy: Which was this Day read, and was as followeth; viz.

£. s. d.
For Freight, Victuals, Wages, Provisions, and other necessary Charges, for this last Summer's Fleet, together with 50,000£. for Freight, formerly due to several Owners of Ships 510,760 - -
For Freight, Victuals and Wages; and for paying off the Yards, and other Necessaries, for this Winter's Guard 363,000 - -
For 16,000 Mens Victuals, for the next Summer's Fleet, now providing 89,600 - -
Sum is £. 963,360 - -
For 500 Pieces of Iron Ordnance, already contracted for, not mentioned in the Commissioners Estimate 22,050 - -

Towards which the Parliament hath assigned the Particulars following; viz.

By the Receipt of the Customs, which, on Regard of the Troubles at Sea, and Obstructions in Trade, 'tis conceived will not amount unto, betwixt this and the 25th of March next, above 100,000 - -
By Monies on Dutch Prizes, per Estimate 100,000 - -
By Monies on other Prizes Goods, per Estimate 20,000 - -
Carried over £. 220,000 - -
£. s. d.
Brought over 220,000 - -
By Monies charged on the Thirty Delinquents Estates 200,000£. whereof 15,000£. is already assigned to the Council of State, for so much borrowed of them, for Payment of Mariners Wages: So there remains 185,000 - -
By Monies on the Additional Excise, and the Excise of Salt 10,000 - -
( (fn. 1) ) Sum is £. 515,000 - -
Rest to be provided.
Besides which, there are Thirty Frigates appointed to be built, not included in this Estimate; which, to be fitted out to Sea, with all Provisions, will come to near 300,000 - -

He also reports a Letter from the Commissioners of the Navy, from the Navy-Office, of the Third of November 1652: Which was this Day read.

Sir Henry Vane junior reports a Letter from General Blake, from on board the Triumph in Stoakes-Bay, of the Second of November 1652; and, An Order from the Council of State, of the 30th of October 1652, concerning the present Condition of the Navy; and, A List of such Ships as are of the Winter's Guard, and at or near Ports where they may be soonest sitted forth: Which were read; and returned to Sir Henry Vane.

Resolved, That the whole Debate be adjourned till Tuesday Morning, the first Business, nothing to intervene.

Publick Revenue.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, to consider the State of the Treasuries; and also to state the Business of Weaver's-Hall Bills; and present the Account thereof to the Parliament on Tuesday next.


Ordered, That, at the Rising of the House, Mr. Speaker do adjourn the House till Tuesday next.


Ordered, That it be referred to a Committee, to consider how Encouragement may be given to such Merchants, as, at their own Charge, shall set forth any Ships of War for the publick Advantage: Viz. To Colonel Morley, Sir James Harrington, Sir Henry Vane, Sir Henry Mildmay, Colonel Marten, Mr. Love, Mr. Strickland, Mr. Searle, Mr. Fagg, Sir John Danvers, Colonel Sidney, Colonel Thomson, Mr. Carew, Sir Peter Wentworth, Alderman Allen, Mr. Challoner, Colonel Wauton, Mr. Gold, Sir John Bourchier, Mr. Nelthorp, Major Salwey, Mr. Ash, Mr. Scott, Mr. Hay, Mr. Goodwyn, Mr. Ralegh, Colonel Pury, Mr. Dove, Colonel Norton, Mr. Cawley; or any Three of them: And are to meet this Afternoon, in the Speaker's Chamber, at Two of Clock this Afternoon.

Delinquents Estates.

Ordered, That the Committee, who reported the Amendments to the Additional Bill for Sale of Delinquents Estates, do peruse this Bill, and the List of Names voted in to be inserted into this Bill; and to see that the Names in this Bill be inserted, according to the List; and the others to be omitted; and to take care of amending Mistakes in Names of Places, or double-naming them; that it may be ready against Wednesday next: And that the Committee do meet to that Purpose.


  • 1. There is a Mistake in this Place, either in the Articles, or the Total; for these Articles, as they stand, amount to no more than 415,000£.