House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 2 December 1652

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Thursday, the second of December, 1652.


Sheriff of Berks.

RESOLVED, That John Read Esquire be discharged from being Sheriff of the County of Berks for the Year ensuing.

Resolved, That Richard Dew, of Harwell, Esquire, be, and is hereby nominated and appointed Sheriff of the County of Berks for the Year ensuing: And that the Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal of England, do issue forth a Commission to him, to be Sheriff, accordingly.

Charge of the Forces.

Colonel Downes reports from the Committee of the Army, The Charge of the Forces in England, Scotland, and Ireland, according to the Establishment; viz.

The Charge of the Forces in England, Scotland, and Ireland, according to the Establishment, for Thirteen Months is as followeth; viz.

£. s. d.
THE Establishment for England, and Scotland, is, by the Month, 80,593£. 10s. 2d. which, for Thirteen Months, amounts to 1,047,715 12 2
The Forces in Ireland, according to the Establishment, by Estimation, 34,500£. by the Month; which for Thirteen Months amounts to 448,500 - -
To be provided £. 1,496,215 12 2
£. s. d.
But by several Alterations and Reducements made by the Council of State, and the Lord General; that is to say, of Seven Regiments of Horse, from 100 to be in each Troop, and of Six Companies of Dragoons, from 100 to be in each Company; the Charge hath been lessened, and is at present less than the Establishment, by 4,041£. 2s. 8d. a Month.
So that if the Regiments be not again made up to their former Number, nor any Force, either of Horse or Foot, increased above their present Number, then the Monthly Charge of all the Forces in England and Scotland amounts to 76,552£. 7s. 6d. by the Month; which, for Thirteen Months, is 995,180 17 6
And then the whole Charge of the Forces in England, Ireland, and Scotland, to be provided for the Year ensuing, is 1,443,680 17 6

The Forces in England and Scotland, at present, are thus divided; viz.

In Scotland, viz. Twelve Regiments of Foot, in all 15,000 Soldiers, besides Officers, amounts to By the Month.
22,826 10 8
Seven Regiments, and One Troop of Horse, of 60 in each Troop, in all 2,580 Soldiers besides Officers, amounts to 13,978 1 4
The Regiment of Dragoons, where of one Troop in England, consisting of 560 Soldiers, besides Officers, amounting to 2,198 18 8
The Train of Artillery, whereof Part in England, amounting to 1,689 3 2
The Garisons in Scotland 1,752 6 8
£. 42,445 - 6
In England, viz. Six Regiments of Foot, Five of 700, and One of 1,200, in all 4,700 Soldiers, besides Officers, amounting to 8,439 18 -
Seven Regiments of Horse, of 60 in each Troop; in all 2,520 Soldiers, besides Officers, amounting to 13,011 2 8
One Troop of Dragoons.
The Life-Guard, whereof Ten are in Scotland, consisting of Fifty Gentlemen, besides Officers 442 8 -
The Garisons in England, consisting of 6,159 Soldiers, besides Officers, amounts to 11,000 - -
The General Officers, Part in England, and Part in Scotland 1,213 18 4
£. 34,107 7 -
£. s. d.
In Scotland 42,445 - 6
In England 34,107 7 -
£. 76,552 7 6

Towards which said Sum, if the Parliament shall think fit to continue the present Assessment, at 90,000£. a Month for Twelve Months longer, which will amount unto, Charges for Collection, estimated at a Fortieth Part, being allowed, 1,053,000£. there will then remain, further, to be provided for, 390,680£.

Forfeited Estates.

An Act for further Doubling of One hundred thousand Pounds, over and above the Two hundred and Fifty thousand Pounds, formerly to be doubled upon the Security of the Lands exposed to Sale by the Act, intituled, An Act for Sale of several Lands and Estates forfeited to the Commonwealth for Treason, was this Day read, the First and Second time; and, upon the Question, committed to the same Committee: And that they do confer with the Trustees for Sale of the said Lands, and other Officers there, touching the same; and bring it in To-morrow Morning: And the special Care hereof is referred to Alderman Allein, with further Power to consider, whether there may be any further Doubling upon Deans and Chapters Lands; and to bring in a Bill for the same, if they see Cause: And this Committee are to meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber.


Ordered, That the Committee of the Navy be enjoined forthwith to sit, and consider how, and by what Means, the Ships now in Harbour may be paid off, or in such Proportions, as they may be sent to Sea, for the present Service, with all Expedition; and to expedite the sending forth the said Ships, accordingly.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State to take into Consideration, how, and in what manner, Money may be had and raised for this present Service, with all possible Expedition, out of any of the Treasuries, or by any other way they shall think fit; and report the same to the Parliament.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, and that they be impowered, to set out such Ships for the present Service, as they shall think convenient and necessary.

Impressing Seamen.

Ordered, That the Act for Impressing Seamen be revived and continued for One Year, and that an Act be brought in To-morrow Morning for that Purpose.